Let It Snow! How BRIDJIT Curb Ramps Perform In Cold Weather

Did you know the BRIDJIT curb ramp system has added benefits when cold weather and snow arrive?  Anyone living in a colder climate knows that clearing snow off the driveway is a big chore. A rolled curb creates an obstacle for snow blower impellers and snow shovel blades. Let’s go over some cold weather benefits of BRIDJIT curb ramps.

Remains Tough And Flexible In Extremely Cold Temperatures 

BRIDJIT curb ramps are constructed with 100% recycled tires. Most plastics based materials can become brittle in cold temperatures. This recycled rubber material remains rugged and flexible in extreme temperatures, while helping the environment. BRIDJIT curb ramps won’t break or disintegrate due to cold weather, unlike some ramps made from other materials.

Provides A Better Angle For Snow Removal

BRIDJIT curb ramps smooth out your rolled curb for easier snow removal. A few cars in and out of the driveway can quickly pack snow into the curb. This can make it more difficult to shovel or remove with a snow blower, especially after some melting and refreezing. Please note: Although BRIDJIT curb ramps are tough and handle inclement weather and frequent use extremely well, snow shovels should be used with extra care near the ramps.

Helps Keep Your Car Clean

When snow melts after a storm or in the spring, oftentimes the only water your car will see is sitting right at the end of your driveway. BRIDJIT curb ramps form a little bridge over that water, helping to keep your car clean. If you’d like to see how this work, this post has a nice picture. 

Protecting Your Curb Ramps from Snow Plows

Snow buildup on BRIDJIT curb ramps can make them hard to see in snowy weather. This can be an issue when a snow plow drives through to clear the street. For great tips on how to protect BRIDJIT curb ramps from plows, and maintain  them during snowy weather, and other conditions, be sure to check out this blog post

Let us help you keep your driveway curb clear during winter weather. Find the right BRIDJIT curb ramps for your driveway here.