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The Best Driveway Ramp For Motorcycle Owners

If you're a motorcycle owner with a rolled curb at the end of your driveway, you may want to invest in a driveway ramp.

Why a Driveway Ramp is Really Good For Your Motorcycle

Back pain

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Constantly riding over a rolled curb wreaks havoc on your bike (and your back).

Many motorcycles don't have a lot of suspension travel. For example, a 2011 Honda Interstate has about 4" of suspension travel. However, if you sit on your bike, you're using about 25%-33% of the suspension travel. So that leaves about 2.66"-3" left over to absorb bumps. A typical rolled curb can be 4-6" high. So every time you drive your bike over a rolled curb, you're putting a lot of pressure on your bike's shocks. There's not much your shocks can do except to compress as much as they can.

Repetitive pressure on the shocks can cause them to leak prematurely. Not only are leaking shocks unsafe while riding, but they're also quite expensive to replace. Depending on how high the rolled curb is, your exhaust pipe and frame can get dented or scraped up.

Motorcycle drive

Now let's talk about you. Low speed turns on a heavier bike are a little challenging, especially if you're a rookie rider. When you ride over a rolled curb, your front wheel will leverage you up a bit, increasing the chances of you losing your balance. Fully compressing the suspension in the middle of a low speed turn adds to the challenge. Last but not least, dumping the bike while entering your own driveway is a little embarrassing.

With a driveway ramp, you can go over the bump without slowing down, using your feet to keep your balance, or wrecking your bike.

Why BRIDJIT is the Best Driveway Ramp For Motorcycle Owners

Considering how many driveway ramp options are out there, it can be pretty overwhelming to find one that works well with your bike. Before you spend hours researching different driveway ramps, check out the BRIDJIT curb ramp because it's likely just what you need.

Made from recycled rubber, BRIDJIT curb ramps are heavy enough to stay put (which is important for motorcycles) and sturdy enough to withstand heavy use and all kinds of weather. Learn more about BRIDJIT curb ramps here!

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