The 'No Jar To Your Car' rolled curb solution


How Rolled Curbs Impact Your Tires

Many modern cars have complex suspension systems and low-profile tires. Great for handling but not so great if you hit a bump, pothole, or rolled curb. Sometimes, you may get away with it, but it’s all too easy to damage your tires, steering components, or bodywork. Lower Tire Pressures Repeated impacts with curbs – even…

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How Repeated Scraping Can Damage Your Driveway

We’ve shared a lot of information about how scraping your driveway can damage your car, truck, RV, trailer, or other vehicles. However, we haven’t spent much time addressing how scrapes from these vehicles can damage your driveway. In fact, without a curb ramp, your driveway surface may suffer from repeated scraping that…

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BRIDJIT Portables For Vans

Large vans are extremely practical for commercial use, hauling cargo, or for ‘VanLife’ adventure and recreation. They’ve seen a resurgence in popularity recently for those reasons. The only problem is most of them tend to have a long rear overhang or low ground clearance, which means they are prone to…

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What To Check For After Scraping A Curb

Scraping a rolled curb driveway entry usually comes with the sickening noise of plastic or metal rubbing against a concrete surface. If you’re lucky, your car will suffer some minor scratches that won’t be noticeable. However, if you’re unlucky, it could have sustained some body damage or, worse, damage to…

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Hydraulic Lift Systems Vs. Curb Ramps

Hydraulic lift systems are cool and amazing to watch in action. Similar to the hydraulics used in low riders, they provide additional clearance, so the front of your car doesn’t get scraped up. They work extremely well, but in most situations, they are not worth the cost or trouble. If…

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How Do Wheels Get Knocked Out Of Alignment?

It doesn’t take much to damage a rim or knock a car out of alignment. One minute you’re cruising along and the next you hit a bump or pothole, jolting the whole car. Next thing you know you have a bent rim, flat tire, or problems with your vehicle’s alignment. …

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Classics And Collectibles – How Minor Damage Can Have Big Consequences

One thing people often overlook when they buy a classic or collectible car is the curb at the end of their driveways. Even a shallow rolled curb creates a hazard that can cause minor damage to your car’s front bumper, splitter, lip, or valence. A crack or other minor damage…

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Curb Appeal! BRIDJIT Curb Ramps Aren’t Just For Your Car

We often cover the many benefits of BRIDJIT Curb Ramps and how they protect your car. We don’t often talk about how many other functions that BRIDJIT Ramps provide for curbing around your home. Many of these functions might be obvious, but we feel they are worth talking about. Firstly,…

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Can You Build A Bridge Over Your Curb?

If the curbing in front of your home is a steep angle, it can become a daily frustration. The sharp angle can be even more annoying if you drive a lower or more extended style of vehicle. A rolled curb can be good for keeping water away from your home…

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