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Where Do Old Tires Go?

Every year, 233 million passenger vehicle tires are disposed of in the United States. To say "that's a lot of tires" is an understatement. The reuse and recycling of tire rubber is critical if we're going to keep our landfills in check. That's one of the reasons BRIDJIT curb ramps are built with recycled tire crumb rubber. In fact, each BRIDJIT ramp is made from the rubber from 12 passenger tires. Check out our new graphic about where tires go when you're done with them:

Recycled tires IG

It's reassuring to see that five out of six used tires are recycled and that there are so many great uses for old tires, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't all do our part in making our vehicle tires last as long as possible. Like we point out in the graphic, please check your tire pressure frequently to ensure they are filled appropriately. You'll use less fuel and keep your tires longer - something we will all benefit from.

BRIDJIT vs Pyle Curb Ramps

If you're looking for a set of curb ramps and you happen to be on Amazon, you might see a set of Pyle brand curb ramps. At first glance, these ramps seem comparable to BRIDJIT curb ramps. However, as we'll explain below, BRIDJIT curb ramps are a better choice for most consumers. Comparing Pyle and BRIDJIT Curb [...]

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A Buyer’s Guide to Rubber Ramps For Rolled Curb Driveway Entries

Rubber driveway ramps are the latest innovation to hit the market for homeowners with a rolled curb at the end of their driveway. These ramps serve an important purpose. They bridge the gap between the driveway and the road. This prevents your vehicle from bottoming out and suffering scrapes on its underside. Why Get a Rubber [...]

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Will Scraping the Bottom of My Car on a Curb Cause Any Damage?

You know that jarring feeling you get when your car scrapes on a curb or speed bump? You freeze, cringe, and then panic, wondering if you've just damaged your car. Pretty much every owner of a low ground clearance car can relate. It’s not a fun feeling, So what really happens when the bottom of your car [...]

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3 Things To Keep In Mind Before Building A DIY Concrete Driveway Ramp

Now that we’ve established that building an asphalt ramp at the end of your driveway isn’t a great idea, let’s talk about DIY concrete ramps. A lot of people like the idea of installing a concrete ramp to bridge the gap between their driveway and the road. It’s a cheap and easy project, but is it [...]

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What The Heck Is A Rolled Curb?

Did you know that there are several different types of curbs? Barrier curbs, integral curbs, and rolled curbs, to name a few. Let’s talk about rolled curbs. Most driveway curbs have a flatter design to allow a car to easily drive over them. A rolled curb isn't one of them. Rolled curbs maintain the same height as [...]

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Who Sells BRIDJIT Curb Ramps?

BRIDJIT is a popular brand of curb ramps. In fact, BRIDJIT curb ramps are sold all over the U.S.. There’s a high chance you’ll see one “in the wild” by driving around your neighborhood. If you’re wondering where you can get your very own BRIDJIT curb ramp, you came to the right place. The short answer [...]

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Why All Trailer Owners Should Consider Getting a Curb Ramp

There are many different types of trailers out there. Boat trailers, campers, car haulers, utility trailers, and equipment trailers, to name a few. Most of them have one thing in common: a terrible suspension system. Many don't even have shock absorbers. Even a small curb can really jostle whatever is loaded on the trailer. Image Credit:  RoyB When [...]

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Why You Need a Curb Ramp for Your RV

RVs and rolled curbs don’t go well together. However, this doesn’t mean that people with rolled curbs shouldn’t own RVs. Curb ramps make it possible for RVs to go over rolled curbs without any issues. A curb ramp is a removable ramp meant to serve as a bridge between the driveway and the street. It removes [...]

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3 Alarming Reasons Not to Build an Asphalt Curb Ramp

There’s a DIY project popping up everywhere: building your very own asphalt curb ramp. Perhaps you are toying with this idea to give your car an easy way to drive over the curb in front of your driveway. Continually bumping into and forcing your car over a curb will eventually wreck your alignment. If your car [...]

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