The 'No Jar To Your Car' rolled curb solution


How Is Crumb Rubber Made?

When we hear the word “recycling”, most people think of paper or plastic. Did you know that recycling rubber is great for the environment, too? When rubber is recycled, it’s reduced into crumb rubber, which means small particles of rubber. Recycling rubber is a pretty interesting process. Read on to find out how it’s done.…

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What Makes A Genuine BRIDJIT Curb Ramp Genuine?

BRIDJIT is a leading brand for curb ramps. So naturally, there are a few knock off BRIDJIT curb ramps floating around the internet. A genuine BRIDJIT curb ramp is better and safer than a knock off. For example, some knock off curb ramps are made with harmful chemicals. They’re also…

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3 Ways To Protect Your Assets With BRIDJIT Curb Ramps

Any vehicle is an asset, whether you’ve purchased it or are leasing it. This applies to: Cars Trucks SUVs Motorcycles RVs Your vehicle is your mode of transportation and, most likely, even more. Vehicles are quite expensive to maintain and repair. Protecting your vehicle will save you a lot of…

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Different Types Of Curbs Around The World

Here’s a fun fact: curbs didn’t become common until the 18th century. Before then, the most common way to separate the street from the pedestrians was with small wooden posts (called bollards). Image Credit: LarkinEngineering A series of Paving Acts in London in the 1700s made curbs common across the…

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Why You Need A Ramp For Your Toy Hauler

Do you have a trailer or RV for your toys – a toy hauler? Do you have a rolled curb at the end of your driveway? If your answer to both questions is yes, then a curb ramp will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make. A Curb…

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Water Pooling At The End Of The Driveway? BRIDJIT!

Rolled curbs can be a big problem. For instance, rolled curbs can cause: Alignment issues Drive shaft damage Front splitter damage Underbody damage More Here’s another problem that’s not discussed as much as the others above: water pooling at the end of the driveway. How Do Rolled Curbs Cause Water…

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How To Make Your Driveway Curb Ramps Look As Good As Possible

A driveway curb ramp is a great addition to your driveway, especially if you have a car with low ground clearance. There are actually many great reasons to own a driveway curb ramp. For starters: Curb ramps prevent driveshaft damage Curb ramps prevent front splitter damage Curb ramps prevent underbody…

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Here’s Why BRIDJIT Ramp Sections Bolt End-to-End

At BRIDJIT, we put a lot of thought and care into the design of our ramps. One of the unique aspects of our design is the fact that our ramp sections bolt together end-to-end. You may be wondering why we decided to make this a part of our ramp design.…

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Welcome To The Upgraded BRIDJIT Website!

We’ve made a series of small back-office changes to our new website, all of which will make it easier for us to fill your order quickly. If you have any problems with our new site, please contact us. Thank you, John Curry Founder & President, BRIDJIT Curb Ramps

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