Installing a Bridjit Curb Ramp is a straightforward process that takes two people less than 15 minutes to complete. Click here to watch the installation video or read more below.

Installation Video

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What's Included & Tools You Will Need



         Left                     Center                    Right


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Align Ramp Sections

BRJ Align
  • Facing your house, ensure that the ramp sections are in the correct order—left, center, right—paying attention to the angle of the ends.

Warning: Incorrect installation can cause debris to collect, impeding water flow. If you ordered additional 4-foot sections, they are to be treated as center sections for installation.



Flip Ramp Into Street

BRJ Flip
  • Turn the ramp sections over into the street so that they are flat side down. If you have purchased a 3- piece set, please proceed to step 4.
  • If you have additional center sections, the hardware from one side of that ramp must be removed.
  • To remove excess hardware from one side, strike underneath the bolt head with the claw portion of your hammer and extract.


Bolt Sections Together

BRJ Bolt
  • Whether installing the ramp on a straight curb or a curved curb in a cul-de-sac, align all ramp sections together so they butt tightly end to end in a straight line.
  • Then, standing on the section the bolt is being driven in to, hammer bolts into the adjacent ramp. Leave the bolt head at least 1/8” from the rubber. (Do not pound bolt head flush against the rubber.)
  • Repeat until all pieces are adjoined.


Install Nuts

BRJ Nuts
  • Taking care not to damage the bolt threads, pry each bolt up by pushing a flat head screwdriver between the rubber and threaded end of the bolt.
  • Prying the bolt up in this way makes it easy to spin each nut onto the bolt with your fingers.

NOTE: Do not tighten. To allow flexibility in the joints the bolt should only protrude 1/4 inch beyond the nut.


Crimp Bolt Threads

BRJ Crimp
  • If you do not plan to add additional ramp sections or move to a different residence, we suggest using pliers to crimp down on 2 or 3 threads at the end of each bolt.
  • This will flatten the threads, making it very difficult for the nuts be removed. This acts as a theft deterrent.

NOTE: Do NOT crimp bolt threads unless you're sure you don't want to expand your BRIDJIT ramp set.


Adjust As Needed

BRJ Adjust
  • To turn the ramp over, start at one end, lift the outward edge of the ramp up and toward the gutter.
  • Keep flipping the top as you walk along the ramp, turning the entire ramp back over into the gutter and adjust as needed

Cul-de-sac instructions - With a person at one end of ramp and the other person with foot at a ramp connection, gently bend the ramps around the curvature to make a small opening at the top of each connection.

Installation Troubleshooting

How To Adjust Position Of A BRIDJIT Curb Ramp Set

Straddle the ramp at the center. Pick up the ramp and lean back in the direction you want it to go.

How To Keep Ramp From Moving Out Of Place

Don't enter the driveway at an angle. If you can swing out in the street and enter with both tires impacting the ramps at the same time, the ramps will stay put.

Some customers have had success with this galvanized washer option. Download here.

How To Clean Beneath The Ramp

Clean out underneath the ramp 2 times a year or more frequently if you have a lot of gutter build-up. To turn the ramp over, start at one end, pull the top of the ramp up and out toward the street. Keep flipping the top out as you walk along the ramp. Use a hose to clean the ramp's underside and the gutter. To return in place, simply start at one end and flip back toward curb as you walk along the ramp.

What To Do When You Move To A New Residence

Do not transport the ramp without uncoupling each section first. Failure to do so will cause damage to the bolted area. Follow the take apart instructions below and re-assemble in the new location.

How To Take A BRIDJIT Curb Ramp Apart

Turn ramp over into the street, so the flat side is down. Put a flat head screwdriver between the waterway rubber and bolt. Pry up toward the waterway lifting the bolt up enough to remove the nuts.

Using a hammer and screwdriver as a punch, drive the bolt back through the adjoining section. Be careful to not damage the bolt threads.

How To Add Another Ramp Section

After removing the nut, using a screwdriver as a punch, hammer the bolt back through the adjoining section. Be careful to not damage the bolt threads.