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The 'No Jar To Your Car' rolled curb solution

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions


  • hammer.pngHammer

    broom-dust.pngBroom & Dustpan

    screwdriver.pngLong Flat Blade Screwdriver

    block.png2x4" short board or other blocking device

  • circle-1.png

    Step 1

    Start with a clean area by sweeping up debris in the immediate gutter and road area, discarding properly in a trash container, not into the storm sewer.

  • circle-2.png

    Step 2

    Lay all BRIDJIT sections in the gutter, using the configuration as shown below. Center entire device in relation to the width of the driveway.

  • circle-3.png

    Step 3

    Flip each section away from the curb, upside down into the street and parallel to the gutter. Make sure all sections are in alignment and are butted tight together end to end as shown.


  • circle-4.png

    Step 4

    With safety in mind, stand on the outer receiving sections and drive each preinstalled ½ in. x 7 ½ in. galvanized bolts from the center section(s) into and through the adjoining section (dowel retaining area) with a hammer, until the bolt head is 1/4 in from retaining area rubber. (Take care to not drive the head of the bolt into the rubber)


  • circle-5-1.png circle-5-2.png

    Step 5

    Lift each section up at the joint and have someone slide a 2x4 or any other 4” high block under the ramp at the location of the joint as shown. This will serpentine the ramp over the top of the blocking, making it easier to install the nut.

    To protect the bolt threads, push a screwdriver down between the bolt and rubber as far away from the end of the bolt as possible. Pry up on the threaded end of the bolt with a screwdriver pushing down towards the center line of the ramp as shown. Screw one of the provided nuts onto each bolt with your fingers until the bolt comes through the nut about 1/4 inch. (No wrenches are required as the nuts will be held in place by the rubber). Due to the tightness between the rubber and the bolt, the sections will stay tight to each other as the ramp is used, but at the same time allow for adjustment around and onto curved curbing, such as in cul-de-sacs.


  • circle-6.png

    Step 6

    Caution: Depending on the number of sections bolted together, BRIDJIT now weighs a hefty 150 to 250 pounds. Therefore, we highly recommend that two people are used to perform the last step or whenever cleaning under the ramp is required.

    Starting at one end of the ramp, lift up on the outer edge of the ramp, turn the entire device back to the original position into the gutter and position the upper edge of the ramp at the same elevation as the top of the curb as shown.

    The sheer weight of the device keeps it in place, with little adjustment required over time. Any curvature of the curb and gutter will be taken care of, leaving small acceptable wedged openings between the sections.

    After using BRIDJIT for a number of days you may find a need to reposition right or left for easier maneuvering up and down your driveway. (Just pull on one end or the other to reposition.)


  • Additional Warnings:

    When BRIDJIT is used in areas where routine street snow removal service is provided by municipalities, it may be wise to either red flag both sides of your driveway indicating the driveway entrance, or remove the BRIDJIT device during these times to prevent BRIDJIT from possibly being damaged.


Installation Tips

  • Read this entire instruction sheet to make assembly very easy.
  • Tighten the nuts with your fingers only. See step 5.
  • When adjoining more than one center section, extra bolt removal is easily done by striking the head of the bolt with the claw portion of a hammer.
  • After time. if the ramps move from side to side, this is normally due to debris under the ramp, which needs to be cleaned out, or continuing to enter the driveway at an angle, pushing the ramp to the side. Enter the driveway with both front tires touching the ramp at the same time.
  • If installing the BRIDJIT ramp over a storm sewer drain, clean out from under the ramps several times a year or as needed.
  • If you have to move the ramps from side to side, it is easier to lift up the ramp at midpoint of the run and lean back, pulling the ramps the way you want them to move.
  • To protect the ramp system from being pushed by your trash removal folks, place your garbage "upstream of your ramps, as close to the curb as possible to force the trucks out into the street and away from the ramp.