The 'No Jar To Your Car' rolled curb solution

Customer Testimonials

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"I couldn't be more pleased with the functionality of the Bridjit product. What is even more impressive is how John in customer service responded to an issue. I had a problem with a crack where the bolt connects two pieces.  Without hesitation and within hours, confirmed a replacement piece was being shipped. No hassles or hoops to jump through. Just good old customer service the way it use to be. Much appreciated."

Lis W, MD


"Our driveway was awful. Shocks would bottom out every time we entered or exited our driveway. Our sports car scraped the worst.
Our neighbor has had a Bridjit ramp for years, so we ordered one just like theirs. We couldn't be more happy! Game changer!! It is so smooth now coming and going that we can't even feel it. If you're on the fence, trust me. Quit reading this and just buy it! Thanks Bridjit!!!"

John Brown


"What a fantastic product! I couldn’t be happier with how well this curb ramp works. Recently I purchased 3 more center sections, expanding my curb system to cover my entire 3 car garage. This is a great company with the BEST customer service!"

Brad Holmes


"Years ago your company was kind enough to give me your product to use after numerous back and other surgeries after being wounded in Afghanistan. Over the years I have advertised your product in my neighborhood in Evans, GA. I now see your product all over the place, including the 4 homes in view of mine on the street. Just wanted to thank you for helping me and that I didn't forget you either. Thanks."

Christopher D., US Army


"We have two Bridjit Ramps for our wide driveway. Talked to the city about cutting the curb down for a smoother entry into the garage. An inspector suggested Bridjit ramps to save money. Cutting the curb and making a new apron would run about $5000. Turns out a neighbor had Bridjit Ramp and liked his a lot. I was convinced. Since I got my Bridjit Ramps, many more of our neighbors have gotten Bridjit ramps.

Recently the street was paved. No problem working the two ramps up onto the sidewalk, out of the way of the paving crew. After paving was done I just pushed the Bridjits back down the curb slope. A side note, we get a lot of rain, inches at a time, and high winds. The Bridjit Ramps have never moved. Bridjit sure makes the transition from street to driveway a lot smoother. That being said, it's much easier on our cars' suspensions."



"The curb ramp product arrived quickly and in great condition, was effortless to unpack, and assembly was straight-forward. The quality of the product is evident immediately and the performance is outstanding. Eliminating the 'jarring movement' that we previously had to endure each time we entered or exited our driveway has put smiles on our faces each day. Thank you for offering such a quality-manufactured product at a fair price."



"We had the BRIDJIT installed within 25 mins. of UPS delivery, problem solved, thanks for a great product and quick delivery. Wishing you and your employees the very best into the future."

Jack Jett


"Thumbs up!...The best part is that BRIDJIT ramps are made in the USA out of scrap tires that would otherwise be piling up in a landfill. Woot!"

Kay (read Kay's full BRIDJIT review here)


"I received the BRIDJIT curb ramps on Tuesday, as planned. I installed them yesterday, and they work great! These ramps are an effective solution to the annoying, jarring bump that had occurred whenever entering or exiting our driveway. I used to tell my wife that the curb at the entrance to our driveway was like an elongated pot hole. Now, with the curb ramps, that problem has been eliminated.

When the UPS guy delivered the 4 packages containing the ramps, he asked what they were. After I told him, he said that he had the same problem at his house, then copied your website address from the box to research it more. I think he was also impressed, as I am, that these ramps are made from discarded tires which is an innovative way to recycle these rubber materials."



"Love it! Wish I'd bought 2 of the center sections. Very easy to put together. Seriously only took 15-20 minutes at most! They are heavy so do need 2 people at minimum."



"I received the ramps yesterday, they really work great. I won't be waking up my neighbors with my old diamond steel plate ramps anymore."

Steve Trimmer


"Albeit a little heavy, my BRIDJIT curb ramps were extremely easy to install.  They do NOT stink like some of the cheaper knock-off brands.  If that isn't enough, their customer service alone is worth the slightly higher prices.  I foolishly ordered a 4-piece set then realized I should probably check with my HOA to see if they're even allowed.  I emailed BRIDJIT a full day later and asked that my order be placed on hold until I get approval from the HOA.  They replied within 24 hours and basically said 'no problem'.  In fact, they never took more than 24 hours to reply to any of my emails.  Not until I got the HOA approval and notified BRIDJIT, was my credit card charged and the order shipped in a timely manner.  Many of the other companies do not provide the hardware to connect the ramps either, like BRIDJIT does.  Great product, great company!"

Mike G, Dayton, NV


"These curb ramps are the best thing since "Mom's homemade baked bread"! We can't thank you enough for manufacturing such a great product. They have totally solved our curb problem, which was torturous. These ramps are truly one of the best investments we have ever made. Also, you are really a great company to do business with."



I received the BRIDJIT curb ramps on Tuesday, as planned. I installed them yesterday, and they work great! These ramps are an effective solution to the annoying, jarring bump that had occurred whenever entering or exiting our driveway. I used to tell my wife that the curb at the entrance to our driveway was like an elongated pot hole. Now, with the curb ramps, that problem has been eliminated.
When the UPS guy delivered the 4 packages containing the ramps, he asked what they were. After I told him, he said that he had the same problem at his house, then copied your website address from the box to research it more. I think he was also impressed, as I am, that these ramps are made from discarded tires which is an innovative way to recycle these rubber materials.



"I haven't seen a report from Phoenix, so I thought I would send in my experience. I bought a 3 piece set plus an extra extension in the spring of last year. The product works great - it is much smoother going in and out of the driveway. In fact, the first time I backed up, I didn't notice when my back wheels went over the BRIDJIT and into the street! No one has mentioned how the smooth entry/exit lets you go a lot faster in/out of your driveway.

As for high-temperature Phoenix weather (up to 115 degrees in the shade), the BRIDJIT had no problems at all - it didn't melt or soften at all."



"I bought a set last year with an extra extension piece for my driveway at my new home. I live in an older neighborhood with the slope from hell and BRIDJIT was the only solution. I would not recommend anything else. Not only is service so efficient and quick, the product is by far the best thing out there. I was so pleased that I ordered another set this year for my other driveway leading to the side of the house since I purchased another Corvette. I highly recommend BRIDJIT. Thank you for such a great product and it is great because it too heavy for anyone to try to walk away with it too."



"Since I am handy with tools, this was easy to assemble even at 70+ yrs old. Even with 5 sections, I was able to flip this by myself."



"Outstanding service and very knowledgeable when I called and explained what I needed. He asked for my address and saw my house and told me how many I needed. I got them when he stated and they are installed. Easy installation and not an eye sore. Beautiful and are cars thank you!!!! Thank you for being kind and helpful. Professional service!!!!"



"I just wanted to send you and your team a quick thank you! The curbs turned out great and have made a huge improvement in getting in and out of our driveway. In addition you were able to get them installed much more quickly (and easily for me) than I had anticipated. Thank you so much for making this experience one that was super-fast and super-easy."

Mark Peterson


"I took receipt of my BRIDJIT Curb System last Thursday and installed it the same evening. The system more than met my expectations, was easily installed using your instructions and the proper tools. I am happy that I looked online to see if there was some other type of curb ramp systems available rather than the old steel plate option. Again I appreciate your fine product and look forward to many years of use."

Terry Grigg


"Installed the ramp today. It is working perfectly. I am not scraping the front or back end of my car. I love the ramp! It's the solution to the constant scraping my car was enduring each time I backed out the driveway. I'm very happy!
WooHoo!!! Thanks so much!!!"



"I just wanted to say how wonderfully the BRIDJIT ramps work! I went 6 months not being able to park in the garage and now I finally can! Thank you so much for making such a great product. I will highly recommend them for friends here in San Francisco. Have a good one!"



"I love the curb ramps and getting in and out of my driveway is much smoother! They really help! Thank you so much!"



"Thank you for the amazing fast delivery and installation. Maybe I'm just getting lazy as I get older, but that was definitely worth the extra money!

My wife and I both love the product and I can't believe we've put up with that darn curb all these years without addressing it. You have a great product and we are very satisfied with all aspects of this: deliver time, service, responsiveness to questions, and product quality."



"We received our BRIDJIT ramp the other day. It works very well (no surprise) with all of our cars but the great news is our Corvette no longer drags when we back out onto the street. Thanks for making such a terrific product!"



I want you to know that even though the box was heavily damaged on one end, the ramp was in perfect condition! It has already been installed and works perfectly- just as your brochure said! I thank you and so does my new BMW 328i sports coupe! I was especially impressed with the way you stood behind your merchandise, delivery etc. There are several people in my condo looking at my ramps, and I will not hesitate to recommend them.

J. Christie


"Thank you, BRIDJIT, for such a great product!!! We appreciate your wonderful service also."

Lauri & David


"I wanted to let you know that the product arrived on the exact day you predicted. It was set up that day. We are in heaven! No more having to come to a complete stop at the curb and inch our way up with our two cars. No more waiting to hear that horrible scraping noise upon entering and leaving the driveway. Your product does everything it represents. We are thrilled."

Susan Wolk


"Thanks for your help (or should I say your wife's) a few days ago when I came by and purchased 5 segments for my home. Setting up was super easy, and took little time at all. Think I was done with the whole operation in less than 30 minutes.

Now the neighbors are admiring your great products. One of them stated that he has been into the dealer 3 times to repair his chin spoiler, at $300 per visit, just for painting. He's scratching his head now, as he could have avoided all that by having your curbs.

So, hope you will be seeing a few more sales from my neighborhood."



"Fantastic product and great service. These curb ramps were exactly what we were looking for and can now enter and exit our driveway smoothly and without undue stress on the suspension or scraping the front bumper of my lowered car. John was very responsive to my questions, and because we are local we were able to have them delivered and installed very quickly and professionally. Excellent service, friendly people. An all around great experience. Thanks!"



"Hi, received your ramps....thank you they work great! I already told a few car guys about them at a dinner we went to on Saturday eve. Going to sent out info to my corvette people/clubs. So expect some orders from AZ area.
thanks LUV THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!"



"Thank you for giving me guidance on your product. It doesn't fit exactly into the gutter because my gutter is deeper than it is. But it has really smoothed out the transition between the driveway and the street."



"Great product, and your service was impressive! You may not fully understand how happy I am to finally be rid of that curb problem...It was such a pain in the butt especially since I finished my 1967 Ford GT MKIV this summer...In/Out with heavy ramps that was a real chore. Thank you!"



"I am delighted by the quality of the product and just blown away by the exceptional customer service. The owner, John Curry, is a very smart entrepreneur, truly cares about customer satisfaction and went to extraordinary lengths to resolve an issue I was facing.

The ramps: They are just great. They have resolved the bumpy entry and exits from a high curb for my cars. They are of a robust construction; the assembly instructions are clear and they work exactly as advertised.
The service: This is my recommendation for their outstanding service - it is very hard to find companies that stand behind their product and really care about the customer's experience. BRIDJIT Curb Ramps is amongst the rare few and they have earned my business and referrals.

I found that the ramps were not sitting snug between the street and the curb, and were rocking. I sent an email to info@ and John called me right away. I was amused by John's innovative approach as a high-tech detective. We were both looking at the street view of my house on Google Maps; he zoomed in on the curb and saw that the channel between the street and the curb is shallow. John sent me another set of ramps that were specially modified for fitting in shallow channels. I have installed them and am very happy with the new set."



"I researched several brands of driveway curb ramps before deciding to purchase a set of the BRIDJIT ramps. We are extremely pleased with our decision as to the QUALITY of construction and the ease of installation on our "curved" driveway. Having these ramps makes life so much more jarring when coming and going in our 40-foot motorhome, van, or cars. Not only do we love them, but our daily newspaper deliverer appreciates them too as does FedEx and UPS."



"I've had several requests for info on the BRIDJIT we installed at our home in CA. It's been installed since you and I customized it over a year ago and it still looks new! Thanks again for working with me to make it fit our strange curbs."



"These curb ramps are a GREAT product! I have a fairly steep driveway in a hilltop neighborhood. After cracking three bumpers on my BMWs and Mercedes sports cars (average cost to replace: $1,800 each) by backing out of our driveway, I was anxious to find a solution that would fill that gap in the street curb. I was going to fill the void with concrete, but was discouraged by the city's response to my request. I saw a set of the BRIDJIT curb ramps at my neighbor's house and decided to order them. They work as advertised and now I don't have to worry about cracking any more expensive bumpers. John was great to work with and he fully stands behind his product. I know you'll be pleased if you purchase a set. Just wish John had invented them! Three cars and many $$$ ago!"



"BRIDJIT ramps have saved me from daily fits of pain. Regardless of how careful we used our driveway opening, my back would give me problems. With your ramps I now have no problems at all. I thank you very kindly."



"I would like to thank you for helping us work with our home owners association, bringing to realization that the curb and gutter area is not an area that they have accountability for. As I'm sure you can see by your orders, my neighbors are now enjoying your product also."



"I've never written a testimonial before but I must tell you that I am so pleased with how well your product worked that I had to write to you. It is not only inexpensive but very easy to put together. The day I unpacked it I told my wife I'd call her in a little bit to help me flip it over but it was so easy to put in place I did it myself. We have two cars that would scrape loudly each time we'd go in or out of the drive. After putting in the BRIDJIT, it literally stopped the scraping! It works as advertised and I'm glad to see it is being made right here in the USA. I can tell the ramp will last a lot longer than I will. GREAT PRODUCT."



"Whoa, this is a great product! Feel like I am gliding into my driveway. For years I have been dealing with my driveway issues and struggling to find a viable solution. Found it! BRIDJIT is a great investment and well worth the money! Don't think twice about adding this solution to your home!"