The 'No Jar To Your Car' rolled curb solution


Hydraulic Lift Systems Vs. Curb Ramps

Hydraulic lift systems are cool and amazing to watch in action. Similar to the hydraulics used in low riders, they provide additional clearance, so the front of your car doesn’t get scraped up. They work extremely well, but in most situations, they are not worth the cost or trouble. If the only place you have…

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Do You Lease Your Car Or Truck? Protect It With Bridjit!

Did you know that if you lease a car, you may end up paying significant fees for certain kinds of damage? When you return your vehicle at the end of the lease period, it’ll go through a lease inspection. What’s A Lease Inspection? A lease inspection is a visual check…

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How To Back A Trailer Up A Driveway

Towing a trailer isn’t something all drivers can do. Whether you’re towing a camper, boat trailer, or something else, it takes special skills to get the job done. Your car or truck comes with a set of mirrors that give you great peripheral vision. Yet, they’re not built for backing…

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How To Keep Your Curb Ramps From Moving

It can be annoying when your curb ramps slide around instead of staying put. A curb ramp that’s not in place will create another bump to cross instead of smoothing out the entry to the driveway. Also, you would have to get out of your car and readjust the curb…

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5 Benefits To Using Portable Curb Ramps

Rolled curbs don’t make a whole lot of sense. Driveways are built to make entering and exiting a property easier. Rolled curbs don’t help with that. If you’ve ever wondered why rolled curbs exist, we have an answer for you. Rolled curbs are a big money saver and headache-free solution…

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The Portables vs Full Size BRIDJIT Curb Ramps

Are you considering getting a set of BRIDJIT curb ramps? Are you unable to decide between the Portables and the BRIDJIT 3-Piece Expandable Curb Set? This comparison guide may help you reach the best decision for your situation. Both Types Of BRIDJIT Curb Ramps Are Excellent Solutions The Portables aren’t…

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How Much Weight Can A Curb Ramp Take?

When you’re looking for a curb ramp, it’s important to take weight capacity into consideration. You want to get a curb ramp that can support your vehicle’s weight. The answer to the question “how much weight can a curb ramp take?” is it depends. It depends on how the curb…

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Why We Make BRIJDIT Curb Ramps From Recycled Tires

We’ve had many customers ask us why we make our curb ramps from recycled tires. The answer is quite simple. At BRIDJIT, we care about the environment and the quality of our curb ramps. Read on to find out how recycled tires help save the environment and improve the quality…

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Introducing The BRIDJIT Portable Curb Ramps

You asked, we listened. We’re excited to introduce The Portables, a set of travel-sized curb ramps! It’s a new style of curb ramps that works for everyone. The Portables are a travel-sized alternative to the standard BRIDJIT curb ramp set. It offers all the same great features and benefits as…

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