Classics And Collectibles – How Minor Damage Can Have Big Consequences

One thing people often overlook when they buy a classic or collectible car is the curb at the end of their driveways. Even a shallow rolled curb creates a hazard that can cause minor damage to your car’s front bumper, splitter, lip, or valence. A crack or other minor damage is bad enough for a regular car but can have major consequences for your dream car.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the reasons why even seemingly minor damage can add up to a big issue when it comes to classic cars.

Parts Are Hard To Find And Can Take Forever To Arrive

Classic car parts

Even if you can do the work yourself, finding parts to fix damage to your front valence or bumper can be difficult. It’s unlikely you can find what you need at your local auto parts store or local salvage yard. Any replacement parts need to be ordered from a place that specializes in parts for your classic car or collectible. Many times these specialty parts stores do not keep body or trim parts in stock, preferring to order them as needed. As a result, it could take weeks for the parts to be shipped and delivered to your house.

Repairs Are Expected To Be Fixed With Proper Classic Parts

The collector car market is funny about how vehicles are valued. Original unrestored cars and cars that receive a show-winning concours-level restoration are valued at a premium. Cars that are maintained and repaired, including minor body damage, are valued thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars less than the restored or original cars. Even if the repair was done correctly using OE parts, if the car’s history shows body damage and repair work it could significantly reduce the value of the car.

Repairs Can’t Be Done At Just ‘Any’ Auto Shop

Specialty cars require special knowledge to repair. Most collision and auto body shops focus on collision repair and damage to newer, late-model cars and trucks. Most of them do not have the equipment or experience to repair a classic or collector car. It may be hard to find a shop that is familiar with the make and model of your vehicle to fix the vehicle and match the paint.  

BRIDJIT Ramps Help Prevent Damage To Your Classic Or Collectible

Classic car protection

BRIDJIT ramps help prevent damage to your car’s bumper, splitters, or front valence by reducing or eliminating the approach angle to your driveway. Our ramps are an inexpensive way to protect your vehicle from damage and are easy to install, requiring no special tools. All of our ramps are made in the USA from recycled rubber, come with a five-year warranty, and ship for free.

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