Find The Right Rubber Curb Ramp For Your Driveway

If you’re a homeowner who is struggling with the nuisance of a rolled curb at your driveway edge, you’ve probably considered a rubber driveway ramp. A driveway rubber ramp is all about smoothing out your entry and exit. This will reduce the chances that the vehicle will take a hit when moving from driveway to road.

Why Rubber Curb Ramps?

Rubber driveway ramps are not just a driveway accessory. they’re a crucial upgrade for any vehicle owner. Adding a driveway rubber ramp is actually making your drive more functional (and less cumbersome) for all. Rubber curb ramps trump asphalt and concrete ramps by miles in durability and vehicle compatibility. Rubber ramps are also easy to install and move or remove if needed (we do recommend you have a buddy to help). However, you must make sure you invest in a quality rubber ramp for your driveway…they’re not all alike. Let’s break it down: rubber ramps are affordable, durable, eco-friendly, and simple to install.

Choosing The Best Rubber Ramp

As we mentioned before, not all ramps are built equally. If you’re shopping around for the best ramp for your buck, there a several essential reliability and quality checks you should look for:

Superior Engineering

The whole purpose of a curb is to direct water flow down the road and into a drain. If you install a rubber curb ramp for driveway entry that blocks that water flow, you may be penalized for obstructing it. The design of BRIDJIT curb ramps includes a 2.5″ water channel that allows water to flow underneath. Additionally, when bolted together, BRIDJIT curb ramps are HEAVY. Their massive weight keeps them in place, despite a running gutter of water going underneath them.

Weight Matters

When seeking a rubber ramp for driveway use, you need one that stays put. BRIDJIT ramps are made from the same material as tires, plus a binder. They’re hefty and are designed to resist flying away or floating off in rough weather. Essentially, they’re difficult to steal. Remember, BRIDJIT ramps are sections that are bolted together. That means that once joined, the system is quite long and heavy would be hard to remove in a quick or stealthy way. A thief would have to be crafty and possess:

  • Lots of time, and no concerns about hanging out in the driveway for a while….
  • The know-how to take them apart.
  • Ability to carry the complete system. It will weigh over 150lbs or more, no easy feat!

With a BRIDJIT driveway rubber ramp there are no flyaways or easy pickings. Weather and thieves have to be next-level to bother our ramps.

Flexible Strength

If you’re worried about being compliant with your city or HOA rules for street sweeping, you can rest easy with BRIDJIT ramps. Many sweepers simply go around the ramps. But, if that’s not an option, just grab a buddy and together you can flip it over toward the driveway, and flip it back afterward. (Yep, it’s a 2-person job!) Yet another reason why a rubber ramp for driveway use is superior to a permanent cement or metal solution.

Ample Width

A ramp that spans the full width of your driveway entry is the goal. Otherwise, you’ll have to be sure you properly ‘line up’ your entry and exit so you’re on the ramp. BRIDJIT ramps are sold in sections. Need an extra section to extend your ramp width? No problem.

Eco-Approved And USA Made

BRIDJIT curb ramps are made with recycled rubber, a plus for the environment. Old tires are hard to dispose of. Any product that can make use of the used rubber material, rather than letting it end up in landfills, is a good thing. Many other ramps are composed of engineered synthetic rubber and molded industrial grade plastics. Each BRIDJIT curb ramp is made of crumb rubber sourced from 12 recycled tires. Additionally, buying a USA-made ramp like BRIDJIT’s means you’re supporting American jobs.

If you’re in the market for a driveway rubber ramp, keep a keen eye out. Many others at not what they seem. We’ve been making high-quality ramps since 2008, and we stand behind our products with a 5 year warranty. Give us a call or contact us online if you have any questions – we’re glad to help.