47″ Extra Center Section For BRIDJIT Curb Ramp Set

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Extend Your BRIDJIT Curb Ramp Set With An Extra Center Section! Add as many of these 47-inch wide center sections to your existing 3-piece curb ramp set (sold separately) as you like.

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Curb 2The BRIDJIT Curb Ramp is an expandable 3-piece system that reduces the jarring effect of driving over a residential rolled curb by as much as 80%. Most people who add the BRIDJIT expandable CurbRamp system to their driveway report a big improvement in comfort, not to mention reduced wear and tear on their vehicle.

Because BRIDJIT Curb Ramps are designed to reduce the impact of a rolled curb entry by as much as 80%, they are suitable for use with all types of vehicles: cars, trucks, golf carts, motorcycles, boat trailers, wheeled carts, hand trucks…anything with wheels that has to go over a rolled curb.



BRIDJIT Curb Ramps Prevent Vehicle Wear and Tear

Wear tear
Installing a BRIDJIT Curb Ramp on your driveway doesn’t just making entering and exiting your driveway more comfortable – it will also benefit your vehicle:

  1. The repeated impact of driving over a curb can lead to wheel misalignment and premature steering component damage. By reducing the severity of this impact, your vehicle’s shocks and struts will last longer, and your vehicle’s wheels will stay aligned longer and maintain longer tire life.
  2. Many vehicles – especially vehicles with lower ground clearance – will “scrape” against the concrete and asphalt when driving over rolled curbs. These scrapes can damage the vehicle body and on some vehicles can crack bumpers.
  3. BRIDJIT can save you fuel too. If your vehicle’s wheels are out of alignment, you’ll see faster than usual tire wear, and a possible decrease in fuel economy. While these changes are small, they add up.

Whether you have a low ground clearance sports car, a conversion van, or even a truck that pulls a trailer, a BRIDJIT Curb Ramp system is a value added investment.



BRIDJIT Is Made In The USA, From Recycled Tires

GreenWe are proud to say that BRIDJIT Curb Ramps are made in the USA, and we’re also proud of the fact that we make them from recycled tires.

  • By making BRIDJIT ramps in the USA, we support reducing the carbon footprint and the reduction of the 270 million tires ending up in US landfills every year.
  • Manufacturing in the US with stringent control of the process ensures our production is environmentally friendly
  • By working with US manufacturers, our product supports American jobs

According to John Curry, the founder of our company and the creator of BRIDJIT Curb Ramps, he wouldn’t make this product anywhere else.



Easy to Install, Easy To Own

Installing your BRIDJIT Curb Ramps is easy. While you may need a helper (each section of the ramp weighs about 50lbs), assembly is straightforward and takes less than 30 minutes.*

  • Each ramp section is boxed separately and shipped to your door.
  • The ramp sections are bolted to one another – NOT to the curb itself, making them fully removable.
  • The ramp has an open channel on the underside, allowing water to flow underneath.
  • The ramp set can be assembled on a curve, which means it works great for houses on cul-de-sacs.
  • An installed, 3 section system weighs over 150lbs and can be flipped over for semiannual cleaning.

Since 2008, BRIDJIT Curb Ramps have been sold in bulk to many HOAs and municipalities throughout the US. Acceptance of BRIDJIT ramps varies, but overall the costly damage caused by rolled curbs has been recognized as a major problem, with BRIDJIT Curb Ramps being seen as a solution to the problem.  *For more information, please see our installation instructions here.



Our Customers Love Our Product

In the ten years that we’ve been in business, we’ve received hundreds of comments from satisfied customers. You can see our testimonials page to read a handful of the comments we’ve had over the years.



Product Details


  • BRIDJIT Curb Ramps are made from recycled tires, making them weather resistant and more than tough enough for daily use.
  • Each ramp set includes a left, center, and right section for installation on both curved and straight driveway entries. The left and right sections are tapered to allow for ease of parallel parking and to decrease the possibility of tripping.
  • BRIDJIT Curb Ramp sets are expandable, with additional 47” center sections available to expand the width of your ramp set (sold separately).
  • BRIDJIT Curb Ramps can be assembled with just a hammer and a screwdriver. Once assembled the ramps can be flipped into place. Due to the weight of the ramp sections, it’s a good idea to have a helper assist you with installation.
  • BRIDJIT Curb Ramps have a water channel on the underside of each section that allows water to flow under the ramp, ensuring compliance with local ordinances.
  • BRIDJIT curb ramps are made in the USA. The company, founded in 2008, is headquartered in St. George UT, with manufacturing in Indiana and California.



Product Specs


  • Each ramp section is 47” long, 16” wide, and roughly 2.5” tall. A completely assembled set will be 141” in length (just shy of 12 feet).
  • Each individual section weighs approximately 50 pounds, for a total weight of 153 pounds when assembled into a standard ramp.
  • Additional 47” wide center sections can be purchased to expand the total length of the driveway if needed.
  • Galvanized bolts measure 0.5” x 7.5” and are pre-inserted into the center section to connect the three sections. Additional center sections are assembled in the same fashion.
  • The 2.5” height at the center tapers to 0.75” at the end of each ramp. This ensures a smooth transition between road and driveway.
  • A 2.5” wide channel on the underside of each section accommodates storm runoff.
  • Shipping weight is 153 lbs. Shipping charges are included in the price for customers located in the continental USA. For customers outside the continental USA, please contact us for a shipping quote.
  • Please note that all returns are subject to a restocking fee. See our FAQ page for more information.

1037 reviews for 47″ Extra Center Section For BRIDJIT Curb Ramp Set

  1. Patricia A. (verified owner)

  2. John S. (verified owner)

  3. Pete Reyerse (verified owner)

    Easy install and works so well

  4. David Pagano (verified owner)

    Delivery was fast and efficient. Installation was extremely difficult. With considerable effort we were able to get a wrench and socket on to the nuts and bolts needed to complete installation. Some modifications need to made to accessing nuts and bolts with a reasonable amount of effort.

  5. Jason C. (verified owner)

    Great product and fast shipping. Thanks a lot!

  6. Jeffrey Whitesel (verified owner)

  7. James Atkins (verified owner)

  8. Judy Stowers (verified owner)

    The whole family loves them no more big bump leaving driveway

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product

  10. Edward Peightal (verified owner)

    Good idea.

  11. Dale S. (verified owner)

    Great product, Called to make sure that I had measured correctly, Arrived a day sooner, instructions were clear.

    Image #1 from Dale S.
    Image #2 from Dale S.
  12. Curtis D. (verified owner)

    Easy install of a quality ramps.

  13. Neil Sullivan (verified owner)

  14. Richard K. (verified owner)

    See comment above. This segment made the entire project a perfect fit for my driveway.

  15. JOSE RODRIQUEZ (verified owner)

  16. Michele M. (verified owner)

  17. Karen B. (verified owner)

  18. Martin S. (verified owner)

    Took a little effort, but then again, we were putting 8 center sections and the two ends together into one long bridge. Seems to work perfectly and all the neighbors love it.

  19. James Wagner (verified owner)

    Works great, a bit heavy and cumbersome with 4 PCs and one person to roll it over

  20. Homer Witten (verified owner)

    We were first on our street to get them, now others have ordered one

  21. Carl Richard (verified owner)

  22. Pete Reyerse (verified owner)

  23. Sonia (verified owner)

  24. George Gregoire (verified owner)

    Bought 2 , and made it fit with of driveway perfect.

    Image #1 from George Gregoire
  25. GARY CREHAN (verified owner)

    This is my 2nd set of ramps for my circular driveway. This product is fantastic, I highly recommend these ramps.

  26. Charles K. (verified owner)

  27. William Walters (verified owner)

    Works perfectly. Comes with additional hardware for assembly.

  28. Kimberly W. (verified owner)

  29. Archie M. (verified owner)

    We’re satisfied with the product, just feel the top portion that rests on the curb should be tapered.

  30. Robert L. (verified owner)

    Repeat customer, Awesome Best Product.

  31. Aaron (verified owner)

    These work great! You will need two people to install it.

  32. Rollie S. (verified owner)

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    We definitely needed this to fit our driveway!

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    See comments above.

  42. Anonymous (verified owner)

  43. Joseph Sierzputowski (verified owner)

    Well worth the money

  44. John H (verified owner)

    Extra part to extend the original four pieces I installed. Product was delivered quickly with no shipping cost. The extra width made traversing over the Bridjit better.

  45. Joan Norton (verified owner)

    Thanks for quite delivery of really good product.

  46. Jason (verified owner)

    a must as a 12′ ramp would not have worked for us.

  47. Vince (verified owner)

  48. Nichelle Hudson (verified owner)

    Same issue as above

  49. Robin L. (verified owner)

    Worked perfectly to extend the Bridjit for our wide driveway.

  50. Ronald Ford (verified owner)

    Made the with of my drive

  51. William Miller (verified owner)

    I needed more then 12 ft length so I Purchased an additional set.

  52. DEMETRA MIKOLASY (verified owner)

  53. Robert C. (verified owner)

    Easy install

  54. Lawanda Turner (verified owner)

    Easy to set up

  55. Randall R. (verified owner)

  56. Matt B. (verified owner)

    Very effective and easy to install.

  57. Mark E. (verified owner)

    Function is great. However, it would be great if you could modify the design slightly to allow easier access to the bolt/nut heads after they’ve been installed. Some of mine are coming loose and need to be tightened but it’s vitually impossible to get a socket arount the bolt or nut.

  58. Dan Bachman (verified owner)

  59. Thomas Schaffner (verified owner)

  60. Anonymous (verified owner)

  61. Dejene (verified owner)

    I needed the extra center peace

  62. Mike P. (verified owner)

    Great product and easy to install.

  63. Andy Thomas (verified owner)

    Fantastic. Hate that I waited so long

  64. Chuck Crawford (verified owner)

    BridJit helps somewhat but is definitely not worth the price.

  65. William (verified owner)

  66. Barbara (verified owner)

  67. Robert (verified owner)

  68. Jeff Ford (verified owner)

    I purchased an extra piece and tracking shows that it has been delivered, but I never received it.

  69. George Doxey (verified owner)

    The ramps arrived in great condition, & the assembly instructions are spot on. They work as advertised! I’m extremely happy with the product! Keep it up!

  70. Steve (verified owner)

  71. Douglas Adams (verified owner)

    Super fast service, great response time in email as well!

  72. Marcus B Whitt II (verified owner)

    Really solved our driveway curb problem.

  73. HAMILTON (verified owner)

  74. Robert M. (verified owner)

    Works as advertised!

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  76. Kathleen (verified owner)

    Everything came quickly and was easy to install. Great company to deal with!

  77. Fay (verified owner)

  78. Jonathan (verified owner)

    The 3-piece curb ramp was really good, but adding this extra section in the middle makes it pretty much perfect. The transition from road to driveway is nearly seamless now, and my car (VW Jetta) no longer scrapes the hitch when we pull in. The extra width means we have plenty of room to hit the ramp. Absolutely LOVE the Bridjit curb ramp.

  79. Teodora Bert (verified owner)

    Ordering was easy. Delivery was timely. Assembly easy. Bridjit curb ramps works great. Thanks.

  80. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quality product, quick delivery, and easy set up.

  81. Dean Lewis (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, easy to put together, these are fantastic!

  82. Dennis winnicki (verified owner)

    One of the 47in sections I brought last August has already broke apart is there anyway it can be replaced? Thanks other than that I really like the product and it does its job well

    Image #1 from Dennis winnicki
    Image #2 from Dennis winnicki
  83. Charles R. (verified owner)

    Performs exactly as described! Note to company: a video showing how to position the bolts for easy nut installation would be useful

  84. Alan (verified owner)

    Easy to arrange and assemble.

  85. Ann.V. Bennett (verified owner)

  86. Anonymous (verified owner)

  87. Carol Wall (verified owner)

    I love not having that bump at the driveway it very nice not to have to go so slow because you are afraid you are going to drag the front of your car.

  88. KALPESH PATEL (verified owner)

  89. Virginia Henson (verified owner)

    I added these center sections to original purchased items to make it easier for my new golf cart and Cadillac to get in the garage.

    Image #1 from Virginia Henson
    Image #2 from Virginia Henson
  90. Anonymous (verified owner)

    See previous comment

  91. Bonnie C. (verified owner)

    Love them

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    Works great

  93. Bruce Jacobson (verified owner)

  94. Anonymous (verified owner)

  95. Linda K. (verified owner)

  96. John M. (verified owner)

    Same as above. Added two of these to cover my entire driveway. Even with 5 sections, I was able to flip this by myself.

  97. Derek Ralston (verified owner)

    We needed 3 additional sections for our very wide driveway. Super easy to install
    And even easier to flip over to clean out the gutters.

    Image #1 from Derek Ralston
  98. Scott (verified owner)

  99. Anonymous (verified owner)

  100. Michael H. (verified owner)

    Such a great product. I was so pleased with the ease of installation too.

  101. Jon (verified owner)

  102. Anonymous (verified owner)

  103. Anonymous (verified owner)

  104. dino marcaccio (verified owner)

    nice job

  105. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The curb ramps are heavy duty and we’re east to install. I’m completely satisfied!

  106. James Smith (verified owner)

    The curb-ramp standard package comes with three units that all attach to one another via some 1/2″ bolts that serve more as attachment pins… you don’t actually tighten down the nuts on the bolt fully.

    There are two tapered components (1 for the left-hand side and a 2ns for the right-hand side) that each attach to a rectangular center section.

    Depending on the width of one’s driveway, it is possible that the 3-section standard version would be adequate, but for driveways that are larger, with wider entrances onto the street, the option of buying the additional “center” segment should be considered.

    In our case, the slight added cost was inconsequential as opposed to the added benefit of a smooth transition, regardless of your approach to the driveway.

    Well worth the slight extra cost, especially considering that the curb-ramp will last for many years.

  107. Andi (verified owner)

  108. Eric H. (verified owner)

  109. Becky R. (verified owner)

    We have thoroughly enjoyed having the curb ramp to protect our cars!

  110. Robert L. (verified owner)

    Have a full set of six, should have purchased them years ago!

  111. Lawrence J. (verified owner)

  112. David (verified owner)

    So much smoother out of and into the driveway.

  113. Chris Boarman (verified owner)

  114. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Super good ramps. Loved the service!

  115. Martha F. (verified owner)

    Really helps for a smoother drive into our garage!

  116. Robert B. (verified owner)

    Excellent addition to my original ramp set

  117. Arlene (verified owner)

  118. Hunar Sakri (verified owner)

  119. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent compliment to the 3 piece set.

  120. Kenneth C. (verified owner)

  121. Cindy (verified owner)

  122. Anita (verified owner)

  123. John Armstrong (verified owner)

    The new section arrived in minimun time and was easy to install. Makles my driveway easier to enter and exit. Thanks

  124. David (verified owner)

  125. Paul H. (verified owner)

  126. mark o. (verified owner)

    Needed to cover the whole rolled curb driveway entry.

  127. David H. (verified owner)

    Love this, makes it much easier and nicer to drive my motorcycle into my driveway

  128. Mike (verified owner)

    Great product and fast service

  129. Annie Ruth Qualls (verified owner)

  130. Steve (verified owner)

    Center pieces fit together nicely.

  131. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy assembly & works great! We are Very happy with the purchase.

  132. Anonymous (verified owner)

  133. Kevin W. (verified owner)

  134. Anonymous (verified owner)

  135. George Doxey (verified owner)

  136. David F. (verified owner)


  137. Sandra McInnis (verified owner)

    Works great

  138. Anonymous (verified owner)

  139. Donna (verified owner)

  140. Sharon Kirkpatrick (verified owner)

    helps make the width nicer to accommodate both our car and truck.

  141. Joe M. (verified owner)

    Purchased for section regular setup for Bridget. I have a wide driveway and needed an extra section. Shipment very quickly. Please with setup. Previously had sacked Crete curb ramps which broke up. Recommend bridget.

  142. Victor M. (verified owner)

    Must have for me. I really like this product

  143. Donald B. (verified owner)

  144. Roger (verified owner)


  145. Theresa (verified owner)

  146. Wanda L. (verified owner)

    Glad to get the extra centerpieces to make it wide enough.

  147. t matthews (verified owner)

  148. randall (verified owner)

  149. James B. (verified owner)

    Love the ramps

  150. Anonymous (verified owner)

  151. John Grant (verified owner)

    Perfect fit

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  153. Paula H. (verified owner)

    these are fantastic!

  154. james c. (verified owner)

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    I highly recommend this product and this company.

    Image #1 from Mike W.
  159. Tom A. (verified owner)

    Great investment!!!

  160. kenny H. (verified owner)

  161. Molly F. (verified owner)

    Well needed for that longer driveway. Easy to connect to other pieces of the bridjit curb ramps. Everything needed was included.

  162. Greg Costello (verified owner)

  163. John Foreman (verified owner)

    With two separate garage entrances we decided the extra center section was the way to go. Very happy we did!

    Image #1 from John Foreman
  164. Sharon (verified owner)

    Nice that you can purchase as many of the center sections as needed for the width of the driveway.

  165. Seth E. (verified owner)

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    The extra center section as needed and fit together nicely. Great product

  168. Jerry King (verified owner)

  169. Paul (verified owner)

    Only issue is shipping cost to Hawaii.

  170. Ernest Sopp (verified owner)

    The additional section allowed my entire driveway to be covered by the Bridjit.

  171. john S. (verified owner)

    Great product and superb customer service.
    I needed to add another section to my existing BRIDJIT curb ramp that was installed years ago by the previous owner, I wasn’t sure if it would seamlessly bolt on, I was assured that it would, and it did.
    Thank you BRIDJIT team.

    Image #1 from john S.
    Image #2 from john S.
  172. Bill King (verified owner)

    It will save the front air dam on my car

  173. Lou (verified owner)

  174. Robert L. (verified owner)

    I don’t know why I didn’t purchase this ‘Bridjit Curb Ramp’ years ago. What a great product. It’s better than I expected.

  175. Joel Auers (verified owner)

  176. Don R. (verified owner)

  177. Dan (verified owner)

  178. Zhimin (verified owner)

    Good option to cover two car driveway width adding to the 3-piece product

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    Works great

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  182. John Ricci (verified owner)

  183. Jenny (verified owner)

    The extra ramp just completes the whole driveway experience. I’m so happy with this purchase.

  184. Michael Becker (verified owner)

    Quick ship and easily added to three piece kit.

  185. Stephen (verified owner)

    We ordered the set and two additional sections. Shipping was extremely fast and installation was a breeze.

  186. Karen S. (verified owner)

  187. John (verified owner)

  188. Brian Wood (verified owner)

    Super easy to add this extra center section!

  189. Jim (verified owner)

    Overall experience, great product and a super installer.

  190. Kimberly (verified owner)

    Helps to have portable piece when loading low cars on our trailer

  191. Thomas (verified owner)

  192. Tony (verified owner)

  193. Michael Feinstein (verified owner)

    Their solution was for me to order $20 worth of huge washers to pound into a concrete gap. Nope. Used an 8 lb sledge to no avail. I’m stuck with 200lbs of rubber that won’t stay in place. Works fine when in position though. Their website is misleading. If you’re on a lateral grade or curved entry culdesac…this is a bad choice. At 63, I can’t drag this thing into place every few days. Hard to throw away 200lbs of rubber.

  194. Cherrybea Smith (verified owner)

  195. Ed M. (verified owner)

  196. Susan (verified owner)

    Fast service, great product!

  197. Deborah B. (verified owner)

    Works great at the start of our very steep driveway !

  198. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy to put together. Nice quality.

  199. Katherine R. (verified owner)

    Incredible service and speedy delivery. Thank you!

  200. Darren B. (verified owner)

    I have a 30-foot driveway curb and a lowered muscle car– the two aren’t compatible. Bridjit is my savior when it comes to stopping the front of my car from scraping on the concrete. I got it at a discount, free shipping, and very quickly!

  201. Ron W. (verified owner)

  202. Marilyn (verified owner)

  203. Tony T. (verified owner)

  204. James (verified owner)

    Great overall product, however it does shift. I find myself having to adjust ramp to meet flush with curb and street

  205. Ana S. (verified owner)

  206. Larry A Ewing (verified owner)

    Very easy to install & worked very well

  207. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  209. nancy p. (verified owner)

  210. Russ Borden (verified owner)

  211. Nels Pearson (verified owner)

  212. Anthony M. (verified owner)

    I needed 4 fir my driveway. The problem is once I have 4 pieces connected from underneath, they are impossible for one person to flip all 4 at once. Then they separate while they done all flip over at once…

  213. William Daugherty (verified owner)

  214. Anonymous (verified owner)

  215. David Enright (verified owner)

    One of the holes where the bolt goes through to connect units has a 2″ tear from the inside of the bolt hole to the outside surface.

  216. Catherine H. (verified owner)

    Needed extra piece and it came extra fast. Excellent customer service.

  217. Subhash (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  218. Anonymous (verified owner)

  219. Thomas (verified owner)

  220. Sabrina Thomas (verified owner)

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  222. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product.

  223. Lawrence Link Jr (verified owner)

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  225. Pavel Feigin (verified owner)

    The reason I gave 3 is that you need to work on solutions to stop it from moving.

  226. Kenneth Josing (verified owner)

  227. Deborah (verified owner)

    Only a 4 because no nuts for the additional bolts!

  228. Anonymous (verified owner)

  229. Ralph Smith (verified owner)

  230. Alan (verified owner)

  231. John Reginaldi (verified owner)

  232. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Previously had ordered 4 sections. Realized I need another to cover driveway width. For the second time product was received 2 days after ordering!!

    Great company. Fast processing of orders. And an awesome product!

  233. Melanie (verified owner)

    Your advice about how many sections to order was spot on, delivered timely, and could not have been done any better!

  234. Michael M. (verified owner)

    Awesome product! Also, great customer service and assistance by Mr. John Curry…

    Image #1 from Michael M.
  235. Lawrence K. (verified owner)

    It’s very difficult to get the nuts on the long bolts. Need more clearance! Otherwise, a good product and excellent delivery.

  236. James (verified owner)

    You hit it out of the park! Section sent within the week first one was damaged out of box, you immediately sent a replacement. So happy with this product and support services. Have recommended to several peoples, those that have purchased are also pleased with this product. Thank you.

  237. David (verified owner)

    Excellent ramp, in the heat it has even conformed slightly to the gutter. Would like to see a non-printed option for the center pieces, but this is saving me from jarring myself every time I roll out of the drive, so I’ll gladly keep the signage.

  238. Douglas Marin (verified owner)

  239. Robert Baker (verified owner)

    Was nice to have the extra 4′ of the curb ramp to lay down

  240. Kevin Foulois (verified owner)

  241. henry m. (verified owner)

  242. Arthur Webster (verified owner)

    Teh curb ramp is perfect!

  243. Patrick Melikian (verified owner)

    I purchased the regular 3 pack kit, along with 4 additional center section (I have a wide driveway). The Bridjit ramp set is fantastic…looks great and now my driveway entry and exit are smooth.

  244. Loureen M. (verified owner)

    Came quickly and installed easily. Thanks.

  245. Linda R. (verified owner)

  246. Sedrick Thompson (verified owner)

  247. Jonathan K. (verified owner)

    The nuts are near impossible to put on bolts because the thread of the bolt is too tight against the rubber tread.

  248. Jim Burns (verified owner)

    Excellent service.

  249. Anonymous (verified owner)

  250. Al (verified owner)

    Great product. Easy to construct and install. Ramps work as advertised. Would highly recommend if you’re tired of jumping the curb.

  251. Anonymous (verified owner)

  252. Rob Knudsen (verified owner)

  253. WILLIAM (verified owner)

  254. Eugene (verified owner)

    Still waiting to install

  255. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent addition

  256. Anonymous (verified owner)

  257. Anonymous (verified owner)

  258. Keith Flowers (verified owner)

  259. Anonymous (verified owner)

  260. Anonymous (verified owner)

    These extra center sections fit perfectly and are great for wider driveways.

  261. Colby (verified owner)

  262. Anonymous (verified owner)

  263. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works perfectly for my driveway. Excellent product and service!!

  264. Chad C. (verified owner)

    I ordered five of these in addition to the 3-piece set. My only “complaint” is that you have to connect the sections with them upside down and then turn the entire assembly over at one time. It took five of us to do so. Other than that, they work as advertised!

  265. Bonnie (verified owner)

  266. Jess H. (verified owner)

    Glad I got it as the approach is wide. Full coverage!

  267. Patricia Sirman (verified owner)

    Love them

  268. JAMES WARNER (verified owner)

    As advertised. Extra effort from the local vendor as well. Great communication!

  269. Gary (verified owner)

  270. Patricia V. (verified owner)

    Works great.

  271. Richard DiStefano (verified owner)

    Great experience, great service. Great product. Thank you

  272. kim (verified owner)

  273. EVA (verified owner)

    This extra center section added to a 3 section piece completes the driveway look. It looks great and works great according to my son.

  274. Anonymous (verified owner)

  275. joseph (verified owner)

  276. Anonymous (verified owner)

  277. Joe Panelli (verified owner)

  278. Anonymous (verified owner)

    fast delivery and a perfect fit

  279. Anne-Marie Brady (verified owner)

    Does exactly what we needed it to do.

  280. Joe Salvador (verified owner)

  281. Kathy DITTEMORE (verified owner)

    These Bridjit ramps made a big difference entering and exiting our driveway. Much smoother! Highly recommend!

  282. ronald grant (verified owner)

  283. Jack (verified owner)

  284. Ron C. (verified owner)

    Perfect length to finish the job!

  285. Barry F T. (verified owner)

  286. Wayne Poffenbarger (verified owner)

    Extra 2 of these center sections made my Bridjit a perfect fit for my 2 car driveway.

  287. Wade (verified owner)

  288. Michael B. (verified owner)

    I notice this review is for a 47′ extra section. Actually, I ordered 2 extra sections as the base kit was a gift that did not cover all Does exactly what it’s supposed to do. I think it’s great. My neighbor liked it so much he ordered one from his phone while looking at mine 👍👍

    Image #1 from Michael B.
    Image #2 from Michael B.
  289. Barbara B. (verified owner)

    Love the product

  290. Joseph Molitor (verified owner)

    Easy to order online, quick delivery and installed as the instructions described.

  291. Dalton Harrison (verified owner)

  292. James S. (verified owner)

  293. Martin B. (verified owner)

    Added and extra piece to the other 3. It fits but the whole 4 don’t fit in the groove like the advertisement states

  294. Michael R. (verified owner)

    We needed to extend our existing system after taking it with us when we moved. The new pieces work great with the existing ones that have worked great for 6+ years.

  295. Harvey McClain (verified owner)

  296. Anonymous (verified owner)

  297. Devra Pickett (verified owner)

    They were much harder to put together than your video showed. I’m a senior. I had to pay a handyman and his helper to attach the pieces.

  298. Debbie (verified owner)

  299. Steve Unruh (verified owner)

    The extra section is working great and easy to install. The only problem it came with 4 bolts and no nuts.

  300. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great item

  301. Robert G. (verified owner)

    Works great.

  302. Davia Madariaga (verified owner)

  303. Pete M. (verified owner)

    Easy to put together.
    For me these were worth it. I have motorcycles and off-road vehicles. These have made the transition much smoother with both. I used to have to take the motorcycles at an angle on and off the curb and the off-road vehicles have stiff suspension and definitely smoothed things out. My wife’s car doesn’t scrape he front bumper exiting the driveway anymore.
    Thank you. The cones in the driveway are a deterrent for the multiple vehicles that liked to use my driveway to turn around.

    Image #1 from Pete M.
    Image #2 from Pete M.
  304. Dustin Ellis (verified owner)

  305. Ron W. (verified owner)

    I have a 16′ driveway so the 4′ extension was a no brainer!

  306. Bryan W. (verified owner)

  307. Linda (verified owner)

  308. David Knepple (verified owner)

  309. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The product and delivery were excellent, but after installing the original product, I decided I wanted the additional center section to increase the width of the original product received. This was a personal choice to do this and still very satisfied with products, quality and speed of delivery and ease of installation.

  310. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Most double wide driveways will need this additional piece. Wider driveways may take several. Make sure you mentally mark the center of the driveway and use the joint of the two center sections as a reference point.

  311. Glenn (verified owner)

  312. Anonymous (verified owner)

  313. Steve Hook (verified owner)

    Fast, love how smooth pulling in the driveway is now

  314. Neil Tang (verified owner)

  315. john parker (verified owner)

    Fast and easy

  316. Stephen Beck (verified owner)

    Your product was easy to work with. Very nicely designed. I received it in a timely manner and the curb ramp is receiving good reviews from my neighbors, some of which said they would like to purchase one themselves.
    Steve Beck

  317. Matthew H. (verified owner)

  318. Manda Smith (verified owner)

  319. Roberto Gutierrez (verified owner)

  320. David A Levy (verified owner)

  321. Robert Hollenbaugh (verified owner)

  322. Anonymous (verified owner)

  323. George Krigas (verified owner)

  324. william h. (verified owner)

  325. Barbara M. (verified owner)

    The person I spoke to answered all my questions and made purchasing easy

  326. Fred Y. (verified owner)

  327. JAMES BLEECKER (verified owner)

  328. Anonymous (verified owner)

  329. Katina Goodwin (verified owner)

  330. Dave Williams (verified owner)

    this is a great product I just think it is a little overpriced and the installation could use some improvement. It is very hard to get the nuts on the bolds of the sections of the ramp .

  331. Donna Ryan (verified owner)

    Again 👍🏽 it fits lovely, tell customers to use a rubber mallet .. took no time 💥 installed 👍🏽💕 it was a gift for my neighbor, I bought mine back in June or July last year!!!

  332. Thomas Dell (verified owner)

    The product is perfect for taking that jarring jolt out of driving in or out of my driveway. The only downside was they did not provide nuts for the extra center section. I was able to get some at Home Depot for 0.55 so not a huge issue. But i also noticed on the other pieces they delivered and did provide nuts, some of the nuts where not “galvanized” and didn’t fit right.

  333. Mary O. (verified owner)

  334. Dave W. (verified owner)

    a little expensive for a additional pieve

  335. Frank S. (verified owner)

  336. Gale R. (verified owner)

    They were very prompt about replacing the missing bolts! I love my ramps that save the front of my car.

  337. Anonymous (verified owner)

  338. Manuel B. (verified owner)

  339. Henry Poole (verified owner)

    Two of my neighbors and their wives came over when they saw this old man struggling to get the first bolt driven in and 20 minutes later we or I really should say they had all six sections bolted together and flipped over right I place. Not only does the car feel 299% smoother, my Pride go-go scooter goes over like a breeze!

  340. Steven Shook (verified owner)

  341. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Same as above. Fast delivery. Easy assembly.

  342. Cory (verified owner)

    I was unable to get the pieces as tight as I wanted. Once the pieces are no longer propped up, you have to turn the nuts with a flat head screwdriver.
    There needs to a pocket molded in the bottom. Poor design of a simple product.

  343. Scott (verified owner)

    Everything about this experience has been positive. These were easy to order, arrived extremely quickly and were so easy to put together (well, except putting the nuts on the bolts; that’s pretty challenging). And these things are game changers; my car slides right down into the street, no bumps, no scraping. Really glad I found you guys!

  344. Gregory Robinson (verified owner)

    We bought two, to cover the whole width of our driveway.

  345. Janice (verified owner)

  346. Anthony Rais (verified owner)

    The extension made all the difference as the basic is a bit too short for a two car garage. Jockeying the two autos to back out of the garage was a tight situation with close quarters of side mirrors and size of van! The additional added section of Bdidgit has made ALL THE DIFFERENCE!!! Life is good now! No effort, just back straight out without shifting left and right! The width of the four sections is the exact width off the two car garage!!!! I wish I realized this when I purchased the original three sections, as I would have saved time and effort reordering the fourth section! We ❤️ LOVE BRIDGIT!!!!

  347. Derek N. (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping & Super product. thx

  348. Lee (verified owner)

  349. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’m pleased with the product but I think they’re overpriced, I’m going to try another brand and compare

  350. Jeanie Nugent (verified owner)

    I do not use this for my auto, I use it for a wheelchair ramp as my sidewalk is often blocked. It works wonderful. I’m surprised you do not market them for this purpose.

  351. Anonymous (verified owner)

    works well, but would look better if it matched the concrete

  352. Randy J. (verified owner)

    Same as above.

  353. Anonymous (verified owner)

  354. Audrey B. (verified owner)

  355. Anonymous (verified owner)

  356. Bob Amsden (verified owner)

    Excellent product exceptional service and easy installation. Very satisfied with your product.

  357. Quy Lam Quach (verified owner)

  358. tara kelley (verified owner)

  359. Mary Blackburn (verified owner)

  360. George Krigas (verified owner)

  361. Anonymous (verified owner)

  362. William F. (verified owner)

    Exactly what I wanted!

  363. Judith Husmer (verified owner)

  364. James (verified owner)

    Works great with our low profile car.

  365. Leticia (verified owner)

  366. jeffrey haiungs (verified owner)

  367. Tony (verified owner)

  368. clifford leminger (verified owner)

    A little high price.

  369. Michael (verified owner)

  370. Pamela (verified owner)

    Love it.

  371. Francis Katigbak (verified owner)

    Unable to insert the nut into the bolt.

  372. Robert S. (verified owner)

    Received the item very quickly.

  373. Ron S. (verified owner)

    Great product, Great company.

  374. JAMES DONAHUE (verified owner)

    Jason handled the installation and everything seems fine.

  375. John (verified owner)

    Fast and friendly to work with

  376. Laurie Wardstrom (verified owner)

    Works great for my driveway

  377. Janet V. (verified owner)

    The extra sections allow me to cover the entire 2 car driveway curb. Very happy with them and the company is great to work with.

  378. Christopher H. (verified owner)

  379. Elizabeth Newell (verified owner)

  380. Carey M. (verified owner)

    The Bridjit curb ramp works great! No more scraping the front end of our Corvette on our rolled curb. And installation was straightforward.

  381. George Dregely (verified owner)

    This is a hard install because the bolt has to be pryed up mighty far on order to thread on the nut, and because of that, impossible to tighten

  382. Anonymous (verified owner)

  383. Arne K. (verified owner)

  384. Patrick C. (verified owner)

  385. Anonymous (verified owner)

  386. Anonymous (verified owner)

  387. Richard Yandow (verified owner)

    Best invention to assist getting in and out of driveway. Great product.

  388. Bridget Williams (verified owner)

  389. Anonymous (verified owner)

  390. Gretchen Miescke (verified owner)

    This was an extension to an existing ramp. Your customer service and shipping were great. I would certainly recommend your company.

  391. Suzanne Hageman (verified owner)

    These curb ramps are great and a lot less expensive than re-doing the concrete in the driveway. I have a corvette and a pacifica. The ramps are beneficial to both. No more bottoming out or scraping the cars or breaking the rocker arm. They do not look bad either. They are also heavy enough that they don’t move around.

  392. Darrell J. (verified owner)

  393. Susane B. (verified owner)

    completed my drive way area, love it!!! Recommended you to my neighbors !

  394. Benjamin LeClair (verified owner)

    Easy install and perfect fit (and well written instructions on the website to ensure that good fit). We are very pleased with the look, the fact that they stay in place, and that we no longer have bumpers scraping as we enter and exit our driveway.

  395. Victor (verified owner)

    The addition of the 4th piece makes the ramp looking good.

  396. Doug P. (verified owner)

  397. Anonymous (verified owner)

  398. Dino (verified owner)

  399. chris b. (verified owner)

  400. David (verified owner)

  401. Mark B. (verified owner)

    Order was filled and shipped, and arrived quickly. Very happy!

  402. Jack Larramendy (verified owner)

    Needed four piece or two car driveway

  403. Bruce Twining (verified owner)

    I would give it a 5, but there is minimal clearance to put a tool around the bold heads or nuts. This makes securing the sections to prevent theft extremely cumbersome. I ended up just hammering the bolts through to the adjacent section and not installing the nuts. Otherwise, they work great!

  404. Jason (verified owner)

    I bought two of these and now my entire driveway is smooth and easy to park on.

  405. Patsy (verified owner)

  406. Dwight Simon (verified owner)

  407. Jason Y. (verified owner)

    See above comments.

  408. Lloyd Johnson (verified owner)

    Not as you intended but worked out perfectly for my 04 Corvette

    Image #1 from Lloyd Johnson
  409. Timothy Pullom (verified owner)

  410. Kenneth Kolling (verified owner)

  411. Audrey (verified owner)

    Easy to connect together

  412. Shawn S. (verified owner)

    Really expands to fit and look like the rest.

  413. Stela (verified owner)

    Great product, easy installation, highly recommended.

  414. steven p. (verified owner)

  415. Robert (verified owner)

  416. Anonymous (verified owner)

  417. Anonymous (verified owner)

  418. Robert (verified owner)

    Excellent product with fast shipping!

  419. Terry Wu (verified owner)

  420. James Kahley (verified owner)

  421. Chella S. (verified owner)

  422. Adam J. (verified owner)

  423. LAWRENCE DIONNE (verified owner)

  424. Janice Calzolari (verified owner)

    I got the ramp so that my camper would not ground out when I pull out of my driveway. Love it!

  425. Anonymous (verified owner)

  426. Phyllis R. (verified owner)

  427. Wilford Clark (verified owner)

    No trouble to assemble as above. Hardest part was turning it over.

  428. J Garth Johnson (verified owner)

  429. Anonymous (verified owner)

  430. Alex Otten (verified owner)

  431. Christopher (verified owner)

    Piece of cake to install…

  432. Harry Simmers (verified owner)

    Great results

  433. Joan Matt (verified owner)

  434. Anonymous (verified owner)

  435. John “Mike” Wills (verified owner)

    It was needed for my driveway!

  436. David Calcagno (verified owner)

    Love it!

    Image #1 from David Calcagno
    Image #2 from David Calcagno
  437. Anonymous (verified owner)

  438. Robert D. (verified owner)

  439. Michael L. (verified owner)

    Happy so far

  440. Kace J. (verified owner)

    Only thing I don’t like is the massive logo and phone number on each piece.

  441. Jason (verified owner)

    Excellent experience from beginning to end!

  442. Anonymous (verified owner)

  443. Robert (verified owner)

    Good quality and fast shipping

  444. Barney Keeton (verified owner)

  445. Mary (verified owner)

    Putting this center unit in made the whole curb perfect! Thank you for your prompt service.

  446. TERRY (verified owner)

  447. Anonymous (verified owner)

  448. Jairo G. (verified owner)

  449. Rachel (verified owner)

  450. Anonymous (verified owner)

  451. Vernon Lee (verified owner)

    It was very easy to install, with the bolts and nuts provided.

  452. mark gillespie (verified owner)

    Wish there was room for washers on both ends of the connecting bolts. There was no room for box wrenchs or sockets

  453. Joe D. (verified owner)

  454. James (verified owner)

    Great addition to my previous order.

  455. Greg C. (verified owner)

  456. Ben Reynolds (verified owner)

    The holes that the bolts go through are too close to the body of the curb ramp. I had to bend the two pieces where they join and then use a pry bar to get enough space to get the nut on the bolt. Had to also use the pry bar to get enough room to fit a socket over the nut. Once the nut was tightened, it was then very difficult to remove the socket because the nut was too close to the body of the curb ramp.

  457. Joshua Bogdon (verified owner)

  458. larry smith (verified owner)

    same as above.

  459. Clarence H. (verified owner)

  460. robert ring (verified owner)

    Love the curb ramps. No more jolts or scraping.

  461. Ken Thompson (verified owner)

  462. Michael R. (verified owner)

    works great! I have a little trouble getting them connected still, but working on it. but they are a big luxury as our curbs are huge!

  463. Bert (verified owner)

  464. Martin Morales (verified owner)

  465. Perry (verified owner)

  466. Randy Brown (verified owner)

  467. Michael D. (verified owner)

    Easy install works great !

    Image #1 from Michael D.
    Image #2 from Michael D.
  468. Ken Kaelin (verified owner)

    They are doing the job. Wish they were a little cheaper but you get what you pay for so I’m sure they’re worth the price.

  469. Gregg (verified owner)

  470. Allison Lovecraft (verified owner)

    This made a WORLD of difference! Our neighborhood has rolled curbs that were a pain to slowly inch up and back down every time we used our driveway. Now it’s a completely smooth transition from driveway to street! Can’t comment on longevity as we just got them but they super heavy duty rubber so I don’t see them falling apart any time soon. I only regret not getting them sooner.

  471. Sarah (verified owner)

    Same as above!

  472. Jeffrey (verified owner)

  473. Greg Smith (verified owner)

    The curb ramp set appears to be well-made, and greatly helps in getting our low-clearance car in and out of the driveway. Several neighbors have also installed them. We were pleased with how quickly we received them too.

  474. Edwin Schnebele (verified owner)

  475. Tom Kraemer (verified owner)

  476. David M. (verified owner)

    I thought Bridjit made a mistake and sent the wrong extra piece. I called and they were ready to send out another one that day and pick up the old one. It turns out I’m the one who made the mistake. Very impressed with their responsiveness

  477. Edward P. (verified owner)

  478. Michael L. (verified owner)

    Ordered 2 shipments, this first order arrived quickly – still waiting on additional center pcs.

  479. robert n. (verified owner)

    It does not fit well in the street gutter (wobbles)

  480. Anonymous (verified owner)

  481. Casey L. (verified owner)

    Thanks John! Great product, now I can get my Mustang out of my driveway without scratching up my front splitter.

    Image #1 from Casey L.
    Image #2 from Casey L.
  482. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Product is great, customer service and shipping process were beyond awful.

  483. Jeffrey (verified owner)

  484. JUNE AND JOHN LOWE (verified owner)

    same delivery instructions were not carried out by driver as requested.

  485. Garry C. (verified owner)

    I ended up needing one more piece to cover my entranceway…. they fit together easily and do an incredible job. No more coffee spills coming or going. Less wear and tear on the suspension on our vehicles. I cannot tell you how many times neighbors or passersby stop, do a double take and then take photos of the ramp. I am sure we will see more in the neighborhood in the not-too-distant future.

  486. Tobin Traxler (verified owner)

  487. eugene benevides (verified owner)

  488. Michael Perryman (verified owner)

    I love it works amazing but how do you bolt them together that’s the hardest thing to do

  489. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The connecting nut for the bolt doesn’t fit, so the board doesn’t stay in place.

  490. Susan B. (verified owner)

    The rating would have been a 5 but I could not get the bolts on any of the screws because the screws were too close to the material. I had two friends help and none of us were able to put the bolts on. I have saved the bolts.

  491. Steven (verified owner)

  492. James L. W. (verified owner)

  493. Steven M. (verified owner)

    Quick service, good product

  494. Richard J M. (verified owner)

  495. glenn king (verified owner)

  496. Phyllis (verified owner)

    Solid heavy product. Easy to install (as long as you’re strong and handy). Just what we needed to bridge the curb for getting into the driveway easier.

  497. Mark Zambarda (verified owner)

  498. LARRY (verified owner)

    This is the 4th unit in our mobile home complex that has seen mine and wanted one of their own. I facilitated this purchase becuase the 80 year old widow did not have internet. It is a perfect size for her mobile scooter. I painted a metallic stripe on the very ends so she could have a “landing zone” for her exit and entry. She loves it

  499. Stephen Stoccardo (verified owner)

    Well-made product. It works perfectly. I wish I had done this a long time ago. Also, it helps the environment with recycled materials.

  500. Bruce R. (verified owner)

    No price break for larger orders over the basic starter kit.

  501. Jim L. (verified owner)

    See comment above

  502. Anonymous (verified owner)

  503. Juan Garcia (verified owner)

    Very smooth process and prompt delivery 👌

  504. Richard Stevenson (verified owner)

  505. Anonymous (verified owner)

  506. RONALD W. (verified owner)

    Great product. A must for everyone who has a road to driveway rolled curb. Note:I would advise to order enough center sections so the end ramp sections extend 4-6″ past each side of the driveway.

  507. Dawn Exarhopoulos (verified owner)

  508. Jeff Walker (verified owner)

  509. Anonymous (verified owner)

  510. Jeff T. (verified owner)

    Could not fit nuts on the bolts. So disappointed.

  511. Michael O. (verified owner)

  512. Robert K. (verified owner)

  513. Eric Cauble (verified owner)

  514. Hilda Speck (verified owner)

  515. Mike Perryman (verified owner)

    Love it

  516. David Hoffman (verified owner)

    Great product! Fast Shipping! Soooo much easier to pull out of the driveway!

  517. LINDA T. (verified owner)

    …necessary for wider driveway!

  518. Brent J. (verified owner)

  519. Richard H. (verified owner)

    Love it.

  520. Anonymous (verified owner)

  521. Anonymous (verified owner)

  522. Pamela Smith (verified owner)

  523. Debbie (verified owner)

  524. Charles Friend (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Compl

  525. CHIOMA ALOZIE (verified owner)

  526. Randall Elliott (verified owner)

  527. RICHARD B. (verified owner)

    Product was delivered within 48 hours. Easy to assemble and works as well as I had anticipated.

  528. David Haraway (verified owner)

  529. Lonnie C. (verified owner)

    Love it!

  530. Betty D. (verified owner)

    Absolutely thrilled with the curb ramps – so glad vehicles no longer hit their bumpers on my driveway. Easy ordering and quick delivery; great price for a well made sturdy product.

  531. Mark H. (verified owner)

    Top notch

  532. Stanford Anderson (verified owner)

  533. Cary M. (verified owner)

    Order was processed quickly, ramps are great.

  534. Leon Oenes (verified owner)

  535. Margaret Irwin (verified owner)

    Would have liked it to have been installed as I am widowed

  536. david (verified owner)

  537. Teresa J. (verified owner)

  538. Anonymous (verified owner)

  539. Ram (verified owner)

    Delivered along with the main sections. Fits perfectly.

  540. Mike Youngblood (verified owner)

    Works great. Wife is happy!
    Product as described and shipping was as well. Appreciate the tracking information.

  541. Daniel Stilwell (verified owner)

  542. James Kauffman (verified owner)

  543. Leon Oenes (verified owner)

  544. John Wagner (verified owner)

    All good

  545. Lynne B. (verified owner)

  546. Diana (verified owner)

    Very nice product. It was a Christmas gift for our son.

  547. Jeff Jordan (verified owner)

    Well done and quick shipping. Thanks!

  548. James Kane (verified owner)

  549. Shawna Schwab (verified owner)

    I’m very pleased with my order but the only thing I wish it was (a place to put a mark stick into so the people new where not to plow snow. One day i came home from work my brid-jit was up the street. It had me upset. 😡

  550. Suzanne L. (verified owner)

    So far so good – thanks

  551. Anonymous (verified owner)

  552. Joseph S Plunkett (verified owner)

  553. Thomas Knoll (verified owner)

    We love our Bridjit system. Backing out of our driveway is so much smoother.

    Image #1 from Thomas Knoll
  554. John S. (verified owner)

  555. Tracy Day (verified owner)

    Great product

  556. James R (verified owner)

  557. Megan Berceau (verified owner)

  558. RUSSELL (verified owner)

  559. Charles Morgan (verified owner)

    All worked great – and all fit wonderful

  560. Jon V. (verified owner)

    Works great!

  561. Emily C. (verified owner)

  562. Michael Bartelo (verified owner)

    I ordered an extra section as a sample to see if it will work for my application. I haven’t installed it yet, but it appears it will work just fine. I will order order the entire kit in the Spring. Customer service and shipping times were excellent!

  563. Terry W. (verified owner)

  564. Stacy G. (verified owner)

  565. Charles Parsons (verified owner)

  566. April (verified owner)

  567. Kathleen O’Connor (verified owner)

  568. Prakash Maggan (verified owner)

  569. James (verified owner)

  570. Jeff (verified owner)

  571. Anonymous (verified owner)

  572. Michael Kelsey (verified owner)

  573. Ralph F. (verified owner)

  574. Ron Cogdell (verified owner)

    Great service from start to end. Awesome 👏🏻

  575. Edward Bishop (verified owner)

  576. Russell Bryant (verified owner)

  577. Gwenn (verified owner)

    Awesome! Wish we had done this years ago!

  578. Linda Rosko (verified owner)

  579. GERALD Grunwald (verified owner)

  580. Scott Rivard (verified owner)

  581. Billie Jo Hardy (verified owner)

  582. Anonymous (verified owner)

  583. Diana (verified owner)

    after I ordered the extra one I realized I needed another one. Got it ordered and is on the way

  584. Angie H. (verified owner)

    Looks much better with the extra middle insert to fit the driveway.

  585. Terry (verified owner)

  586. bruce (verified owner)

    works great!

  587. Ron Cogdell (verified owner)


  588. James Duncan (verified owner)

    Same comment as above.

  589. Pete G. (verified owner)

    awesome buy with confidence sets up so easy !!!

  590. Jeffry Kravitz (verified owner)

  591. Anthony (verified owner)

  592. Hilary (verified owner)

    So far so good. We are on a cul de sac so the panels have a gap at the top but they make entering & exiting the driveway much easier.

  593. Anonymous (verified owner)

  594. Toni A. (verified owner)

  595. Carlos (verified owner)

    It is a good product but it is hard to install.

  596. Anonymous (verified owner)

  597. Darryl Weidkamp (verified owner)

  598. Kenneth Kozlowski (verified owner)

    A must have especially for driveways leading to a 2car garage. Well worth the $135 cost.

  599. John MacClements (verified owner)

    good quality ramp

  600. Norman Harris (verified owner)

  601. Ron Dawson (verified owner)

    Helpful but a little pricy.

  602. Joseph E. Lamack (verified owner)

  603. Michael Lang (verified owner)

  604. Richard Boone (verified owner)

  605. Bradley J. (verified owner)

    quality product

  606. Thomas Kramer (verified owner)

    Needed the extention

  607. timothy kirst (verified owner)

  608. Michael D. (verified owner)

    Hands down, best in the business. Made in the USA.

  609. Maria S. (verified owner)

    Just what I needed to extend driveway.

  610. Irene (verified owner)

  611. john Pisano (verified owner)

  612. Robert L. (verified owner)

    Best Most Excellent Product

    Image #1 from Robert L.
  613. John J. (verified owner)

  614. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy to order and VERY quick delivery.

  615. Anonymous (verified owner)

  616. Angelica (verified owner)

  617. Dominic Custodio (verified owner)

    Very sturdy product and easy to install!

  618. Craig A. (verified owner)

  619. Barbara MacClements (verified owner)

  620. John (verified owner)

    really hard to bolt together, otherwise an awesome product!

  621. Clinton (verified owner)

  622. Robert Holtz (verified owner)

    The basic 3 piece package plus one 47 inch extender covers the complete driveway and you can easily enter on a slant angle with the same you would feel headon.

  623. Anonymous (verified owner)

  624. kevin robinson (verified owner)

  625. Bernice DeBoer (verified owner)

  626. Dona (verified owner)

  627. Robert Miller (verified owner)

  628. Andrew (verified owner)

    Perfect addition for our driveway. Both vehicles can enter and exit now without an issue.

  629. Robert Jones (verified owner)

  630. William S. (verified owner)

  631. Staci G. (verified owner)

    Love it!

  632. Howard blumstein (verified owner)

  633. John Crosby (verified owner)

  634. Lizabeth (verified owner)

  635. mark g. (verified owner)

    Same as above

    Image #1 from mark g.
  636. Darin Christian (verified owner)

  637. Steven S. (verified owner)

    Added a center piece to extend the ramp.

  638. Stephen Perfetti (verified owner)

  639. Donald Sinn (verified owner)

  640. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Great product. Super sturdy and seems like it will last forever. Exactly what we needed for our new driveway that had a really steep curb.

  641. James S. (verified owner)

  642. Donald Ticknor (verified owner)

    The ramp works perfectly. Suggest that the mold to make the parts include a mod that allows the nuts more room the attach to the connecting bolts. No big deal but a little bit of a pain.

  643. Anonymous (verified owner)

  644. Matthew L. (verified owner)

    The directions to connect the pieces were clear and concise. The tip for using a screw driver to assist with getting the nut on helped tremendously.

  645. Jason Wass (verified owner)

  646. Andrew K. (verified owner)

  647. Michael Singleton (verified owner)

  648. Bradley J. (verified owner)

  649. Karl B. (verified owner)

    great product…very fast service

  650. Greg Armott (verified owner)

    Very prompt- good phone service when I had a question. Product is also very gfod

  651. Jeff (verified owner)

    Easy to install if you follow the directions.

  652. Cliff Dean (verified owner)

    you’re great and fast thank you

  653. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Was needed to cover the width of the driveway.

  654. Richard Lassiter (verified owner)

  655. Frances (verified owner)

    I’m sure the ramps will work fine as-is, but the way they bolt together is very poorly designed. It would have been so easy to pocket out the rubber to allow for the nut to be properly installed. Instead, you have lift the blot with a screwdriver to get the nut half way on. Why? The simple fact that there is an instructional video on how to install the nuts is proof of how poor they design is.

  656. Jerry B. (verified owner)

    Works like a charm

  657. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My drive is 16′ wide so I needed the extra curb especially since the house sits on a pie shaped lot between 2 other lots with a substantial curve in the driveway shape involved. The “Curb” works and it is a pleasure to able to drive straight into my driveway without bottoming out. I highly recommend this product.

  658. Erinn E. (verified owner)

    This system works well with our crazy curb! So thankful to have a smooth transition from street to driveway and so simple! Thank you!

  659. Susan F. (verified owner)

  660. William J Newby (verified owner)

    Best purchase ever

  661. Narender (verified owner)

  662. Randall Elliott (verified owner)

  663. Marc McConnell (verified owner)

  664. Ronald Perry (verified owner)

  665. Andrew S. (verified owner)

    As represented, easy and effective.

  666. Todd J. (verified owner)

  667. Frank Bothwell (verified owner)

  668. Alfred R. (verified owner)

  669. James (verified owner)

    Didn’t get all the nuts needed to connect the pieces, but the ramps seem good!

  670. Jason (verified owner)

  671. Bradley M. (verified owner)

  672. Anonymous (verified owner)


  673. Mable c. (verified owner)

    We luv Bridjit!!

  674. Daniel Diller (verified owner)

    I love these ramps, it makes it a joy to go in-and-out of my driveway now before it was always so tedious!
    The extra center section makes the the system 16′ wide to perfectly fit a 2 car wide driveway it’s great!
    My gutter is not curved like in the company’s pictures of sidewalks, it is straight or pitched down slightly to keep draining water from going back on the street, and then angles up to the sidewalk at approximately a 45゚ angle but the ramps still work just great!

    Image #1 from Daniel Diller
    Image #2 from Daniel Diller
  675. Lydia (verified owner)

    While kind of difficult to put together, it was WELL worth it. Our driveway was honestly ridiculous before this. Love our bridjit!

    Image #1 from Lydia
  676. Anonymous (verified owner)

  677. Jaya Krishnan (verified owner)

    Bridgit is installed and easy to drive into the garage. But the water by the gutter doesn’t drain through the Bridgit? Why?

  678. Allen Schaper (verified owner)

    This is one of the most useful usual products we have purchased in a while. The value is value is very good.. Price is about right

  679. Gail Harrison (verified owner)

    The Bridjit Curb Ramp Set fits perfectly across our driveway, with two extra center sections added. We needed two extra center sections to maximum coverage across the driveway entrance, and they were easy to install, with two people working on the installation together, because the pieces are very heavy. Now no more scraping the front end of our sports car as we enter our driveway!

    Image #1 from Gail Harrison
    Image #2 from Gail Harrison
  680. Ian (verified owner)

  681. Wayne S. (verified owner)

  682. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Same as above

  683. David S. (verified owner)

    excellent company service and product enjoying the smooth ride up the driveway now

  684. Jeffrey Kondo (verified owner)

  685. Jeanie T. (verified owner)

    Love it! Works as advertised!

  686. David S. (verified owner)

    Arrived a day later

  687. Anonymous (verified owner)

  688. Joe J. (verified owner)

  689. Anonymous (verified owner)

  690. Johnny Beck (verified owner)

  691. Annette B. (verified owner)

    The extra piece arrived quickly. It’s been raining and we have not installed it yet. But the original three pieces are working out fine.

  692. Howard G. (verified owner)

  693. Robert B. (verified owner)

  694. debbie W. (verified owner)

    item is always good. Delivery time is great

  695. Michael D. (verified owner)

    Top notch made in the USA quality and fast shipping with no surprises. We will be buying another extension soon!

  696. Jason Morgan (verified owner)

    They were actually very easy to assemble, my driveway needed 8 sections and I was done in under an hour. Were very pleased with how well they work. The lower profile cars are inside the garage.

    Image #1 from Jason Morgan
  697. Celia K. (verified owner)

  698. Laura (verified owner)

  699. Clair Miller (verified owner)

  700. Jackson (verified owner)

    These are awesome!!!

  701. Megan (verified owner)

    Great product. A little bit unwieldy when stringing together six sections but a life saver for getting a low clearance car into our driveway!

  702. Morgan (verified owner)

  703. Vern Abdoo (verified owner)

    I love the product and it achieves intended function. I did notice one problem that I hope does not worsen. When tightening the nut on bolt we are instructed to arch the product at joint to allow the nut to rotate on bolt. When doing so the bolt tore the product (prox one inch) at each bolt hole. Perhaps you can strengthen that area with a sleeve or extra “glue” to prevent the tearing…… or perhaps provide extra clearance in the casting/mold process to allow the nut to rotate w/out need to pry the bolt up w/screwdriver?? Maybe you can test/validate my issue and recommendations at your site ? If you do try a sleeve of some sort be sure to use sufficient and strong adhesive esp on the thicker backside to prevent the sleeve from tearing loose and tearing the thinner area.

  704. Richard D. (verified owner)

    Shipped within a day, delivered within 3 days. thanks Rich

  705. Ronald Tiller (verified owner)

  706. Charles Clark (verified owner)

    The ramps are excellent quality. For us, it’s a bit hard to get them along our curved driveway on a slope, they tend to slide down a bit. Hopefully they settle in soon.

  707. James N. (verified owner)

  708. John C. (verified owner)

  709. Mike Blum (verified owner)

    Ups delivery timely and great product.

  710. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product, quick shipping, thank you!

  711. Glen Swenson (verified owner)

    Incredible product. The best I have found and it is MADE IN THE USA. Fantastic service. Really appreciated the free shipping. I have purchased a left side, a right side, and six center sections …. enough to do a 30′ wide driveway. I have also purchased a set of portable ramps. Extremely pleased with my purchase!

  712. William McCollum (verified owner)

  713. Kurt (verified owner)

    Price and shipping were great. The one improvement that I would have like to see is the top and bottom edges be tapered. There is still a decent edge at the bottom and top, but it is better than the curbs that the county put in.

  714. Todd Saxey (verified owner)

  715. John I. (verified owner)

    We were a few feet short on our first order so we ordered another section. Great product and customer experience.

  716. Anonymous (verified owner)

  717. Bevan J. (verified owner)

  718. John Richard (verified owner)

    Smooth coming and going.

  719. Jason M. (verified owner)

  720. Daniel (verified owner)

  721. Anonymous (verified owner)

  722. David (verified owner)

    I am happy with the ramp and have talked our neighbors into making the same purchase.

  723. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Perfect addition to complete the set.

  724. Donald Bratcher (verified owner)

  725. Nghia Nguyen (verified owner)

    Products are quality and well designs for their purpose
    Bought 4 sections, then returned to purchase one more section

  726. Juilana G. (verified owner)

    Really helps to prevent excess jarring of our vehicles. Appreciated the quick delivery, too.

  727. Kim C. (verified owner)

    We certainly appreciate our Bridjits. We have 2 of then…4 sections each.

  728. Pamela Bussbee (verified owner)

    Hard to put together!

  729. Roberto C. (verified owner)

  730. Franco Volpone (verified owner)

  731. Alice (verified owner)

  732. Kevin H. (verified owner)

    Additional sections are available for wide driveways same product makes easy-going wider entrance love this product

  733. Anonymous (verified owner)

  734. Wojciech (verified owner)

  735. Rick (verified owner)

  736. Gregg K. (verified owner)

    Fixed extra long driveway opening

  737. David Baras (verified owner)

  738. Dr Patrice W. (verified owner)

    Worked perfectly for my application.

  739. Vickie (verified owner)

    Their customer support was very helpful when I called to add the fourth section and got it in with the order I placed the day before. The whole order came the next day! They are heavy (57#) so have someone help you install them.

  740. Leon Cupples (verified owner)

  741. John M. (verified owner)

    Made up difference in drive way

  742. Anatoli H. (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Quick shipment. Good installation instructions. Highly recommend BRIDJIT curb ramp set.

  743. Michael Hill (verified owner)

  744. Terry M. (verified owner)

    We’ll be ordering three more to make
    my driveway complete

  745. Tommy G. (verified owner)

  746. Lionel Hutchins (verified owner)

  747. Anonymous (verified owner)

    We can enter our driveway without a jolt or scraping the front of the car. This extension helped the ramp fill the entire gap form our two car driveway. Very happy with the purchase.

  748. Daniel Clyde (verified owner)

    That were a little tricky at the start but once I figured it out. I had them together in no time. Very happy with this product

  749. Thomas M. (verified owner)

  750. Michael (verified owner)

    There are bolts to connect it to the other pieces, but they are too deep in the pockets to be useful, they mis-align and have to be hammered in to the adjoining section, and then there are nuts sent with it like there would ever be enough room to put them on on the other side?? Just, bad design overall with regard to the bolts on the under side. No clearance to put on nuts and screw them down.

    Otherwise does what it says on the tin.

  751. Jonathan Hensley (verified owner)

  752. John V. (verified owner)

    Need to keep in mind while coupling all pieces upside down, to make sure pieces are aligned so company phone number is not upside down.

  753. George O’Neill (verified owner)

  754. Quinnion McClean (verified owner)

    Good quality product fits and works perfectly

  755. Stacey Oliver (verified owner)

  756. John B. (verified owner)

  757. Randy R. (verified owner)

    Very good quality product and easy installation. Much better product than others I have seen in the neighborhood.

  758. Greg G. (verified owner)

  759. Matt (verified owner)

  760. Patrick Wright (verified owner)

    Outstanding product. The wife says entering or leaving the driveway has never been so smooth.

  761. Brian E. (verified owner)

  762. CHUN CHAVARRIA (verified owner)

  763. Russell Hatch (verified owner)

    This order went well however I ordered the same item just a few weeks ago and it never arrived. However I believe I was billed for both orders.

  764. Robert Snyder (verified owner)

    Fast careful shipping. Easy to assemble. Our new sedan is happy to see this in our driveway!

    Image #1 from Robert Snyder
  765. James F. (verified owner)

    No email confirmation of purchase (thank goodness I took a screenshot at time of online checkout) + no confirmation of shipment, no communication of status or delays or….nothing of any kind. Disappointed. For a purchase of this monetary size ($$) and especially as a first-time customer of Bridjit – I would have expected and hoped for much more transparency and general communication. I’ll have to reflect this experience in my review.

    • BRIDJIT (store manager)

      James – Thank you for your comment. We have recently updated our email system to try and address this issue, as we have had several people report that our emails went to their junk/spam folder.

  766. Brandon (verified owner)

  767. Anonymous (verified owner)

  768. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quick delivery

  769. Gillian (verified owner)

  770. Amritaputra B. (verified owner)

    Product will definitely help me on e I get all of them delivered.

  771. George U. (verified owner)

  772. Steven T. (verified owner)

  773. Richard Kuzniarek (verified owner)

  774. Adielle T. (verified owner)

    Great addition for two car garage

  775. David H. (verified owner)

  776. Anonymous (verified owner)

  777. Walter M. (verified owner)

    Hope to get it soon.

  778. David D. (verified owner)

  779. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Makes getting in and out of my driveway so much easier and smoother. I am glad I went with this product instead of steel plates.

  780. Christopher H. (verified owner)

    everything was great except I purchased one extension and the delivery did not include the extra bolts needed to attach the extension.

  781. rick (verified owner)

  782. Raymond Palmieri (verified owner)

    Good quality and service, but a bit pricey. It would help if they provided a special tool to turn nuts onto bolts. Using your fingers not always the best option, because of close tolerance between nut and ramp material.

  783. Russ Slaughter (verified owner)

    Very solid…does the job!

  784. David H. (verified owner)

    Fast ship added to my existing to finish off my two car garage entry.

  785. John Eley (verified owner)

  786. Brian (verified owner)

    Outstanding product. Easy assembly.

  787. Michael S. (verified owner)

  788. Larry T. (verified owner)

  789. Jesse VanSlavens (verified owner)

  790. Joan Norton (verified owner)

  791. Thomas (verified owner)

    they work well

  792. Naveen (verified owner)

    Product works as advertised. Installation was simple, and bumps got reduced at my driveway curb. My wishes – (1) Each piece should be longer (wider) by 3 to 4 inches, so that 3 piece set would be 9 to 12 inches longer. (2) it is pricey. I wish a sale was going on when I purchased 🙂 I know there are sales some time of the year.

  793. DOUGLAS (verified owner)

    This section completed the coverage of my driveway and solved a 30 year problem.

  794. Anonymous (verified owner)

  795. Hector (verified owner)

    I originally purchased a ramp set with both ends and three “center” pieces, but have decided to add an additional section for complete driveway coverage. I am glad I dealt with Bridgit because they build a first class, solid ramp. My only “issue” is the ramps slow the water drainage and the built in drain tends to collect debris. That is a small price to pay for the product as this clearly eases the transition from drive to street (most of y cars have low ground clearance), and yes, I would buy again, and several of my neighbors have enquired about this product because they have similar issues.

  796. Mike Troy (verified owner)

  797. Anonymous (verified owner)

    arrived very quickly and was what i expected

  798. Dewey Baldwin (verified owner)

    Excellent product fairly priced

  799. Terry Rainwater (verified owner)

    Just the trick

  800. Rachael D. (verified owner)

  801. Civyl (verified owner)


    Image #1 from Civyl
    Image #2 from Civyl
  802. Douglas S. (verified owner)

    On time, un damaged, as expected

  803. Christi (verified owner)

  804. Anonymous (verified owner)

  805. Jeffrey H. (verified owner)

    I purchase this additional section to add to my three piece purchased several years ago. Does a great job.

  806. Scott St. Clair (verified owner)

    Make sure when you connect the pieces especially if you have four instead of three to start at one side and continue until all connected. Do not connect two and two and connect them in the middle as the weight from each side makes it difficult to drive the connecting rods through. Unless you are super strong it takes more than one person to flip them over once connected.

  807. Russ Slaughter (verified owner)

  808. Anonymous (verified owner)

  809. Petr Tolar (verified owner)

    These are great ramps, easy to attach to each other, but they are a bit on the heavy side but that is to be expected if you want them to be durable and stay in place, definitely have another person to help you put in place. The customer service is also great, good response time, and honestly very refreshing to have.

  810. Gary Manning (verified owner)

  811. Wendell S. (verified owner)

    Great product but expensive.

  812. Josh Ingram (verified owner)

  813. Denise O. (verified owner)

    After a dismal experience with city permitting, “no, you cannot reno your driveway – it’s not to code”, we found Bridjit. Problem solved, cheaper than ripping up our curb to boot. They are very well made. John, our sales rep was great to work with. We’re very happy with our purchase and wish we would have done this sooner!

  814. Robert Rollo (verified owner)

  815. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Shipped quickly. Good product.

  816. Anthony Roberts (verified owner)

  817. Doug (verified owner)

    Purchased the 3 piece set, installed it within minutes and we really liked the result. I added a fourth piece to cover the full driveway entrance. I wish we had done this sooner. The material s first-rate, heavy, stays in place and will save on alignments for sure. The price is well-worth the savings on wheel alignment. Delivery was fast, even in the current shipping/freight issue climate.

  818. Mark (verified owner)

  819. Chris K. (verified owner)

    Works GREAT!! We have a deep sloped street so most cars scrape coming in and out of our driveways..

  820. James B. (verified owner)

  821. Douglas (verified owner)

  822. Ronald Grainger (verified owner)

  823. Todd (verified owner)

  824. Jonathan B. (verified owner)

    Great product.

  825. Timothy (verified owner)

  826. David Stanbrough (verified owner)

  827. William Young (verified owner)

    Have not even been shipped. And you want me to rate/comment. When they arrive I can answer your questions.

  828. John Galbreath (verified owner)

  829. Raymond L. (verified owner)

    The extra center piece integrates well with the ramp set and maintains the same standard of design and durability.

  830. Rita Rose (verified owner)

    Excellent product and fast shipping very happy with it

  831. Robert T. (verified owner)

    Added this gem to my ramp set. Needed another to go a little farther, but will have to wait on that. But fit nicely with what I have. No issues with installation.

  832. Sheila B. (verified owner)

    AWSOME, kicking myself for waiting so long to get this.

  833. Mark H. (verified owner)

  834. Ronald Ludwig (verified owner)

    They are GREAT = had 4 compliments from neighbors the first day. Great Service too = ordered on 5/11/21 & received on 5/14/21!

  835. Ronald Dietzler (verified owner)

    Glad I got it first thing with the other 3 .

  836. Marilynn Freier (verified owner)

  837. Richard (verified owner)

  838. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works well.

  839. Joanthan Davis (verified owner)

    Item was delivered expeditiously, allowing me to complete installation in a timely manner!

  840. Timothy (verified owner)

  841. Anonymous (verified owner)

  842. John H. (verified owner)

    Works as designed

  843. Joanne B. (verified owner)

  844. Edwin Wyllie (verified owner)

    Great addition. We’re going to add one more.

  845. Jim Cribbs (verified owner)

    See comments from main 3 section order.

  846. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The “sleeve”the bolts go through are showing signs of deep cracks that appear to be something that could potentially break soon. Mostly pleased.

  847. John Vocke (verified owner)

  848. Angel Anichin (verified owner)

    I purchased the extra center section to ensure the ramp covers the entire curb. Was easy to install and works as expected.

  849. Richard B. (verified owner)

  850. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Ordered an extra rubber piece. Had an existing ramp. Wonder if the quality in the rubber has gone down with COVID? Noticed some tearing in the new rubber compared to the existing, where the bolt goes in

  851. Nazir W. (verified owner)

    Needed this extra piece with standard 3 piece to cover my driveway. Recommend to everyone

  852. Jeff B. (verified owner)

  853. Jane (verified owner)

    The Bridjit Curb Ramps can help cars very well.

  854. EARL L Wright (verified owner)

    Works 👍

  855. Thomas Bowers (verified owner)

  856. Max (verified owner)

  857. Linda Hollingsworth (verified owner)

  858. Vera Rangos (verified owner)

  859. Brian Wholehan (verified owner)

    Perfect fit!!

  860. Anonymous (verified owner)

  861. Byron P. (verified owner)

  862. michael liddiard (verified owner)

  863. Steven Cupples (verified owner)

    Looks great

  864. Sandra Isaacs (verified owner)

  865. Isabella (verified owner)

  866. Maverick (verified owner)

  867. Jim Thurston (verified owner)

    Very good product. Went together nicely and is a big improvement for our driveway.

  868. Brett W. (verified owner)

  869. Warren Stadler (verified owner)

  870. George H. (verified owner)

    Decided I needed one more section, which came fast and I installed with ease.

  871. EARL L Wright (verified owner)

    So far it is great..love it.

  872. John O. (verified owner)

    Works perfectly. Easy to assemble and extremely fast delivery. Would highly recommend.

  873. Rubina (verified owner)

    Purchased this product, but the logo for the center piece is large. I understand advertisement, but it’s overkill when you order extra pieces. Then you have 3 large center pieces of their logo and phone number

  874. Rick D. (verified owner)

    Great, but expensive.

  875. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Need 2 extra for two car driveway, will be ordering another.

  876. Karla D. (verified owner)

  877. Frank B. (verified owner)

  878. Charlotte b. (verified owner)


  879. Tyler (verified owner)

    Great product. I wish that we would have bought two.

  880. Vincent Safran (verified owner)

  881. Anonymous (verified owner)

  882. Michael (verified owner)

  883. William F. Messier Jr. (verified owner)

  884. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy to install. Works as promised.

  885. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very happy I spent the extra $135 to provide the additional coverage we needed. Makes pulling in and out of driveway easier without having to turn on a dime to hit it just right spot without the additional section. Spend the extra $135 and make your life just a little easier.

  886. Christopher (verified owner)

    Fairly fast arrival and after paying full price for the set plus four extra pieces my Army discount was returned to my checking account .

  887. Robert (verified owner)

  888. Wade Garbers (verified owner)

  889. Matt P. (verified owner)

  890. William Sharts (verified owner)

  891. Stephanie P. (verified owner)

  892. Tserendagva Byambadaa (verified owner)

  893. Linda K. (verified owner)

  894. Gary W. (verified owner)

  895. Luke (verified owner)

  896. Barbara (verified owner)

  897. Terry (verified owner)

    Added the width we needed!

  898. Catherine Z. (verified owner)

    there was a crack.

  899. Chris Wiles (verified owner)

    fast shipping. good quality.

  900. Jodi R. (verified owner)

  901. VIRGINIA Moore (verified owner)

    Just the additional length we needed

  902. Isaac Hays (verified owner)

    Easy to install

  903. Thomas Banks (verified owner)

    Easy to assemble the pieces together

  904. George S. (verified owner)

    Not easy to connect nuts to bolts, but it connects fine without them.

  905. Doris (verified owner)

  906. George Marquez (verified owner)

    My order was as expected. The curb ramp will make my leaving & returning a lot better as the curb will be much smoother. A welcome addition

  907. Maria Azurin (verified owner)

  908. BRIAN V. (verified owner)

  909. George Headley (verified owner)

  910. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My order came very quickly

  911. Andrea (verified owner)

  912. David Lyons (verified owner)

  913. Jeff (verified owner)

  914. Jimmy Cimarusti (verified owner)

  915. Steven A. (verified owner)

    Quick order process, and fast delivery!

  916. Don (verified owner)

  917. Roger Hodge (verified owner)

  918. FRED SWICK (verified owner)

    Great company

  919. Sean M. (verified owner)

  920. Stan Beltz (verified owner)

  921. Darrin Houston (verified owner)

  922. Lonnie J Showman (verified owner)

    I originally ordered the 4 piece set and found I needed more. Shipped to me right away. Could not get my wife’s car in the driveway without it. Great product!

  923. Anonymous (verified owner)

  924. Michel (verified owner)

    Love this product!!

  925. Anonymous (verified owner)

  926. Sam Fodera (verified owner)

  927. Eric Young (verified owner)

  928. DOUGLAS SANDERS (verified owner)

  929. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very well made. Took one start away as installation instructions could be improved.

  930. William Wetter (verified owner)

    Excellent product and customer service! Thank you

  931. Don Bechtold (verified owner)

  932. Daniel C. (verified owner)

    U need the extra middle section especially with 3 car garage.

  933. RYAN B. (verified owner)

    Great 👍

  934. Buck M. (verified owner)

    I have a 24′ driveway entrance, so I ordered the curb set with the extra center sections. Shipping was faster than advertised and we received all the products in great shape, although I think the delivery driving was not happy because these are beefy and are heavy!

    Although I am really happy with the product, two things I wish they would consider: 1) maybe have a little texture on the top surface, since these are rubber and we are in the middle of cold/rain, the surface was a little slippery. 2) make the Bridjit logo and information smaller or put it on the backside of the unit. The product is something to be proud of, it is somewhat of an eye sore to have Bridjit in huge letters across 24′ of driveway.

  935. Patrick (verified owner)

    My only negative comment is there was never a shipping notification given or a tracking number and no notice of delivery–not professional! The products are working great!!!!

  936. Forrest Illing (verified owner)

  937. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fit together well! Very satisfied..quick shipping!

  938. Steve (verified owner)

    Very easy to assemble

  939. egon admann (verified owner)

    Ramps are great but not easy to flip over especially if there are more then 7 attached,

    Image #1 from egon admann
    Image #2 from egon admann
  940. Charles M. (verified owner)

    Easy to add to my existing Bridjit curb ramp (3 piece), to make longer and cover entire driveway. Its now a 4 piece ramp and covers the entire driveway. Both sides of the driveway, an automobile can go up without any issues.

    Image #1 from Charles M.
    Image #2 from Charles M.
  941. Matthew B. (verified owner)

  942. Timothy Coulter (verified owner)

    love it however installation was a bit difficult. getting the bolts on and screwing them in fairly tight was hard to do.

  943. DENNIS FRONHEISER (verified owner)

  944. Bill Donohue (verified owner)

  945. Sherry G. (verified owner)

  946. Matt Sparling (verified owner)

  947. Kenneth P. Smith (verified owner)

    Only needs nuts and bolts for one side

  948. Andy (verified owner)

  949. Alan B. (verified owner)

    Awesome customer service. GREAT product with easy install.

    Image #1 from Alan B.
    Image #2 from Alan B.
    Image #3 from Alan B.
    Image #4 from Alan B.
  950. James Harris (verified owner)

  951. Ralph Pisano (verified owner)

  952. Anonymous (verified owner)

  953. Terry R. (verified owner)

    Very quick shipment. All as described. Great and simple instructions. Installed was very quick and simple. And they work great. Highly recommend.

  954. Paul D Mac Innis (verified owner)

  955. Gary Silva (verified owner)

    working great thank you

  956. Bruce C. (verified owner)

  957. Van Nianouris (verified owner)

  958. Mary Ann (verified owner)

    Quick and easy
    Cannot even tell we are going over our gutter!

  959. Victor Masliah (verified owner)

    Filled up 28’ of my 29’ three car driveway by adding these extensions. Works well.

  960. Jerry D. (verified owner)

    Disappointed in the design flaw in how they bolt together and the difficulty. The holes are too close to the surface and nearly impossible to get the nuts on the bolts and tighten them. I’m sure I’m not the only who has had this problem. The fix would be very easy at the factory.

    • John (store manager)

      First, thank you for your purchase, and we’re sorry you had a problem.

      You are not the first to ask about this issue. However, we designed our bolts this way to both deter theft (the tight fit makes it difficult to remove the nuts after they’ve been installed) and make the ramps easier to adjust/fit. Our instruction sheet shows that there’s an easy way to attach the nuts to the bolts – use a flat blade screwdriver pushed down between the threaded end of the bolt and the rubber on the waterway to pry up the bolt – but we could make that more clear.

      Also, you only need to pry the bolt up just enough to twist until 1/4 inch of the bolt is sticking through the nut. You do not need or want to tighten the nuts any further, as this makes the ramps less flexible for installation and harder to turn over for cleaning.

  961. Dennis (verified owner)

    A little difficult getting the nuts on the bolts which the only reason for 4 rating. I never put the nuts on. I just hammered the bolts to the next piece and that seemed to wort so far.

  962. Doug F. (verified owner)


  963. Suzanne Hageman (verified owner)

    The center piece fits perfect with the 3 piece set. Easy to assemble. I just wish I would have bought 2 more center pieces for no other reason than to look more asthmatic.

  964. Barbara (verified owner)

  965. Tom C. (verified owner)

    Gave me the coverage for my two car garage!! Wife love it too

  966. Billy Mathews (verified owner)

  967. Kenneth (verified owner)

  968. Robert (verified owner)

    Same as above

  969. Suzan (verified owner)

  970. William Lutz (verified owner)

  971. Jerry Simon (verified owner)

  972. David Eubank (verified owner)

    Great fit , easy to install, easy ride

  973. Anonymous (verified owner)

  974. Erik Lund (verified owner)

    Perfect!!! No more stuff flying all over the place when we go into our driveway!

    Image #1 from Erik Lund
  975. Allen H. (verified owner)

  976. Jeffery Y. (verified owner)

  977. Ulysses (verified owner)

    My order went well from start to finish.

    Image #1 from Ulysses
  978. Dana T. (verified owner)

    Great addition for width!

  979. Cynthia (verified owner)

  980. Shelley Kinslow

    We had an issue where cars with lower ground clearance would scape as they pulled into our downsloping driveway. We ordered the three-section ramp initially but needed the fourth to cover the width of our driveway. It does exactly what they say it will.

  981. Jose salas

    The product works as intended in keeping my vehicle from damage.

  982. Tig

    Must hav for curbed driveways.

  983. Anonymous

    You get what you pay for. While these are a little more than some products for sale, I have seen what happens in my neighborhood when you shrug off quality for less money.

  984. Mario Maccarone

    Better than advertised, easy to assemble.

  985. Anita Hart

    Recently purchased 2 Bridjit center section curb ramps. Without the ramps I couldn’t get my vehicle into my drive due to the steep concrete curb. Bridjit customer service was excellent. The owner (John) answered my email questions, and even suggested I send photos of my driveway for him to review to ensure the product would work at my location. Very sturdy product that should be long-lasting. Free shipping and the ramps arrived in about 3 days. A neighbor who owns a Corvette tested my ramps with his car and they worked fine. He’s considering purchasing Bridjit ramps to replace homemade wooden ramps he’s been using. The Bridjit ramps are of high quality and worth the price to prevent damage to your vehicle.

  986. Anonymous

    Great product.Heavy and sturdy.Fit perfectly in my driveway and let’s my car drive in and out with out scraping.

  987. Marianne

    The product does it job well, however, there is no ability to bolt the segments together. You cannot thread the provided nuts on to the bolts, let alone utilize a socket set or wrench to tighten. Of course, if I am missing a special technique for joining the segments via the bolts, then it be great to have it published more explicitly.

  988. Lynette Watson

    I’m very pleased with these ramps.They arrived timely and in good order.They do the trick, allowing me to drive in my driveway without damaging my car or worrying about driving in ‘just right’ to avoid damage.

  989. Wendy Popish

    With the installation of the bridjit ramp system the transition from my driveway to the street is smoother than driving on most roads.

  990. Anonymous

    We purchased the original three section set and wanted to better cover the width of our driveway.The extra four feet did the trick and allows for an easier more forgiving enterence and it fits the width better.

  991. Leon Lamoreaux

    Love this product, fits together well, easy to install, looks great and is saving our cars from damage!

  992. Helen Brooks

    Just an extra attachment for the basic 3.

  993. Dwayne G Jacobs

    We purchased 5 sections and painted them all with Krylon colormaxx indoor/outdoor satin spray paint.After driving on them for two weeks and having rain storms during the period, the paint is holding up well.

  994. Julie

    Easy to install! Works just like the rest of the products.

  995. John

    We could not get the nuts on the bolts.During installing the part around the bolt hole broke.We rubber glued it,it works.

  996. Duke Dukleth

    Make your curb none existent

  997. Anonymous

    My C7 Corvette and my Porsche 911 were to low in the front spoiler and were getting torn to shreds,these fixed my issues BIGTIME,buying some for my Moms driveway also , her Scooter was hitting the high spot in the driveway,this will serve both problems..

  998. David

    Being able to expand the basic set was exactly what I needed for my 3-car driveway – so easy to assemble, did it without any help and in under 30 minutes for the entire project.

  999. David White

    Easy to install, great customer service!Had a small crack, sent pictures and a new replacement was sent outimmediately!

  1000. Anonymous

    That holds up through all weather seasons

  1001. Victor

    I ordered 5 different pieces to build my driveway ramp. Each piece was built exactly the same with reproducible results. Very good product start to finish.

  1002. Alan D. Reed

    I moved into a mobile home park and I built a garage.Well going into it hurt my car.One of my neighbors has them and I lovedthe way they looked and sounded when you ran over them.I keep waiting for that terrible dragging sound on the bottom of my car.I had to buy eight of them as I am on acul-de-sacsand I walk with a walker so had to put them on a curve.The really do seem to fold into you curb no matter how long.No more hurting myself falling in that hole and no medal sound that so many have.Everything you’ve said about these matts is 100% truth.Bless all of you for saving the planet and me.Allen

  1003. David Kost

    The 4 pc ramp arrived in a very timely fashion. The quality was obvious upon opening. Although you could assemble by yourself it is really better to have a2nd person as each section weighs 50#.
    It goes very quickly & smoothly.Love driving into and out of the driveway now and even makes it easier it step down to the street!

  1004. Kevin Jones

    My low to the ground sports car is happy, no more scraping when coming or going.The instructions recommend help to turn over when installing. Mine is six pieces long, I was fortunate and had lots of help. four made it easy, three would have taken a little effort, two almost impossible.One issue: In 10 days my six piece unit has shifted 4 inches. It’s going to be a several person job to shift back into position.As a previous reviewer wrote there is a bit of a wobble when walked on, this could be due to the steepness of my curb.

  1005. Donna

    My neighbor installed his first, I ordered, ‘read the directions’ and had him help me as I am 79, and he said I guess I missed something with the directions as mine were easier to install.

  1006. Denise Richards

    I had to order another center section as the set of three wasn’t quit long enough. I bought this since we live in a hoa and I recently bought a 09 Corvette. My front spoiler still rubs a little at times when I’m backing out, rarely when pulling in. At least now it rubs on rubber instead of cement . These also rock a little when you go over them no matter how I position them. One thing that might be a problem is where they bolt together. Those bolt holes should have sleeves in them to keep the rubber from tearing when you flip them over to clean the gutter. One bolt hole is already starting to tear. I’ll keep a eye on it . Living in a HOA there’s nothing else I can use as you can’t do anything permanent to my driveway so as long as these hold up I would buy again.

  1007. John

    Very good product we love it.This product made driving into the garage much easier than before.NO MORE Extra push on the gas pedal to go over the HUMP or BUMP into the garage.THANKS

  1008. David Caretto

    This is the best and most versatile product on the market! Amazing customer service and support.

  1009. Anonymous

    I have a rolled curb at end of driveway and HOA will not let us use concrete for ramp so saw this and it’s works as described. Smooth transition from street to driveway. I started with the 3 piece set that is 12ft and kept missing the end cause wasn’t enough ramp so I ordered extra 47” piece and wall-ah perfect. Great job Bridjit!

  1010. Anonymous

    I purchased the original set 2 years ago and decided I needed 2 more center ramps. The older ones separated easily and install of new was simple

  1011. Anonymous

    I purchased the three piece kit first. I’ve added three more sections so far. Will be purchasing one more to complete my full driveway coverage. The product is a little spendy, but worth the price. I have a one ton truck. The ramps make it a pleasure to get into my driveway.

  1012. dennis rae wright

    This is my 3rd order . Extending it two times.
    The only suggestion would be to have some rubber if the rubber cut out to insert and tighten nuts

  1013. Gene Fox

    The curb ramps are awesome and solved my problem! Very heavy duty which prevents issues with movement and theft.

  1014. John

    This is the best on the market, nothing like this is close to quality and effectiveness of this product.

  1015. Anonymous

    They are heavy. Have younger or stronger person to help. Took about 20 minutes.

  1016. Ed Adams

    The curb ramps most certainly take the jar out of the car. There is one design improvement that should be considered. There is not nearly enough clearance to place a socket over the nut that secures the bolt in place. Otherwise, I am satisfied.

  1017. Anonymous

    We have a sharp drop from our driveway. Adding the Bridjit make the transition from the driveway to the street smooth.

  1018. Cassondra

    This product is just as advertised-high quality, sturdy, well designed for a sharp curb.The fact that it’s made from recycled tires made it all the more appealing. There are several in our neighborhood and all of them still look sharp and have been holding up very well through extreme weather and lots of traffic.

  1019. Anonymous

    Finally bought something that works as advertised.Eases driveway entrance.

  1020. Anonymous

    Worked perfectly for my driveway

  1021. Bill

    This product is amazing. I have a 2017 Shelby GT350, and this has solved all my scraping problems.

  1022. Sam

    I have more middle pieces than anyone I know, it always seems like one more will do it… And then doesn’t.

  1023. max partl

    We ordered the original set of three pieces then added the extra center section.Glad we did as we have a wide driveway.I understand that some folks have had problems getting the nuts on the bolts, but if you follow the instructions and use the 2×4 to lift up the joints, then the screwdriver to pull the bolt further, it was easy to finger the nuts onto the bolts.

  1024. Anonymous

    Wish I had invested in this years ago. It’s now smooth sailing pulling in @ out of our driveway.

  1025. Anonymous

    A little work getting the ratchet on. But, glad I have them. Thanks

  1026. Anonymous

    Delivered very quickly and Easy to Assemble. There is a surface gouge wear areas that hope will not further deteriorate.

  1027. Ken

    Well worth the money!Our cars no long scrape and we can pull in and out quicker without the “bump”.

  1028. Kay

    Moved into a new house and both of my cars scraped going into the drive way.Not anymore after getting these.You can hardly feel the curb anymore.My house is even on a cul-de-sac

  1029. Ben Harris

    Excellent product ! A bit expensive!

  1030. Bob

    Great product, good quality, works as promised.

  1031. Anonymous

    For years I’ve avoided half my driveway due to the steepness of the curb. I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner. There’s no bump at all. It’s completely smooth going in and out.

  1032. sharon

    these ramps work great.neither of our cars hit the ground now.

  1033. Wally

    A great experience all around. Customer service was incredibly polite and helpful in getting my special order placed. Additionally, they helped me plan out the specific issues with my property’s incline. They found me the right piece for my unit and helped me troubleshoot some early issues. What’s more, they expedited shipping! The product fits beautifully and my car is no longer scraping against the ground. Thanks Bridjit!

  1034. T-o-d-d

    The curb protector works really well. It’s has made a huge difference for getting into the driveway. We literally have to drive over a curb to get into the drive way.It probably will help maintain the car alignment and most importantly prevent the impact and scraping of the bottom of my DeLorean. I first only got three pieces but eventually got a fourth piece to fit the drive way and to complete the set.

  1035. Bob Hufschmid

    The ramp was delivered three days after order and, although heavy, was not hard to assemble and gets rid of that big hump/bump that these curved curbs deliver.

  1036. Therese Archambault

    Purchasing the Bridjit curb ramps provide easy access to my driveway and ultimately saving my car’s suspension.

  1037. Kathleen

    We bought the basic set plus an extra center piece as we have a 3 car garage. After installing it we realized we needed another 3 foot section so ordered it and it was here in 3 days.It really makes a difference.No more getting bumped up from the street to the driveway.

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