BRIDJIT 3-Piece Expandable Curb Ramp Set

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What Is BRIDJIT? The BRIDJIT Curb Ramp is an expandable 3-piece system that reduces the jarring effect of driving over a residential rolled curb by as much as 80%.

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Curb 2The BRIDJIT Curb Ramp is an expandable 3-piece system that reduces the jarring effect of driving over a residential rolled curb by as much as 80%. Most people who add the BRIDJIT expandable CurbRamp system to their driveway report a big improvement in comfort, not to mention reduced wear and tear on their vehicle.

Because BRIDJIT Curb Ramps are designed to reduce the impact of a rolled curb entry by as much as 80%, they are suitable for use with all types of vehicles: cars, trucks, golf carts, motorcycles, boat trailers, wheeled carts, hand trucks…anything with wheels that has to go over a rolled curb.



BRIDJIT Curb Ramps Prevent Vehicle Wear and Tear

Wear tear
Installing a BRIDJIT Curb Ramp on your driveway doesn’t just making entering and exiting your driveway more comfortable – it will also benefit your vehicle:

  1. The repeated impact of driving over a curb can lead to wheel misalignment and premature steering component damage. By reducing the severity of this impact, your vehicle’s shocks and struts will last longer, and your vehicle’s wheels will stay aligned longer and maintain longer tire life.
  2. Many vehicles – especially vehicles with lower ground clearance – will “scrape” against the concrete and asphalt when driving over rolled curbs. These scrapes can damage the vehicle body and on some vehicles can crack bumpers.
  3. BRIDJIT can save you fuel too. If your vehicle’s wheels are out of alignment, you’ll see faster than usual tire wear, and a possible decrease in fuel economy. While these changes are small, they add up.

Whether you have a low ground clearance sports car, a conversion van, or even a truck that pulls a trailer, a BRIDJIT Curb Ramp system is a value added investment.



BRIDJIT Is Made In The USA, From Recycled Tires

GreenWe are proud to say that BRIDJIT Curb Ramps are made in the USA, and we’re also proud of the fact that we make them from recycled tires.

  • By making BRIDJIT ramps in the USA, we support reducing the carbon footprint and the reduction of the 270 million tires ending up in US landfills every year.
  • Manufacturing in the US with stringent control of the process ensures our production is environmentally friendly
  • By working with US manufacturers, our product supports American jobs

According to John Curry, the founder of our company and the creator of BRIDJIT Curb Ramps, he wouldn’t make this product anywhere else.



Easy to Install, Easy To Own

Installing your BRIDJIT Curb Ramps is easy. While you may need a helper (each section of the ramp weighs about 50lbs), assembly is straightforward and takes less than 30 minutes.*

  • Each ramp section is boxed separately and shipped to your door.
  • The ramp sections are bolted to one another – NOT to the curb itself, making them fully removable.
  • The ramp has an open channel on the underside, allowing water to flow underneath.
  • The ramp set can be assembled on a curve, which means it works great for houses on cul-de-sacs.
  • An installed, 3 section system weighs over 150lbs and can be flipped over for semiannual cleaning.

Since 2008, BRIDJIT Curb Ramps have been sold in bulk to many HOAs and municipalities throughout the US. Acceptance of BRIDJIT ramps varies, but overall the costly damage caused by rolled curbs has been recognized as a major problem, with BRIDJIT Curb Ramps being seen as a solution to the problem.  *For more information, please see our installation instructions here.



Our Customers Love Our Product

In the ten years that we’ve been in business, we’ve received hundreds of comments from satisfied customers. You can see our testimonials page to read a handful of the comments we’ve had over the years.



Product Details


  • BRIDJIT Curb Ramps are made from recycled tires, making them weather resistant and more than tough enough for daily use.
  • Each ramp set includes a left, center, and right section for installation on both curved and straight driveway entries. The left and right sections are tapered to allow for ease of parallel parking and to decrease the possibility of tripping.
  • BRIDJIT Curb Ramp sets are expandable, with additional 47” center sections available to expand the width of your ramp set (sold separately).
  • BRIDJIT Curb Ramps can be assembled with just a hammer and a screwdriver. Once assembled the ramps can be flipped into place. Due to the weight of the ramp sections, it’s a good idea to have a helper assist you with installation.
  • BRIDJIT Curb Ramps have a water channel on the underside of each section that allows water to flow under the ramp, ensuring compliance with local ordinances.
  • BRIDJIT curb ramps are made in the USA. The company, founded in 2008, is headquartered in St. George UT, with manufacturing in Indiana and California.



Product Specs


  • Each ramp section is 47” long, 16” wide, and roughly 2.5” tall. A completely assembled set will be 141” in length (just shy of 12 feet).
  • Each individual section weighs approximately 50 pounds, for a total weight of 153 pounds when assembled into a standard ramp.
  • Additional 47” wide center sections can be purchased to expand the total length of the driveway if needed.
  • Galvanized bolts measure 0.5” x 7.5” and are pre-inserted into the center section to connect the three sections. Additional center sections are assembled in the same fashion.
  • The 2.5” height at the center tapers to 0.75” at the end of each ramp. This ensures a smooth transition between road and driveway.
  • A 2.5” wide channel on the underside of each section accommodates storm runoff.
  • Shipping weight is 153 lbs. Shipping charges are included in the price for customers located in the continental USA. For customers outside the continental USA, please contact us for a shipping quote.
  • Please note that all returns are subject to a restocking fee. See our FAQ page for more information.

Additional information



331 reviews for BRIDJIT 3-Piece Expandable Curb Ramp Set

  1. Jeff Decker

    Works great just not long enough,I guess that’s why they sell an extra center piece.

  2. Josean R Arce

    My driveway had a ridiculous curb entry and with my wife and myself having lowered cars it was a hassle to enter the drive way without scrapping the bumper. With the BRIDJIT ramps that is no longer an issue and it feels nice to know that our suspension and chassis is not being moved out of its natural state since we had to come at a crazy angle to make it up our driveway

  3. William

    The only problem I have with Bridjit is that the front of the ramp is not as flat as I would prefer.Consequently, there’s still a bump when coming into the driveway.
    However, the ramps have made the entrance to our garage much more pleasant than before, and they were very easy to install.

  4. Paul

    The Ramps works great. Easy to set up. well worth it.

  5. Anonymous

    The ramps arrived in good shape and the boxes were intact despite the weight of each piece. I assembled it by myself (with the extra center piece) but needed help to flip it over and into place. Assembly was straightforward but it does take several minutes to attach the nuts since you need to pry the bolt away from the rubber with a screwdriver. So far it has stayed in place through one rainstorm and it certainly made biking up our driveway much easier. Our new car no longer scrapes when entering and leaving, so this was well worth the expense.

  6. Anonymous

    I wish we had done this sooner, we kept putting it off because of the price, now with the 3 pieces we installed (easily I might add), we feel it was the best $399 we’ve ever spent!

  7. harry

    works as advertised, easy to install fast shipping

  8. Molly A Cone

    LOVE LOVE the BRIDJIT!!!!! ordered the extender piece and this has made a world of difference for our vehicles!!I should have done it sooner!!!

  9. Dan Hymans

    Have had my Bridjit in place for two weeks now and friends have already commented on how much nicer it is to enter our driveway.It is a much cheaper alternative to replacing the curb in front of the drive and provides an outcome that is pleasing both to us and our friends.

  10. Anonymous

    This has provided a smooth transition between our street and driveway.The only downside is if it rains hard, drainage can’t quite keep otherwise.Day to day it’s great

  11. Anonymous

    Looks great, and you do need help installing

  12. Dr. Peter K Lauf


  13. Woody

    The notification after ordering for shipping was delayed. I sent them an email till I received shipping notification- also I’m not sure what the solution is but putting the nuts on the bolts for connecting is not easy. But product works fantastically!

  14. james w soulek

    You met my expectations

  15. Dennis Thompson

    Makes a big difference in traversing the curb. Only negative is no room to get a wrench on the bolts/nuts in putting the sections together.

  16. Dave

    Works as advertised and very heavy so it stays in place.

  17. Linda & Bernie

    My husband and I are very pleased with the quality and delivery of the Bridjit system. Would highly recommend it.

  18. Danno

    I put off buying this ramp for about 9 months.Then I bought a used Toyota Prius, which bottomed out on our rolled curb every time I backed out of the driveway.I soon bought the Bridjit ramp, which I installed fairly easily.Voila, problem solved !For an added bonus, it makes the backing-out of my BMW 3-series much smoother, and it also makes the entry into the driveway on my motorcycles to be much, much smoother and more pleasant than the steep rolled curb that I’ve had to live with.I am kicking myself for not getting my ramp earlier.Terrific product that I will happily endorse.

  19. Anonymous

    My wife asked for this for her birthday. I purchased it and it arrived very quickly. She couldn’t wait to install. So it was installed less than an hour after giving it to her on her birthday.It helps to have a few extra hands when setting it up, but it’s not complicated. She loves it and we can’t believe how smooth the curb into our driveway is now. We love it.

  20. Kevyn Benitez

    Excellent quality

  21. Victoria Townsend

    We bought one to start with but now we have TWO sets!!! Seems to drain well through heavy rain. We do have bit of issue with vegetation growing underneath it but as long as we keep up with the cleaning it once in awhile, it doesn’t clog during rain.

  22. Anonymous

    I love the ramps, they were really easy to set up and are saving my car from hitting the sidewalk.

  23. Anonymous

    The Bridjit curb ramp has made entering and exiting my driveway much smoother. So far I have been pleased and hopeful that the material will last.

  24. Douglas

    This has been one my best investments.No longer have to bounce into our driveway.Especially great on my golf cart.Very smooth transion from driveway to street.

  25. David Krier

    Trying to angle the front of my Corvette when I went down my driveway so that the front didn’t scrape was a challenge. Even my everyday vehicle would drop with a thud if I went out of the drive a little too quickly. I saw one of the Bridjit curb ramps at a neighbors home and immediately bought one for myself. It works like a charm.

  26. damara hill

    very heavy will hold up cars moving just what we needed

  27. Ed Billings

    The product would be SO much easier to assemble if the areas where the nuts are installed had a cavity large enough so a helper with a ‘prop’ wouldn’t be required to get it screwed together. Also doesn’t stay in place as well as I imagined. It does provide a good transition from street to driveway.

  28. Harry

    Good conceptnd of product, however there are a few items of minor concern.The ramps does not stay place at times and will migrate down from the curb towards the street, this means that I have had to kick it back into place a few times.Also is a concern is that it would be easy for 2 guys and a pickup truck can drive off with it.All in all though I am pleased with these ramps , they are a great quality and value and compently does what it is designed to do.

  29. Phil

    The ramps arrived in good shape and the boxes were intact despite the weight of each piece. I assembled it by myself (with the extra center piece). I managed to flip it and get it in place by myself but an extra hand would have been nice.Assembly was straightforward but it does take several minutes to attach the nuts since you need to pry the bolt away from the rubber with a screwdriver. My Corvette still scrapes the ground and I have to go in on an angle. I thought thiswould fix the problem but it didn’t.

  30. Anonymous

    First, the basic set of 3 pieces is only enough for a single wide driveway. If you have a double care garage and driveway of reasonable width for asaid garage you will need 4-5 sections.Second, despite being wickedly heavy it does not stay in place.It keeps moving away from the curb towards the street.Every few days I have to go push it back.Did I say it was heavy?I live on a hill and after a heavy rain I noticed it shifted several feet down hill so 8 had to pull it back up the hill.Did I mention yet it is heavy?Definitely smooths the transition from driveway to street though. My wife says she loves it but she’s not the one moving it!

  31. Thompson

    Very pleased with purchase.Our neighborhood curbs are very high and painfully abusive.Works as advertised and smooths the driveway transition nicely.

  32. Michael Geronimo

    Moved to Arizona with drain curb… The choice was buy these or keep the car in the garage

  33. Jimmy Gillerlain

    Great purchase have waited a while to buy, but worth the wait

  34. Brad Smith

    Assembly was straight forward, specially if you follow the instructions.The ramp fits the curb well and takes the alighment busting bump out of the process of coming home.

  35. Anonymous

    This product was recommended to me by my neighbors and the city street officials in the town where I live. Works well. I was able to assemble the four pieces for our double car driveway by myself. My Wife and I flipped the pad over. It fits well makes driving up our rolled curb much less jarring, if at all, on us and our vehicles. The Bridjit seems to be a sturdy product and should last us many years. I would imagine much of the total cost of this product is in the shipping (200 lbs for four pieces…I purchased the extra piece) that was paid for by Bridjit, in my order. So far I recommend this product. Just remember that 200 lbs for four sections of dead weight spread over sixteen feet could be a challenge for some. Even 150 lbs of three sections might require help, even if to help relieve the pressure on the joints.

  36. Jay Gottlieb

    I tore up two front spoilers on my C7 Corvette.I hired an asphalt company to build a ramp.It cost $850 and it was great until my HOA made me remove it for another $650.$1500 in the hole plus two new spoilers, I found bridjit.My HOA is happy, my C7 is happy and I am happy.Wonderful product!

  37. Connie

    It took less than 1/2 hour to assemble.Each time we go over it,we are amazed at how smooth it is.Wish I had found this 4 years ago when we bought the house.

  38. Anonymous

    Really a great product

  39. John Mason

    They were relatively easy to put together and install with 2 people! They are amazing! No more dragging the front end and smooth in and out of the driveway!

  40. Justin

    Great product! It’s softly allows me to bring my 911 into the garage. Getting a 4th piece so It fills my driveway nicely.

  41. Gail

    Saves my car and my neck from being misaligned.

  42. Jack

    Product works great.We have a deep gutter leading to my driveway and sports cars could not get past it.No problem now.

  43. Anonymous

    Before getting the Bridjit-3-piece-expandable-curb-ramp I loathed backing my cars out of the driveway. Each and every time I drove off of the curb I heard this horrible scraping sound. I did some research online and fell in love with the Bridjit and guess what no more scraping and I am so very grateful that this product was made available.

  44. Tom from Greenville , SC

    Thank you for making a great product !

  45. Laralee Herzog

    This product is great it does exactly what it’s supposed to do.i highly recommend this product

  46. Anonymous

    Overall very good and functional.Getting the nuts on the bolts was impossible.

  47. Anonymous

    Wife just got a new car with a low front end and we needed something quickly. This appeared to be one of the only options. Was delivered quickly, like a day or two. But the nuts that came with the curb pieces to fasten them all together wouldn’t fit in the channel carved in the back of the curbs. So I simply have the curbs loosely connected with just the long bolts. Every once in a while I have to pull the pieces back together. A small nuisance which they should work out for the price.

  48. Mike

    I live in a patio home with a 10′ 48 degree ‘driveway ‘ after the jolt of the curb / gutter, I get the driveway joilt.
    After I get over the two jolts backing, I get to spin my tires to get into the garage or take another run at it with more jolts.
    Bridjit makes it small bumps without tire squealing. Too bad I didn’t find them years ago. Thanks

  49. Anonymous

    This ramp still doesn’t keep the front of my Prius from scraping.

  50. Jim

    They are a little pricey, especially if you have a full sized driveway or a three car garage driveway but they are awesome and I think worth the price 100%

  51. Marcia

    Very happy with Bridjit!

  52. Thomas

    Like the product. A bit difficult to assemble . But got it done.
    It works as promised. Saved my car from any serious under carriage damage.

  53. Anonymous

    Love it,my car is very low to the ground and woulybottom out every time, no more smooth on the way out of the driveway now.Not easy to assemble though.

  54. Karen Burley

    The Bridjit curb ramp was easy to install. The instructions were very detailed and made it appear more involved than the installation actually was. If you walk on the ramp there is a bit of a wobble, but when I drive over it my car no longer scrapes the curb! Just what I needed.

  55. Bob

    The ramps were long overdue – they work wonderfully, even on our curved driveway. Only reason I gave this a ‘4 star’ is that it is virtually impossible to get the nut attached to the screws – I got two of the four on, and hope they hold. Suggest to Bridgit – simply carve out a slat for the nuts to fit and problem solved. At any rate – I highly recommend these to anyone with the need.

  56. Anonymous

    This is what we exactly needd.

  57. Anonymous

    Does excellent job keeping front end from bottoming out entering and leavingdrive way

  58. Kyle Jones

    It works really well

  59. Reiner Lenigk

    Does just what it should, for people with joint problems, no bump.

  60. jerry tench

    Works Great but it is a bit Pricey…..

  61. Phil casha

    did not fit the drive way . so we turned it upside down to see
    if that would work

  62. David W. Doty

    My headline

  63. Anonymous

    This was absolutely the answer to scraping the wind dam on my Corvette every time in or our of the driveway. The trick of having something under the ramp sections to bend them for bolt placement made it very easy to assemble. Great product!

  64. Jonathan

    These work.Period.Smooth, close to imperceptible curb now.We have a slight downward slope and have noticed the product creeping down the street, probably 2 feet since installing it.We’ve had a lot of rain and are hypothesizing the water flow can move it.We know of another of your product in the area that does the same thing.It’s difficult to pull it back up.200 lbs (we have the extra center unit) is hard to move.We’re still figuring this out.In the end, though, it’s well worth it.I broke two BMW bumper coverings for a total of about $3,000 before deciding I couldn’t manage it otherwise.

  65. Anonymous

    I’m not sure why we didn’t get the Bridjit sooner. It makes all the difference–and the instructions were very easy to follow. I installed it by myself in under 20 minutes.

  66. M. Evans

    I can’t believe I waited this long to get these ramps!

  67. Anonymous

    Very happy with this product,ordering a secondsystem for another driveway and preparing to order 1 more this Summer.

  68. Brian

    Easy to install, works as advertised

  69. Barbara D Jefferson

    I like the heavy duty rubber that is used, but when connecting them together, it is extremely difficult. Hammering the nail through the hole into the other ramp is not bad. Takes a bit of muscle, but totally doable. Tightening the nut is the hard part. It’s near impossible to do get the nut on and tighten it. What’s worse is needing something underneath the two ramps to elevate it just so I can get the nut on. I then need to use a screwdriver to wedge in between to create some space so I can use my wrench. I work out frequently, and am pretty fit so I am okay with the challenge, but for an average person, this is not ideal. I recommend changing the design so installation is easier. I have bought 3 (12 ramps) other sets in the last 4 years because I installed them at my parents house as well. I like them and they have proven to be sturdy, but the installation is just a huge pain.

  70. Mary

    Please send me the return labels so I can send it back to Bridget,I got an approval to return it because they do not work for my driveway

  71. David Q Jackson

    The steep curb to our driveway has bothered us for years and Bridgit is the solution to our problem!! So grateful we have it in place now! Easy to assemble!

  72. Anonymous

    The neighbor in the next cul de sac put out the Bridjitramp system. Next door neighbor Joe saw it and HOA approved it. His low car no longer scraps on the driveway so I ordered a system also. Backing in to the drive way is now so easy. No gunning it to get over the hump.

  73. Dorian De Maio

    We are so pleased to have these ‘bridgits’now installed in the curbed entrance to our driveway.They are sturdy and have solved our problem of having our bumpers hit the cement each time we enter our uphill driveway. What a great invention!

  74. Ken in Arizona

    I ordered this because every time I pulled in and out of my drive there was a significant bump.The product is high quality, sturdy and addressed my issue perfectly.As other reviews stated these are heavy so it would be easier as a two person job.The only thing I would change is the ability to screw in the bolts.It’s a tight fit and takes some maneuvering to get fully installed.

  75. Anonymous

    … until our cars needed alignments before I bought this money-saver?Pulling into our driveway used to be quite a chore in order to avoid jarring our cars’ suspension – come in at a sharp angle, come in super-slowly, scraping the front bumper trim piece, spilling the bag of groceries on the back seat!Not anymore!Pull in or out at any angle, at any speed and you don’t even know the rolled curb was there!Our street curves slightly and the Bridit accommodates the curves with ease while letting rain water continue to flow!We bought an extra section for our three car garage driveway and are glad we did!I wish I had done this before spending hundreds of dollars on front-end parts and alignments!

  76. Anonymous

    it’s so much nicer going up and down the driveway now. Before, I always felt like the curb bump was giving me a concussion

  77. Gary Gordon

    Seems to work well.Easy assembly.

  78. David Lu

    Easy installation, works as described very happy with results. I recommend this product.

  79. David Burrell

    Sturdy and solid. Does a great job smoothing out the entrance/exit to our driveway. A bit pricey, but so are wheel alignments and strut work. After putting them in, my wife came home and didn’t even notice the curb. I did not find them terribly difficult to assemble, but could not have done it without the recommendations to use the 2×4 and screwdriver.

  80. Anonymous

    In general it is a good product and works. For the curve there is about a 1′ gap at top of each section and it allows the ramp to slip down the gutter face. Adjustable spacers would be nice to lock it in place and make it a 5 star.Wish it was a little better

  81. Anonymous

    The product is good and it is indeed helping me in protective the undercarriage of my car while crossing rolled curb. However, the ramp keeps on moving out of position and has to be brought back to proper position after every 3-4 weeks.

  82. L. Saffi

    Our curb was really rough on our cars and now it’s as smooth as butter. So happy a friend had them and the company name was stamped on them. Highly recommend as the transition now is perfect! Now hoping they stand up to our hot Vegas temperatures and last a few years.

  83. Scott Woods

    Prompt delivery, easy to install and A great addition to my driveway.

  84. Stanley

    Scott Woods

  85. Rachel K Kubacki

    We debated buying this for the longest time due to the cost, but with the arrival of our first child, we needed to do something about the jarring transition to the street from our driveway.This ramp makes backing out so smooth now, that I have to double check that I am even in the street before turning.This ramp is worth every penny.

  86. Wesley Seideman

    I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana and why it isn’t well known the city installed huge curbs even in front of houses. My neighbor had this very exact same product installed next door and recommended it to me and I couldn’t be happier. The staff was amazing with communications and safely securing payment and it arrived sooner than expected. My car won’t be suffering the horrible curb into my drive.

  87. Jim B

    i love that you are using recycled material, if there is one point of improvement: the nuts and bolts are hard to tighten since there is no room on the side walls to hold on to them due to super tight space between nuts and rubber side walls. Give it some more room there so it is easier to reach with a wrench, other than that i wish i had this product idea

  88. Bill Salamon

    It works! No more bumpy driveway curb or risk scraping the bottom of my car. Sturdy and quite heavy; the metal rails requires a hammer to push in. I didn’t see a way to screw in the lug as the fit is very tight. Works great.

  89. Rosemary

    The Bridjit works great. Was somewhat easy to install considering the weight. Only reason not a 5 star is it does move from the mailman coming on it at almost parallel but I am able to pull it back pretty easy.

  90. Anonymous

    Our wheelchair van has low rear clearance at the curb and the bridjit ramps improve the situation by 100%

  91. Jerry

    The BRIDJIT ramp system was worth every penny!My car would scrape everytime I drove in or out of our drive.The BRIDJIT ramps fit prefectly in the street gutter and give enough high so that there is no more scraping.Highly recommend!!

  92. Jake B

    Great feel after installation. Very noticeable difference.We enter our driveway from the same direction when returning home.The product bagan to noticabally slide to one side after about 10 days.

  93. Anonymous

    My driveway curb was so bad it removed the engine splash guard from the bottom of my Camry a couple of times. And even in my wife’s Forester, it was still teeth-rattling. None of that anymore, the ride over the curb isn’t perfectly smooth, but it’s like night and day.

  94. Mike Harford

    We’ve owned ours for 3 years now and it still looks as good as new.Without it, our cars scraped coming in and out of the driveway.Everyone who comes over comments on how nice it is not to have the scraping and bumping like they do in their own drives.We even gave a set to my parents when they moved in to a house with the same curb as ours.The only negative is the price, but we feel like the prevention of damage to cars from daily scraping makes it more than worth the initial investment.

  95. Diane

    This is a great product, makes going in and out of the driveway really nice. I bought the 3 pack with an extra section because of my 2 car driveway. I actually had to buy one more additional section after that. Would be 5 stars, but I have 3 sections that advertise for bridjet. That kind of sucks a little, I get one but not all sections in the middle. Other than that I am not sure how I lived without them. All my neighbors are jealous and have been testing it out, pretty funny. Also the bolts are impossible to get on them, but it works.

  96. Anonymous

    I no longer have to worry about banging my new car on the curb dip as I leave the driveway. My last car (pre-bridgit) probably had a hole on the bottom!!!! Thanks for your creativity!!!

  97. Anonymous

    Went together very well, works great

  98. Anonymous

    My driveway curb was so abrupt it was damaging my shocks. It is so smooth parking in my driveway.

  99. Anonymous

    Bridgit curb ramps worked extremely well in the deep gutter at the end of my driveway. They allowed a sedan two password couldn’t before. Also allowed us to back our trailer into the garage.

  100. Anonymous

    Easy to assemble. Sturdy. Works as advertised. Car does not bottom out anymore.

  101. Fred

    Car transitions beautifully now.

  102. Anonymous

    Thank God for these, they have help with the pain of going in and out of the driveway after neck surgery!!!

  103. Anonymous

    Probably saving thousands of dollars in car repairs.Wish the streets were this smooth!

  104. Andrew Pollet

    Easy to assemble. Very durable. Made in America is a real plus, too. I’d recommend!

  105. Jay

    Since installing the Bridgit product I can go back & forth from my driveway to the street without gritting my teeth and waiting for the bumps and bangs. No more worries about damaging the undercarriage of my vehicles or those of visitors.

  106. Anonymous

    It is a great investment. The car rolls in and out of the driveway seamlessly and I don’t have to worry about my front bumper getting damaged. I only wish I had known about them sooner. My new neighborhood is starting to look like a Bridjit advertisement as everyone else is doing the same!

  107. Anonymous

    Made our driveway ramp much easier to get over especially with lower cars. This product is amazing. The only reason why it isn’t 5 stars is because the price was way more than what I wanted to pay, but otherwise, excellent product

  108. Anonymous

    These ramps were a breeze to setup with minimal tools needed.They definitely help the transition from street to driveway, making it less jarring for passengers.I now don’t dread modulating the brakes to go up and down the curb.I do wish they were cheaper as they are on the expensive side.

  109. Wayne Carlson


  110. Jack

    I bought these ramps after seeing them in our neighborhood.
    It doesn’t matter what car you have, it is nice to pull in without
    jarring the car.

  111. Byron Dana Lindstrom

    I have a rolled curb on a cul de sac lot and with my Boxster GTS I needed to cross the curb at a very oblique angle and very very slow.Bridjit solved my problem perfectly.Easy to adjust for the circle/bend of my driveway for a very good fit.

  112. Anonymous

    We Love our BRIDJIT Curb Ramps. We have two Sports Cars and it was very difficult driving our cars into the garage with our rolled curbs. But now with BRIDJIT, Life is Good!You have a wonderful product, and we will tell everyone about you.Thank You.Thank

  113. Ray Snipes

    It’s like there’s no curb and all

  114. jim

    Curb ramp works well and was easy to install.Making the turn forthe cul-de-sac is a little strange and does leave a gap in the ramp but basically it works fine.

  115. Anonymous

    The Brid-jit ramps work as advertised and solved my driveway curb problem.I have a Corvette, and it now comes in and out of the drive without dragging at the curb.

  116. Anonymous

    I live in a manufactured home park. They don’t fit perfectly in the gutter area but they wok better than the heavy steel one I had. Still playing with what direction I should place them. I’m the first one in my park to have them and having some interest from others.

  117. Anonymous

    Great product!Would recommend to anyone!Not too difficult to assemble.

  118. Anonymous

    No instructions on how to assemble.Securing parts difficult when nut cannot go onto bolt.

  119. Brian Lajoie

    We have a steep and uneven entrance to our driveway.We also havea car with low clearance.This ramp has given us peace of mind exiting and entering our driveway.The product had a small defect when it arrived, but customer service was responsive and attentive.The problem was resolved right away!

  120. Anonymous

    great product stops my vehicle from bottoming out and scraping the transmission.

  121. Anonymous

    Bought for ease of entry and exit of driveway.No more scraping the air dam on the sidewalk.

  122. Chris Shultz

    Our car has bumped out of our driveway for years.This was a simple solution that we were able to put together ourselves with no skill required.We had trouble screwing the bolt on because we didn’t have a 2×4 to put under it – but we eventually got all but one on.That’s the only reason I gave 4 stars. Our car no longer bumps down the driveway so we are happy.

  123. Anonymous

    Our Prius is designed to be low to the ground, and it was scraping every time we entered or exited our driveway.While the Bridjit is somewhat expensive, the cost pales in comparison to the cost of repairing even one of those plastic Prius panels at ground level.The nut-to-both attachment could be easier in a future version, but overall 5 stars.

  124. Steve

    Bridjit solved our driveway bump instantly.Why didn’t I get them years ago?

  125. Todd

    i was hesitant to order these as they are not cheap.but my son, who benefits the most from them, really likes them and so do i.getting in and out of the driveway is soo much less jarring and or tedious then before we got our Bridjit(s).

  126. Michael Carlson

    The Bridjit driveway ramp solved my issue with entering and existing my driveway with my C6 Corvette.I did order the extra center section to make the ramp system sixteen feet across.

  127. Adam Z

    We have a single vehicle width driveway.Fits width well and makes entering and exiting out drive much smoother

  128. Mario ZAHARIEV

    Product was received quickly and as described.Also I appreciated the technical support and advise that was given regarding a special installation situation.

  129. Vicki

    I grew tired of the jarring *bump* every time I pulled in and out of my driveway. Also, with my lower car, I had to approach the curbed driveway at quite an angle. This solves both problems! Great quality and customer service.

  130. John Lemos

    This product is just what we were looking for and was very easy to install. Just hoping it does not disappear as it is not affixed to the ground as the metal ones are.

  131. Anonymous

    They seem well constructed after viewing how to put the nuts on the bolts on YouTube it was a piece a cake the only complaint I have is the directions were wrong I have a double driveway and I ordered the one extension without measuring per your instructions and then I had to wait and order another one so that the ramp went from one end of the apron to the otherThey were a little expensive but time will tell and see if they’re worth it

  132. Anonymous

    Made a hugh difference pulling out of my driveway no more scraping the front spoiler little expensive but worth it instead of ruining the car.

  133. Shirley

    The product quality is great and steady.The delivery is on time.However, I got two center pieces, one right piece, no left piece……I don’t expect to return and exchange as I already got rid of the packing and the product is being used right now.Next time maybe you should double check your package before mailing it out.

  134. R Burks

    It has helped reduce my back pain as we come and go over our curved curb.However, they were harder to connect than I thought they would be.The connecting band went in well, but the screws were nearly impossible to get on (no room and no give to the product).Took 3 of us to get them on.

  135. Anonymous

    I ordered one set and extension for my son and family for Christmas. Shipping was fast and ramps were easy to install. Pulling in and out of the driveway is much smoother as is the impact on their cars. There was a small mistake in the order, but it was quickly and generously corrected. My son is really happy with the ramps. Thank you John Curry for the quality of your product and excellent customer service.

  136. Michael A Rech

    We are SO HAPPY with this product.Now our driveway entrance is SMOOTH when we enter and exit.No dragging!Well worth the money for a quality product.Came with hardware (bolts and nuts) to connect the sections.Very well made, quality product.

  137. Cheri

    Very happy with my purchase! Long over due, I love the smooth entrance, especially when my girls are sleeping in the car.

  138. Reed Wilson

    These ramps are heavy rubber.Once placed in position, just flip them over and use a hammer to drive the bolts into the adjoining section.Remove any extra bolts.Use a simple screwdriver to pry the bolt up to hand apply the nut.Do not tighten, they stay in place.Love this product.

  139. Cindy Campbell

    I really like my driveway MUCH more now that the curb ramp is installed. It was much harder to install than advertised, however. My handyman had to go back to his house for tools. Even once he had the tools it took much longer than advertised.

  140. Anonymous

    Installation wasn’t exactly easy. Bolting the sections together was a pain. If they cut back a little rubber where the nuts are installed, it would be easier.Overall satisfied. I was having trouble placing my order online with PayPal and when I did get the order placed I inadvertently I ordered two 3 piece sections. When I saw the mistake, I immediately returned theemail pointing it out. The next morning I got another email saying they had already shipped the product. I called and they said the shipping label was printed but it had not been shipped. They corrected my mistake and credited my credit card. Great customer service!

  141. Anonymous

    My husband’s car sits low to the ground and he kept scraping the front bumper. We installed the bridjit and of course no more scrapes! It’s heave, but easy to set up with two people. Highly recommend.

  142. Robert Fentress

    Very heavy duty curb ramps ; excellent quality and highly recommended

  143. Ernest Grubbs

    Rcvd the ramps and installed same day, Very clear and easy assbly/Install and my Vehicle thanks me for it every day. The water channel makes for easy flow resulting in ZERO impediment to drainage as needed. My neighbors are all envious and asking about these for themselves. Great product and re-purposing of old tires to solve the rolled curb problem for lower vehicles. My Camaro SS is very happy to enter the driveway so easily.
    I recommend fully

  144. Anonymous

    The ramps were purchased as a gift for my daughter and her husband.Their comments to me have been very positive.I did not put the nuts on the bolts because I could not see how to get them started; will attempt to work this out in the future.

  145. Anonymous

    Love the comfort of driving in and out of my garage. Little pricey though. Glad free shipping.

  146. Dennis Roark

    This is pretty much what-you-see-is-what-you-get.Once assembled, it does exactly what you want…no more chattering my teeth going over the curb or scraping the bottom of my low-running Honda Civic.Assembly is pretty easy, but you will need two fairly strong people to get it together and into position, unless you are built like Dwayne Johnson, but once installed, it will work like a charm.

  147. Daniel George

    Wonderful product, I love how easy they were to install and they work perfect

  148. Mike Harford

    We have two cars that are slightly lower than stock.Both vehicles needed to be pulled in and out of our driveway at a 45 degree angle.Unfortunately all it takes is one car parked too close on the street or a car in the driveway being in the way and a scrape of the undercarriage is bound to happen.The Bridjits were easier to assemble than they appeared at first glance.Once assembled they are going to stay together as one unit.The other advantage of a fully assembled unit is they weigh a couple hundred pounds.No one is going to single handedly snag them and off them in the back of their pickup.

  149. Virginia

    If you have rounded curbs this is a must, even if you do not have a lowrider. This makes the transition from driveway to street smooth and the envy of all your neighbors. Great product.

  150. Jeff

    Many of our neighbors have these but I didnt realize how heavy they are, which is great because they stay in place!!Makes my driveway nice and smooth!!

  151. Charles Robertson

    I could not get into my garage because my Toyota Camry was built low to the ground and the curb before my garage driveway was high and scraped underneath my auto. I even scratched both sides of my car trying to enter my garage at an angle. Once I put down the Bridjit ramp, it lifted my auto high enough to keep from scraping under the carriage and I could enter my garage without scratching the sides of my car. It has been a Lifesaver or I should say a Garage saver! I am so pleased with the results. I can recommend this product for people with the same problem.

  152. Zach

    So smooth pulling into my driveway now that we hardly notice the curb!!

  153. Anonymous

    Does exactly what i needed.Assembly is a bit tricky.Bolts need hammering.No idea how you would install the nuts!

  154. Anonymous

    Love it! Just moved into a new home with a very steep curb. Saw others on our street had the Bridjit and it seemed like the highest quality curb ramp after doing a little research. So far it has definitely made a huge difference in our driveway! Also, our house is up on top of a hill with its fair share of high winds/heavy rain – the Bridjit has not moved at all and has been able to stay put through all types of weather.

  155. Joe Guagliardo

    Two of the four holes in the side pieces were plugged. Had to drill them outTightening the bolts is quite awkward

  156. sherill fetveit

    The curb ramps really make a difference. We ordered 5 in total.They were really easy to put together.

  157. Anonymous

    The curb ramp set has made a multi-daily task much more enjoyable.We hardly notice a dip when we go in and out of our driveway with all of our cars.

  158. Dick

    very satisfied so far, however it has not been very long sincei receaved said product

  159. Jeff Howland

    Have not put bolts on yet. Need something under each section so I can angle bolts to put on the nuts. Still not done correctly. Product is excellent but putting on nuts is difficult for us old folks.

  160. Paul Mckenna

    It fits the curb really well – now I have to find time to latch the 3 pieces together while I way for another 3 to arrive to fill the complete driveway

  161. Ben Voytas

    Just purchased a new house and we would have to enter the driveway at an angle to keep the bumpers/undercarriage from scraping the sidewalk. With the Bridjit that is no longer a worry.

  162. Anonymous

    I have two driveways, and have drawn the ire of Lyft and delivery drivers for months.Got the 3 piece Bridjit for both driveways plus two middle pieces for the main driveway.Had them all put together and installed in less than 45 minutes, and plenty of time to figure out what to do with the rest of my day!

  163. Anonymous


  164. Tom

    Excellent quality, as described by manufacturer. Shipped very quickly.

  165. Tim

    Been riding through that dip for too long. Installed our Brigjit and wow, so smooth! Only regret is we didn’t do it sooner.

  166. Steven R. Strauss

    The only reason that this isn’t a 5 Star review is the price tag. Otherwise I’m a completely satisfied customer

  167. Anonymous

    We recently purchased our Bridjit ramp for our condo and it has made getting in the driveway much easier on the cars and on us.

  168. Anonymous

    Your product needs to be improved, it doesn’t toally cover my area plus it moves when driven over.

  169. barryb

    Bridjit curb solutions are brilliant, easy to install and I highly recommend this product.

  170. Cynthia wark

    Made a huge difference in entry and egress to our driveway.

  171. Dennis

    When we moved to North Carolina and built our house I never understood that the driveway had to be high to avoid flooding.The Brigjit solved the problem in spades.It’s easy to install and I would recommend it highly

  172. Gerald H Keener

    Works as advertised. So nice to roll smoothly out of the driveway.

  173. Anonymous

    Good product

  174. Robert


  175. Dave

    Perfect design and implementation to fix the problem of a jarring driveway.Very heavy components so not a lot of movement, though does need adjustments periodically.Product was simple, well-constructed, very easy to assemble and install (though does require 2 people as advertised).No issues so far.Absolutely makes pulling in to the driveway a much better experience!I recommend highly!

  176. Anonymous

    I have a very steep driveway and have gotten used to going in and out at a somewhat extreme angle to avoid bottoming out.Others, however, have not. I have had 3 instances of delivery trucks getting wedged in and there are numerous scars in my driveway and the street.This product seems to have solved that problem.It provides a better transition from driveway to the street and I no longer have to come in at odd angles.I was worried strong water flow In the curb might be a Problem but it doesn’t move an inch.

  177. Anonymous

    We recently moved into a new home and the driveway has a short curb…my wife had to ‘crawl’ out of the driveway at an angle to keep from scraping the bottom of her car.I saw this product in another neighbors home, got the information off the center piece and ordered ours.The instructions were easy to follow and we have saved my wife’s car.

  178. Anonymous

    Wonderful product! Worked great!

  179. Nick P

    Not bad. putting it together was pretty simple. although we went about 6 inches with boards instead of 4, on one side and the rubber tore a little, so i put it down on a 4×4 and finished putting it together. After a weak we had to readjust the connections, and tighten them a little more. I know they might back out a little more, I hope not a lot again. All in all not a bad product, and it makes a huge difference on the cars going in and out. Which is real nice.

  180. Greg McClure

    Using the Bridjit ramp has made getting into our driveway so much easier. I am certain that it is of great benefit to our vehicles.

  181. Kevin Detmer

    They are a bit expensive but worth the money.Buy once and be done with curb issues for your low-rise cars.

  182. Anonymous

    Love how smoothly the transition is from the driveway to the street.

  183. Anonymous

    This product is exactly what I was looking for.I needed some sort of bridge between the road and the curb.It is appealing and that fact that it is made of recycled material made it even more so.The process to get the bridgit was fast.

  184. Terry M.

    It came in 2 days, was a breeze to put together.Thank you !It’s so nice to pull into our drive way now!

  185. Mark Shafer

    Follow the directions to assemble and it takes 5 minutes.Use a big screw driver to get the bolt up high enough to get the nut on.It is in the directions!They are heavy, they are heavy so be ready to lift.They have been in place for about a month and LOVE THEM!
    Thank you!

  186. John Homm

    I ride a scooter and was not able to get down my driveway safely without fear of tipping now with this ramp I can get down to get my mail and walk my dog with my husband best ever purchased we have made!

  187. Anonymous

    Each section was heavy duty and went together well.Seems to be very sturdy and durable.Makes driving into my driveway much better.

  188. Janis OHara

    The new Honda Accord comes with a front scoop that is very low on body frame that’s already lower than my wife expected. Bridjit’s ramp saved her from scraping up the front end of her car. The ramp was easy to assemble and have in place in 30 minutes or less. With our driveway being a 30 degree drop it was no problem entering it. The Bridjit ramp is worth the money

  189. Anonymous

    Add a curb it was dangerous to go in my driveway on my motorcycle and very rough on the car!This product fix that without hesitation very easy to install and allows water to flow through perfect!!

  190. Anonymous

    well pleased

  191. Doug Meyer

    We have a rolled curb and have had two subarus and a jeep before that, all with higher ground clearance, we bought my wife a silver fiat 500e electric which is much lower and scraped the front spoiler slightly even when being very careful and slow. Now she just zips right over!

  192. Joey

    Works like a charm.Assembly is a bit awkward (instructions are accurate); you need a fairly narrow flathead screwdriver to lift the bolt so that the net can be screwed on.

  193. Tim Fehr

    Units came quickly and as promised. They were easy to put together as long as you followed the directions. Cars glide over the once bouncy gutter at the end on the driveway. Save many dollars on front-end alignments.

  194. Laurie

    Super easy to install, a bit sore afterwords but easy.I should have bought these years ago.This has been the best investment from my cars ever.These make pulling into my driveway much smoother and safer for my vehicles.

  195. Kris Gardner

    I really like the product but had to do a lot of rework to install the Bridjit.The Bolt holes and cut outs were drilled or formed so close to the sides and base of the cutouts that you could not put a nut on the bolts nor apply even a socket wrench to either the bolt head or the nut to link the sections.Your quality control should have picked that up before shipping the sections.

  196. Chris Rice

    Solved the problem of our cars scraping on the curb!The Bridjit is terrific and the website makes buying and installation easy.Measuring instructions provided the info we needed to order the correct amount (we needed an extra section) and the video made installation a snap.Highly recommend watching the video – easier to follow than the printed instructions.Product is very sturdy and well made and will last many years.

  197. Anonymous

    The Bridjit curb ramp does exactly what I bought it to do.We lived with the annoying, jarring bump on our driveway rolled curb for several years.Until our older car got suspension problems that we didn’t want to repeat with the new one.Lots of people in our neighborhood have these Bridjit ramps that are bolted to the curb.technically we aren’t supposed to do that, so I bought the ramp and figured I could always bolt it later if necessary.but it hasn’t been necessary and it doesn’t seem like it will be at all.After a couple weeks the ramp is still right where I placed it.And the entry and exit to the driveway is night and day – I can barely tell there’s a rolled curb at all after putting down the Bridjit ramp.It’s a bit pricey, but if it keeps our cars from having more suspension problems from the constant jarring, it will be more than worth it.If you hate bumping every time or especially if your car bottoms out on the curb, I would recommend this for sure.So much easier, more comfortable, and less damaging on the car to get in and out of the driveway.

  198. Thomas Shea

    I saw these at a friends house and was convinced I had to have them. These are heavy duty and work. They will last for years. No more scraping and grinding. They were fairly easy to assemble and install, although the nuts that hold it all together were a little tough to tighten. Closely following instructions made it easier. Regardless I think these are great!

  199. Dick Gaul

    We love our Bridjit curb ramps. Now our car does not scrub the ground when we pull in and back out of the driveway. It’s sturdy and does not move at all. It was a little difficult to attach the nuts to the screws but otherwise, the installation was easy. Great product!

  200. Tim

    Easy to assemble and works great

  201. Randy

    It is so nice not to have to bounce over the high curbing in our driveway. Now it is a smooth transition into our property thanks to the quality made Brudjit Ramps. They were easy to install even when I decided to add a section.I will enjoy the ride for years to come.

  202. Anonymous

    Overall product is just ok.The way the sections connect together is a joke.I’ve already had two of four bolts pull through the rubber channel.Had a delivery trucks, heavy, make delivery and clearly put odd pressure on seam and pull two of the four bolts through.The good news I was able to trench out where bolts go and the weight keeps the sections in place for normal auto traffic.For $400 this thing should be bulletproof.Would I buy again knowing what I know, 50/50, time will tell.There are competing products at lessor investment, may take a harder look at competition.

  203. Robert Bowers

    Works as advertised and was a great purchase

  204. Mark

    This product saves our car from scraping the curb when we pull in and out of our driveway.

  205. Mark

    Quick free delivery, easily assembled, and creates a nice smooth entry / exit at driveway curb. The trench across the bottom allows water flow underneath, so no issues there. Great product, worth the price.

  206. Shirley

    My low to the ground sports car is happy, no more scraping when coming or going. One issue: In 10 days my six piece unit has shifted 4 inches. It’s going to be a several person job to shift back into position. As a previous reviewer wrote there is a bit of a wobble when walked on, this could be due to the steepness of my curb.

  207. Cody Martin

    Great investment…makes backing over the rolled curbs into the driveway a breeze.Great quality product.

  208. Charlene Spinner

    For four years now since building my house I have banged up and down my driveway. I finally gave in and made the investment in the Bridjit Curb Ramp. I have a wide driveway (24′) so I purchased the set of three ramps plus two additional middle sections for a total of 20 feet. The only thing I can say is that I’m sorry I didn’t order it sooner! Installation was easy. In less than 20 minutes everything was good to go. I’ve seen other ramps in the neighborhood, but none compare to the quality and look of Bridjit. And I love that they use 100% recycled tires to make them. So I am saving the planet and my car’s suspension and front end at the same time! I highly recommend this product. You won’t be disappointed.

  209. Anonymous

    Easy . Super friendly service

  210. Chris

    I bought these curb ramps to keep my boat motor from dragging on my driveway when backing in or pulling out of my driveway. And they work great. I bought the extra piece to make mine 16 feet wide. I hate to sound corny but I love these things.

  211. Anonymous

    Prior to making my purchase, I looked at several products with a much lower price point.Ultimately, I came back to Bridjit because of the materials, design and fit for my application.The final installation is clean and blends nicely with the surrounding curb and street.Go the distance and get the right product…Bridjit!

  212. Anonymous

    Best money ever spent! I absolutely love the Bridjit system it takes the jar out of your car!

  213. Anonymous

    Need for wheelchair access and it works

  214. Julia

    Neighbors owned/used the Bridjit and I wondered if it was really needed…..yes they are!I looked at imitations and other options, but decided to go with Bridjit curb ramp. Great product!

  215. Jacqueline S pulte

    These are great. Much better than the metal ones

  216. Rob

    Excellent and quality product!

  217. AD

    use a flat screwdriver to lift bolt so you can screw nut on,

  218. Allen Jeroy

    I wish I bought these years ago.Once we figured out how to connect the nuts and bolts, this system went together quickly.This really takes away the jarring when entering and leaving your rolled edge curb driveway.

  219. Jeremy Hardy

    Was looking for a solution to prevent the front side of by car from continuing to scrape.This product fits well,is effective and have a heavy weight which keeps it in place.Very happy

  220. martin Glynn

    Last year I tried concrete to minimize the abrupt shakeup on entry, it worked for about 6 months, then with the snow plows, it failed.
    So when we saw your unit in another addition…had to order it.
    Now installed WHAT A DIFFERENCE.Easy on the neck and shoulders.
    But a quality control advisory…(QC experience, not rubber)when I raised the joint (face down) to ease putting on the nut…the rubber started to split.Not much, so wondering iflaying some strips of
    fiber glass cloth over those areas so they were slightly under the surfacecould help prevent cracking that occursabove the boolt hole ?Otherwise a great product.

  221. Peter J. Pecora

    It is very hard to install the bolts!! Have not been able to do it yet.

  222. Adam

    Love it, no more manuvering the cars to avoid scraping the bottom or bang ing the underside.

  223. Susan

    My curb was so bad that anything other than a truck would scrape coming in head on. Now I can pull any kind of car in with no worries.

  224. Tommy Floyd

    My adult daughter and I installed it start to finish in about an hour. Our curb is quite uneven so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that Bridgit can handle the irregularities.

  225. Satish

    This is an excellent ramp, but the engineering of the bolts is seriously lacking. It is impossible to put the nuts on the bolts. Because of this, I will have to periodically adjust the ramps.

  226. Anonymous

    The curb ramp make the driveway entrance so much smoother.It was easy to connect the sections.

  227. Eric

    I only recently bought this product and so far it seems to be working very well.I’m glad that this is not made in china as well and the quality is good.One major issue is that putting the nuts on the bolts was really tough.I couldn’t get it all done yet, and i have to try again I think.At the very least, you should’nt market it as easy to fix within 15 minutes, as if it is a breeze to do so.If only you could fix that, it would be so much nicer for the customer.

  228. Elizabeth L Upadhyaya

    I’m really enjoying myBridjit my car no longer scrapes when I pull in and out of my driveway

  229. Anonymous

    Durning installation instructions tell you to put a 2×4 under the joint to make it easier to put the bolt thru, you use a screw driver to lift the bolt to make it easier to put the nut on it.Upon doing so the material split where the bolt came thru.Very disappointed payment 700$ for something and this happens.

  230. Sylvia J. Volkstadt

    I ordered the 3 piece Bridjit for my parent’s driveway and they couldn’t be more pleased with the product.It arrived quickly and was easily assembled by my husband and I.My dad no longer complains about his back hurting when he drives into the driveway.

  231. Harry

    These are expensive, but they work and are relatively easy to install.

  232. Dodi Hodges

    When the streets in our development were made the gutters did not help when you backed up or down them.Having a sports car it really played havac with the front end of my car.Brig-ITislifesaver for me and my car.

  233. Jason W

    The product shipped at a reasonable time, especially in light of Covid-19 delays you see with other products.The pieces fitted together nicely, my adult son and I worked together to get the nut started on the bolts that hold each piece connected to the other. Flipped it over and slowly tested the clearance. Not a single rub on this curb style driveway. Could not be more pleased!

  234. JBL

    Easy to put together (according to my husband).It’s so nice to come into the driveway! No bumps, no scrapes, just easing into the street or into the driveway. Highly recommend

  235. barbara wilkerson

    Saw this on a neighbor’s driveway and had to get it. Great quality and made a vast improvement on driving in and out of the driveway. No more jolting bump.

  236. Anonymous

    I love how these were easy to install and really make getting in and out of my driveway much easier

  237. Douglas Gruehl

    It does exactly what I needed it to do at a fraction of the cost. Excellent quality and easy install

  238. Michael Mobley

    So easy to assemble; top quality all around. I did it alone with no issues at all. This will certainly save me from having to have my front bumpers repaired again. Wish I had found these years ago, would have saved a ton of money.

  239. MichaelH

    Product arrived quickly. Was easy to assemble. Works great and the price was very reasonable. Completely Satisfied to date.

  240. Anonymous

    The curb ramp arrived in three boxes and was easy to assemble.

  241. Anonymous

    Product received promptly.Had one question and support immediately responded.Installed the product and it works great.

  242. Ernestine Moir

    Great product and customer service.Makes a huge difference pulling into driveway and backing in trailers.Expensive but worth it.

  243. Anonymous

    Excellent product for bridging the curb to your driveway.

  244. William M Sligar MD

    good product but pricey.

  245. Steve

    Great product. Don’t have to worry anymore about cowling scraping pavement

  246. Chip

    BUT – on a slightly angled downhill drive the ramp needs to be anchored or frequently pulled back into position since it will slide out of place with use. Despite what the ads say the ramp will not hold its position without some sort of anchor

  247. Barbara

    The product itself is good for what it is but, the attachment process is pure garbage. The bolts cannot be tightened due to no room for a wrench or any other tightening tool. The instructions to get this done are very weak at best. This appears to be a molded product…introduce space in the bolt areas on both sides of the bolts as to give room to allow tools to tighten these pieces together. I zipped tied mine together due to crappy engineering.

  248. Frederick Scott

    What a huge difference these make accessing your driveway.

  249. Brad

    I was so surprised how wonderful this product is.We purchased a new house without the driveway opening in the curb and the jarring effect it had when pulling into the driveway was terrible.I noticed a few neighbors had the Bridjit so I looked them up, found the price reasonable and purchased it.Love it enough to recommend it to my neighbor. Definitely worth the money spent.

  250. Gregory C. DiFranza

    It saves my Cadillac from scraping its nose. We have been driving up the curb at an angle to prevent scraping of all our cars front lower air dams.This solves that problem along with the jarring bump.All gone now!

  251. Bill

    We love the Bridjit. At first we thought it was crazy to spend that much money on something but it has truly made such a difference. I would definitely recommend the product.

  252. Jill

    This product fit the bill for my driveway from the street. Easy to assemble and works great!

  253. Anonymous

    We just installed our new Bridjit ramp system (4 pieces). We are so happy because now whenever we leave or return, no more jostling and jarring as we drive over the ramp. Once our two neighbors saw that we had one, they ordered also. Thanks for such a great product!

  254. Chris

    What a blessing to have these ramps so I don’t have to scrape my wheelchair or car anymore!Thank you!

  255. Doug Hardy

    I ordered my curb ramps and were received within two days.They were better than expected, built to last, easy to assemble,and made in the USA!

  256. Chuck

    I have seen this and been thinking about buying this for a few years now and decided to buy. Now I’m disappointed I didn’t buy sooner. It’s fantastic and it’s like not having a curb. Makes traversing in and out of the driveway easy peasy. Worth the purchase.

  257. Anonymous

    Pros: Heavy weight construction, easy placement, allows water to pass underneath easy enough, and is smoother than other competitor products I have used, customer service has been a breeze
    Cons: a little on the expensive side, weight requires a two-person job
    Overview: The price is worth it for these ramps, they have a great feel to them and the ride over them, compared to competitors’ products, has been smooth and easy. I drive a Lincoln Navigator, so that drop can be perilous and painful with the weight it carries, and this does the job.One thing I want to bring up: I did not get the hardware for the initial ramps, but customer service was responsive in sending it ASAP. Thats the only thing preventing me from a 5-star review

  258. Anonymous

    the product did the job, no more scraping going in and out of driveway in the subaru legacy. I would deffently recommend this product for others to avoid damage to their cars. I have no problems scraping no more, thank you bridjet.

  259. John Blackwell

    nice ramp set, but the connecting bolts are very difficult to have to wedge the bolts way up and out to screw nuts on.should have wider clearance for the nuts to attach.

  260. Anonymous

    This is the second one I have purchased.The first one I had to go for the 4 sections and the second one only three sections.They are very heavy duty and heavy.If anyone wanted to take it they better have help.One person could not take off with it.

  261. Reilly

    A long time to decide but so glad we did. My wife is very happy with results. It was so easy to install. 2 neighbors already want to order

  262. Alex Mullins


  263. Anonymous

    Our gutter is 24′ and we needed to supplement the extra 8′ with concrete blocks. Otherwise these would have been perfect.Will still need to get the area filled in.

  264. Gerald Buckley

    We live in a community that has large deep curbs to move large volumes of rainwater.Each gime I enter my driveway my front bumper scrapes the paint a little!The 4 x47′ section of Bridjit Curb Ramps are an answer to prayer. The bump has been completely elimiated.Easy to assemble and install.Thank you Bridjit!

  265. Mark Ward

    The bump into our driveway was a major inconvenience.Hurt my wife’s neck.BRIDJIT fixed it once and for all.Water can run under so no mess.

  266. Charlie Arnold Moats

    These curb ramps are great and they are going to save my car’s fender. No complaints about the product but I wish there was an ACTUAL instructional video (not just a giant ad calling itself an instructional video) showing how to put these together.

  267. Becky

    Purchased a C7 Corvette with Z07 suspension pkg and needed the right product to safely get up and down the driveway without scraping and this product does the trick. Built solid and easy install. John Curry made sure I had the item delivered to my home before the new car arrived. Excellent business and product!

  268. AJ Torrence

    Just love my Bridget ramp!It makes it so easy entering my driveway and no dragging!

  269. matt huntsman

    We are happy with our new Bridjit ramps. After 13 years of dragging the ground going in and out of the driveway we’re only getting a little bump. Such a great improvement. Thanks!

  270. Satisfied Customer

    We have a rolled-curb, where the road to sidewalk curb transition is a curved concrete edge, which makes for a bump and hardship transition. The bridjit makes is so much nicer for me because our cars have a much smoother drive-off. My wife is SO much happier, which makes me happy. 😉 My one concern is the bolt/nut connection isn’t easy to make if you’re using a crescent wrench. Do yourself a favor and use a ratchet socket.

  271. Anonymous

    Work great and all the neighbors want one now!

  272. kashmira palkhivala

    I was hesitant at first,worrying about whether or not it was going to fit, how I would like it, if it would fit my needs, if I would be able to install it et cetera. It was extremely easy to install, it fits the curb perfectly, now we are just waiting for the rainy season to see how it performs.

  273. Denny

    Our curb has a very noticable incline that would often result in hitting the underside of the car, and was very jarring. Now we don’t really have to think about entering and leaving the driveway, it is so much smother. Setup took a bit of effort but was simple an easy to understand.

  274. Dennis J Dicken

    Care must be taken when prying the bolt to put on the nut as too much pressure will cause the area above the bolt to tear.Suggest that Birdjit offer a 2′ foot section to allow for variance in driveway width. Approx. $95?

  275. Jayne

    great design to achieve a smooth drive up the curb in the street, sturdy, easy assembly, feels like it’s overpriced, but my wife is happy

  276. Jon

    We ordered the Bridjit system because of the rather abrupt edge to our driveway from the road it makes an amazing difference.We ordered the extra center piece so it would fit the width of our driveway better.The system is sturdy and works great.

  277. Leon L

    Does the job of getting my car up and down the curb without scraping the underside of the car. It was much needed. A little on the expensive side but it is the only one on the market.

  278. Mike

    Good: Works well at easing the load on my car’s suspension.Easier to install than I expected base on some reviews.
    Bad: With use, the ramp tends to rotate to a flatter orientation, but easy enough to occasionally drag back into the desired position.The product arrived in boxes that were falling apart (they need to use beefier tape for a product this heavy).The ramp pieces seemed to have an ArmorAll-like product applied to them that made them look nice, but a bit slippery to carry and walk on.
    FYI: The instructions suggest using a 2×4 or 2×6 between sections to aid in getting the nuts on the bolts.That didn’t seem to provide any significant relief in getting the nuts on.It was easy enough to lay the ramp flat, and with a sturdy screwdriver inserted along the steep side of the channel, pry the bolt up enough to get the nut on the desired 1/4′.

  279. Scott Ellis

    It went together easily and does exactly what I wanted it to do. It rocks a tiny bit when I drive over it, but it’s not a problem. I recently went to look at the other Bridjit in the neighborhood and it’s still in great shape after being there a few years.

  280. Gerald Wantz

    This is the best ramp for sloped curbs. We recently brought my dads antique car to our house and it was necessary to have a ramp to prevent damage to the front end of the vehicle. So pleased with this ramp!

  281. Harold Young

    It was straightforward to install and works great. The perfect solution for what we needed!

  282. Lisa and Mike

    Exactly what I needed.Not possible to include nuts in installation

  283. Anonymous

    In our new home, the driveways have rounded driveway curbs instead of the traditional slopedtransition from the street to the driveway. This product is a godsend to help my car(s) pull into & out of my driveway. My only complaint is that you do have to drive into the Bridjit head-on or the entire segment could shift left or right. Unfortunately, I can’t do this for one of my cars.

  284. Bill Fritz

    Love these we have a very wide driveway with curbed entrance saw our neighbors had these and decided to get a 3 pc set. ours was just to wide with each garage on the far sides so 3 wasn’t enough we ended up ordering 2 more and have a total of 5 now and it works great!!!! very pleased just wish there was a coupon or a discount for ordering so many cause they are expensive but honestly totally worth it 🙂

  285. Dave

    works great

  286. Christopher

    I saw Bridjit while walking one day.We have a rolled curb like they’ve done in many subdivisions where there is not a specific driveway entry.Bridjit has solved the problem of the “bump” when we’re driving into and out of our driveway and solved the scraping problem when a vehicle with lower clearance parks in the driveway.We’re so happy with it.

  287. Laura

    It works great

  288. Mark M

    I purchased the Bridjit system to eliminate the vertical distancefrom the driveway to the street, with the hope that it would make backing out of our driveway less jolting. It has done exactly that and the Bridjit system also looks better and is easier to install then competitive products.

  289. Robert

    i am impressed with Bridjit on how fast my ramp came in after i placed the order (four days).the ramp is very sturdy, high quality rubber and stays in place with the many times we drive over it.I love that it is made with recycled tires and it is made in America.

  290. Anonymous

    The bridjit really solved 2 problems for me.We use a golf cart and bikes very frequently and the Bridjit really makes the transition smooth.My recommendation is to realy follow the directions including the wood elevation to make installation easier.Also make sure the Bridjit logo is facing in the right direction.

  291. Anonymous

    I use the ramp on my curved driveway ramp. It works with the sections but leaves 2 wedge-shaped gaps. This keeps the ramp flexible, what can be good or bad – not sure yet, need to see after some time. Bringing in the bolts is a challenge and needs 2 people. I wished there were some washers already vulcanized into the rubber, because the bolt ends / nuts can easily be pulled into the rubber when tightened too much. This is most likely only an issue in curved entries as you need to adjust them after placement.
    All in all the ramp works well, looks good and is heavy enough to stay. Nevertheless I need to reposition it from time to time. I do not think it is a smart idea to bolt it to the ground in my (curved) driveway, as I have seen from time to time at other places.The quality is good but price too high. However there is no competition. I like the fact that it is a recycled product an US made.

  292. Deana Manning

    I highly recommend these, we needed them to get our Corvette up the driveway but love them even for our suv.

  293. Anonymous

    This made such a huge difference in exiting and entering our driveway.So glad we made the purchase!

  294. gene mertle

    Weighs enough to stay in place and does the job!

  295. Anonymous

    The entry in to our driveway is SOO much smoother now.the only problem I had was a couple of the holes didn’t align perfectly making a small hump at one joint.

  296. Dennis Olson

    Going off the rounded curb in my driveway always scraped the skirt below my bumper, sometimes the bumper itself would hit so hard it would chip the cement. This product keeps me from creeping inch by inch into the street. We’ve had it about a month and it’s holding up well with use. I would recommend it.

  297. Kelly C Davis

    The Bridget is so easy to put together and install. The reward is no more bumping entering my driveway and the price was really reasonable

  298. ED

    Found it very difficult to screw in bolts,


    The Bridjit works great.Before I bought this, I would nearly loose a kidney when trying to enter my driveway.It is a fantastic invention.

  300. Alton A Weeks

    I’ve always hated my driveway approach buy here in the south with heavy rains you need that extra help to keep the water flowing down the street. Since I bought a very low car I had to almost pull in the driveway sideways to not hit the front end. Now I have no problem at all and just pull right in.

  301. Suzanne

    What can I say…it lays there. Our curb is a soft rounded rain gutter and it does not quite fill the void perfectly, so we don’t get an absolute perfect smooth transition, but it is better than it was before where we had nothing at all. The garbage trucks, when they drive close to the curb to pick up the cans, tend to move it down the street, and out of alignment with our driveway, when they come by once a week, but all in all it is a nice piece that is helping us keep the underneath side of our car intact.

  302. Anonymous

    Very happy with our Bridjit ramp and extension.Gave it to my husband for his birthday.Makes the world of difference driving in and out of our driveway!!

  303. Lizard

    Easy to assemble and lasts for years.My wifes sports car used to scrape the curb as she would leave and enter the driveway – Not Anymore.I recommend this product.

  304. Ken

    This is best thing for in n out of driveway without dip

  305. Tiffany

    For 20 years I’ve bumped over the curb – straight on, at an angle, slowly, quickly and it’s always been a bump.Thanks to Bridjit is smoother sailing.Don’t put it off, it a quality product and a great relief.

  306. Peter K

    These are simply the best–expensive, but worth it in the long run.Now my new Tesla glides over the former large bump on the driveway!Not the easiest to install but if you have a good strong lever (I used a heavy screw driver) it is a piece of cake, and actually, that’s what you want ultimately because a thief can’t dismantle them.

  307. Raoul

    I think for the price it’s a much easier and cheaper fix than pouring concrete to fix the driveway dip. It would work with 3 pieces, but it fit much better when I ordered the extra piece to cover the entire driveway width. The bolts are almost impossible to get on, so I decided not to even add them on to the connecting pins. Hopefully it will hold without them and not separate. So far, it’s working out great and fixed the scraping/bottoming out of all our vehicles coming and going into our drive! I love that it’s made in America for a change too! I would definitely recommend the product!

  308. Anonymous

    My driveway slants up, and is bracketed by a deep curb for drainage. I drive a Mini-Cooper, which rides very low to the ground. For years I’ve driven in and out very slowly, but it still always grated a little. At my local Home Depotan employee recommended the Bridjit. What a difference! My car glides out so smoothly into the road I don’t even feel the curb! Installation was quick and easy, and includes the drainage I need in my neighborhood. Price was affordable, especially considering the wear & tear it will avoid on my car. It arrived quickly , and I feel good about the recycled material and the fact that Bridjit is nade in the USA. I would definitely recommend to anyone who needs a smoother curb!

  309. Kevin Underhill

    Very effective in protecting the bottom of the car from scraping the apron of the driveway.Somewhat challenging to put together as the nuts and bolts are very tight and to position once assembled.But, effective nonetheless.

  310. Justin L

    The product overall is made of good quality.Only gripe would be the nuts are not easily fastened to the bolts even when following the instructions provided. Not sure if a special tool is needed for this or not. We used both an open-end wrench and a ratchet to get the job done

  311. Richard Levy

    We recently moved into our new home and found the driveway entrance had a large drop off that frustrated my wife and I. We purchased the Bridjit system along with an extra center piece. We could not ask for a better product to address our concerns with the driveway. Bridjit was to install and allowed water to drain without issues during a big rain shortly after the installation. The system is not too heavy to work with, but heavy enough someone can’t stop off and pickup quickly. Highly recommended, in fact three of my neighbors have purchased or planning the purchase the Bridjit system. I just saw one neighbor taking a picture of the phone number…here comes another order 🙂

  312. James Proper

    We love the product but it is very hard to put them together there is no explanation on how to get the Bolts on.we figured out that you need two people to do this and you have to bend the ramps almost in half to be able to install the bolts.

  313. Anonymous

    Solved our curb problem. Receivedin a timely manner.Easy install.Worth every penny. Highly recommend.

  314. Dewayne Prater

    Bridjit ramps solve our problem with the Porsche’s scraping upon entering or exiting our driveway.Yes, I would buy again & I recommend this product.Our passage over the ramp is not smooth; it’s bumpy, but the contour of our pavement precludes the smooth passages.

  315. James Gillich

    This has help my sistera lot at here home in Va.

  316. Dee Gibson

    The driveway at my new home had a gutter that dipped too low, and the van scraped every time. Now it’s great. The ramp was not difficult to put together and in place.

  317. Anonymous

    Works perfectly to take the jolt out of pulling into/ out of the driveway! Saw these 10 years ago at a customers house, finally got the money together to get them and love them! Wish I could have gotten them sooner. Thank you for creating such a great invention!

  318. Anonymous

    Our Bridjits arrived in great order in separate boxes which is when we realized that we got one left and two rights and no middle.I had a very nice conversation with perhaps the owner and decided to return one of the extra right panels and just use the two I have.It works just fine.He was very helpful!

  319. Brent

    These curb ramps work as expected, were easy to install and look good.

  320. Anonymous

    I am extremely pleased with my purchase and wish that I would have purchased it sooner!

  321. Ruth

    These ramps make such a difference as we have 3 SUV’s that have been banging the curb for years. I have a curved apron and bought two additional center ramps and they fit well. Thanks!

  322. Anonymous

    Easy to install. Great for low clearance vehicles.

  323. Anonymous

    These are just what I needed to stop the jolt when I go in and out of my driveway.It makes it easy for my motorcycle too!Installation was as easy as the directions say!

  324. Jerry Wolff

    Have not had good enough weather to try the vehicle we actually bought it for. It has definitely smoothed out the bump on our daily drivers. I would recommend and look forward to taking our vette out soon.

  325. Anonymous

    Works well with our rolled curb.

  326. Anonymous

    I had a bad issue with the front end of my car scraping the road when I pulled out of the driveway. I looked at less expensive options but after reading the reviews decided to go with bridjit. So far all I can say is that it performs as advertised and looks like it will last.

  327. Anonymous

    It solved the problem of driving my Roush into the garage. HIGHLY recommend!

  328. Anonymous

    Solved the issue of curb jolt and undercarriage damage. Easy to install and perfect fit. Thanks!

  329. Mike Jarrett

    I can finally stop worrying about damaging my and my guest vehicles.The product works great and recommend it to everyone.

  330. ALAN POPE

    Easy to assemble, it does everything it says it could do.I wish Iwould have purchased sooner which would have avoided s few bottom scrapes on my vehicles.


    I cannot begin to tell you how much I love my bridjit product!The transition from driveway to street is so smooth!Should have done it years ago!

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