BRIDJIT 3-Piece Expandable Curb Ramp Set

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The BRIDJIT Curb Ramp is an expandable 3-piece system that reduces the jarring effect of driving over a residential rolled curb by as much as 80%.

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Curb 2The BRIDJIT Curb Ramp is an expandable 3-piece system that reduces the jarring effect of driving over a residential rolled curb by as much as 80%. Most people who add the BRIDJIT expandable CurbRamp system to their driveway report a big improvement in comfort, not to mention reduced wear and tear on their vehicle.

Because BRIDJIT Curb Ramps are designed to reduce the impact of a rolled curb entry by as much as 80%, they are suitable for use with all types of vehicles: cars, trucks, golf carts, motorcycles, boat trailers, wheeled carts, hand trucks…anything with wheels that has to go over a rolled curb.



BRIDJIT Curb Ramps Prevent Vehicle Wear and Tear

Wear tear
Installing a BRIDJIT Curb Ramp on your driveway doesn’t just making entering and exiting your driveway more comfortable – it will also benefit your vehicle:

  1. The repeated impact of driving over a curb can lead to wheel misalignment and premature steering component damage. By reducing the severity of this impact, your vehicle’s shocks and struts will last longer, and your vehicle’s wheels will stay aligned longer and maintain longer tire life.
  2. Many vehicles – especially vehicles with lower ground clearance – will “scrape” against the concrete and asphalt when driving over rolled curbs. These scrapes can damage the vehicle body and on some vehicles can crack bumpers.
  3. BRIDJIT can save you fuel too. If your vehicle’s wheels are out of alignment, you’ll see faster than usual tire wear, and a possible decrease in fuel economy. While these changes are small, they add up.

Whether you have a low ground clearance sports car, a conversion van, or even a truck that pulls a trailer, a BRIDJIT Curb Ramp system is a value added investment.



BRIDJIT Is Made In The USA, From Recycled Tires

GreenWe are proud to say that BRIDJIT Curb Ramps are made in the USA, and we’re also proud of the fact that we make them from recycled tires.

  • By making BRIDJIT ramps in the USA, we support reducing the carbon footprint and the reduction of the 270 million tires ending up in US landfills every year.
  • Manufacturing in the US with stringent control of the process ensures our production is environmentally friendly
  • By working with US manufacturers, our product supports American jobs

According to John Curry, the founder of our company and the creator of BRIDJIT Curb Ramps, he wouldn’t make this product anywhere else.



Easy to Install, Easy To Own

Installing your BRIDJIT Curb Ramps is easy. While you may need a helper (each section of the ramp weighs about 50lbs), assembly is straightforward and takes less than 30 minutes.*

  • Each ramp section is boxed separately and shipped to your door.
  • The ramp sections are bolted to one another – NOT to the curb itself, making them fully removable.
  • The ramp has an open channel on the underside, allowing water to flow underneath.
  • The ramp set can be assembled on a curve, which means it works great for houses on cul-de-sacs.
  • An installed, 3 section system weighs over 150lbs and can be flipped over for semiannual cleaning.

Since 2008, BRIDJIT Curb Ramps have been sold in bulk to many HOAs and municipalities throughout the US. Acceptance of BRIDJIT ramps varies, but overall the costly damage caused by rolled curbs has been recognized as a major problem, with BRIDJIT Curb Ramps being seen as a solution to the problem.  *For more information, please see our installation instructions here.



Our Customers Love Our Product

In the ten years that we’ve been in business, we’ve received hundreds of comments from satisfied customers. You can see our testimonials page to read a handful of the comments we’ve had over the years.



Product Details


  • BRIDJIT Curb Ramps are made from recycled tires, making them weather resistant and more than tough enough for daily use.
  • Each ramp set includes a left, center, and right section for installation on both curved and straight driveway entries. The left and right sections are tapered to allow for ease of parallel parking and to decrease the possibility of tripping.
  • BRIDJIT Curb Ramp sets are expandable, with additional 47” center sections available to expand the width of your ramp set (sold separately).
  • BRIDJIT Curb Ramps can be assembled with just a hammer and a screwdriver. Once assembled the ramps can be flipped into place. Due to the weight of the ramp sections, it’s a good idea to have a helper assist you with installation.
  • BRIDJIT Curb Ramps have a water channel on the underside of each section that allows water to flow under the ramp, ensuring compliance with local ordinances.
  • BRIDJIT curb ramps are made in the USA. The company, founded in 2008, is headquartered in St. George UT, with manufacturing in Indiana and California.



Product Specs


  • Each ramp section is 47” long, 16” wide, and roughly 2.5” tall. A completely assembled set will be 141” in length (just shy of 12 feet).
  • Each individual section weighs approximately 50 pounds, for a total weight of 153 pounds when assembled into a standard ramp.
  • Additional 47” wide center sections can be purchased to expand the total length of the driveway if needed.
  • Galvanized bolts measure 0.5” x 7.5” and are pre-inserted into the center section to connect the three sections. Additional center sections are assembled in the same fashion.
  • The 2.5” height at the center tapers to 0.75” at the end of each ramp. This ensures a smooth transition between road and driveway.
  • A 2.5” wide channel on the underside of each section accommodates storm runoff.
  • Shipping weight is 153 lbs. Shipping charges are included in the price for customers located in the continental USA. For customers outside the continental USA, please contact us for a shipping quote.
  • Please note that all returns are subject to a restocking fee. See our FAQ page for more information.

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1730 reviews for BRIDJIT 3-Piece Expandable Curb Ramp Set

  1. Thomas Smith (verified owner)

    When I purchased, you ask why I might not have made the purchase and I responded that I want to know if there is any experience/reviews of people who leave it down all year in snow county. Main reason I purchased is due to fact my driveway has a substantial incline and our driveway snow removal causes him to scrape and gouge driveway. By his not hitting the gutter dip but going over a more level surface we are hoping this will stop the damage. We of course have to have it down so that municipal plowers don’t push it down the street also. I would think for north easteners you would have some feed back.

  2. Patricia A. (verified owner)

  3. John S. (verified owner)

    Game Changer

  4. Vincent Nola (verified owner)

    This curb device works like a charm. It is a pleasure to now drive into
    My garage. Vincent Nola

  5. Michael Martin (verified owner)

    The ramp is not fitting my driveway entrance area. The documentation stated that they would fit even into a slightly curved space. It fits well on one side (the left side looking at the pictures), but rides up above the driveway surface on the other (right) side, which you will see in the attached pictures. Need some help please to resolve this problem, as the ramps do not work very well for my situation. Please contact me phone (610) 909-3542 or email [email protected]

    Image #1 from Michael Martin
    Image #2 from Michael Martin
    Image #3 from Michael Martin
  6. Pete Reyerse (verified owner)

    Great product and swift delivery

  7. David White (verified owner)

  8. Michael C. (verified owner)

    Entire process from ordering to product receipt was seamless. Company even called to confirm order prior to shipment. Excellent customer service.

  9. Ryan R. (verified owner)

    Such a well made product that directly solves the problem at hand. My entire experience has been pleasant with excellent customer service.

  10. Cris (verified owner)

    These are great. Easy to order. Fast delivery. Easy packaging. Easy assembly. My second purchase.

  11. Jeffrey Whitesel (verified owner)

    Excellent product and good documentation of installing…

  12. Judy Stowers (verified owner)

  13. Jose LaBoy (verified owner)

    Great just the right fit after adding one more section easy to install

    Image #1 from Jose LaBoy
  14. William (verified owner)

    Prompt shipment, quality product

  15. Edward Peightal (verified owner)

    Love the product. Just wish the product price a little lower

  16. Dale S. (verified owner)

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love them! Went together easily and work like a charm!

  18. Lawrence Tonks (verified owner)

  19. Curtis D. (verified owner)

    Easy install while adding two more central sections. It fit very well on my curved curb! These ramps meets or exceeds their published description.

  20. Tim B. (verified owner)

    BRIDJIT delivered on their promise, great product and customer service. I needed the product in a small delivery window, and they came through, twice. I highly recommend the the company and product.

  21. Neil Sullivan (verified owner)

  22. Richard K. (verified owner)

    This was easy to set up and works wonderfully. I no longer have to back up at odd angles to avoid scraping the bottom of the car. I purchased an extra section and it fits the driveway perfectly.

  23. Michele M. (verified owner)

    I bought the basic 3 pieces and 3 additional ones to cover my large driveway….. we LOVE it. It looks nice and it is SO smooth!

  24. Karen B. (verified owner)

    Love the ramps and the instructional video on how to connect them was great!

  25. Martin S. (verified owner)

    Joined with 7 more center sections to make one big, fantastic bridge. Entire neighborhood loves it.

  26. James Wagner (verified owner)

    Shipped quickly, and is working great to smooth out our driveway entry.

  27. Henry H. (verified owner)

    great quality

  28. Mike (verified owner)

    The ramp works great.

  29. Carl Richard (verified owner)

    Super easy to install and works great!

  30. Pete Reyerse (verified owner)

  31. Harold Hoffmeier (verified owner)

    I have one for myself, this one is for my daughter. She will love it as I do

  32. Jeremy S. (verified owner)

    Works as intended, eliminated scraping going in and out of driveway. Assembly was a bit harder than expected.

  33. Rick Coomes (verified owner)

    I love them!!! Wish I had known about them years ago! Best Xmas present ever ….

  34. Sonia (verified owner)

    Bridjit has made a world of difference to the end of our driveway, no more drop down just to drive out and a huge difference to my husband who uses a wheelchair. It enables him to wheel on to the drive without the stress of manoevering up the edge of the drive. The units are a good design for easy assembly.

  35. George Gregoire (verified owner)

    Very well made, quick delivery, every thing was there for setting up and was very nice and easy to set up.

    Image #1 from George Gregoire
    Image #2 from George Gregoire
  36. GARY CREHAN (verified owner)

    Excellent product, very easy to assemble the individual sections.

  37. Fareed (verified owner)

    On time and in great condition

  38. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy to put together and works great, exactly as advertised. It’s also very strong.

  39. Toni Kuiper (verified owner)

  40. Charles K. (verified owner)

    Great addition to hat allowed me to park my car in my new home

  41. Sharon (verified owner)

    it was just what I needed to get my handiap scooter over the driveway curbing. My son and his friend installed it in less than half an hour.

  42. Carolyn Forlow (verified owner)

  43. William Walters (verified owner)

    Appears to tear easily when inserting the bolts/nuts during assembly.

  44. Kimberly W. (verified owner)

    Great addition to the driveway, much smoother entry and exit. Well worth the investment.

  45. Archie M. (verified owner)

    We’re satisfied with the product, just feel the top portion that rests on the curb should be tapered.

  46. Seth Davis (verified owner)

    Went together easily. each unit is pretty heavy – be prepared.

  47. Rollie S. (verified owner)

  48. Anonymous (verified owner)

  49. Judith B. (verified owner)

    We love them! Our Coachmen Beyond RV rides smoothly in and and out of the driveway now!

  50. Janice (verified owner)

  51. Stephen T. (verified owner)

    Product is exactly as advertised, plus there’s a helpful setup video and fast delivery—I’m impressed.

  52. Doug J. (verified owner)

    Perfectly solved my issue with the stupid high curbs and my ultra-low cars

  53. Boyd (verified owner)

  54. Lee Baugher (verified owner)

  55. Erin S. (verified owner)

    Your company and product are incredible. As you can see, I’ve got a long curb at the end of my drive way and needed 2 sets of your curbs. I love them and feel good knowing the products are made from recycled materials.

    Image #1 from Erin S.
  56. Denise L. (verified owner)

  57. Julie C. (verified owner)

    Everything arrived in a timely manner. The video was very helpful. One thing to add if you re-do the video is to put a 4×4 block under each seam to facilitate tightening the nut. I was able to assemble it by myself 75-year-old female).

  58. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Other than the price everything was good

  59. Joseph Sierzputowski (verified owner)

    One of the best purchases I ever made

  60. Amanda M. (verified owner)

    I’ve bought three sets total! We love ours and wanted to gift a couple sets, I can’t wait for them to get theirs for Christmas! 🥰 We got them very quick after ordering! Within a couple days!

  61. Anonymous (verified owner)

  62. Jason (verified owner)

    Huge difference, I don’t even own a super low sports car, but this was greatly needed, as to back out of my driveway was a very slow process. Now you can barely tell there is a rolled curb there at all.

  63. Vince (verified owner)

  64. Robert (verified owner)

  65. Nichelle Hudson (verified owner)

    They are great, but really hard to put bolts on cuz the screws are so flush!

  66. Deborah (verified owner)

    It’s a christmas present so it’s still in the box, but customer service was helpful, friendly, and delivery was super quick.

  67. Robin L. (verified owner)

    Ordering was straight forward and easy. Amazingly the product delivered within a couple of days. No more scraping my car on the street! Love it, would recommend to anyone.

  68. Nathen Martin (verified owner)

    Great product and excellent customer service!

  69. Anonymous (verified owner)

    High quality and best design. Other curb ramps don’t look as fitted and Kissel about but this one stays put. I was really impressed how much easier it was to pull in and out of our driveway after installing. Installation is a bit tricky and propping something underneath the ramp while screwing in the nut helps expose the bolt better. Remember a 1/4 inch is all you need protruding out. We’re super happy with the final product.

  70. Ronald Ford (verified owner)

    Helped a great deal

  71. Gail PALESTINE (verified owner)

  72. Charles White (verified owner)

  73. Jerry P. (verified owner)

  74. William Miller (verified owner)

    Great Product! I bought 2-sets of the Bridjit ramps for my driveway or 32 linear ft

  75. DEMETRA MIKOLASY (verified owner)

    great product. easy to install

  76. Terri (verified owner)

  77. Robert C. (verified owner)

    Easy install !

  78. Lawanda Turner (verified owner)

    Seems nice and sturdy.

  79. Randy H. (verified owner)

    Works great, but very difficult to bolt sections together.

  80. Randall R. (verified owner)

    My approach is slightly curved and the ramps work perfectly. My approach is the new ADA required driveway approach and these make it almost normal.

  81. Thomas Schaffner (verified owner)

  82. Anonymous (verified owner)

  83. Dejene (verified owner)

    good stuff, it work perfectly for me

  84. William (verified owner)

    Not only has it helped my handicap van, I am now able to safely exit my property in case of an emergency in my power wheelchair. Thank you Bridjit for sharing detailed information on the phone with me before my purchase.

    Image #1 from William
  85. JOHN G. (verified owner)

    Every thing about the product was as described no issues and IT works. It may walk on you a little requiring repositioning but it’s minor. I recommend this versus other ideas repaving etc unless you’re doing a full driveway pour. Material Is solid and professionally cured giving it a A for this class of product.

  86. Third C. (verified owner)

    Nice fit perfect ramp curb

  87. SERGIU VLAS (verified owner)

  88. Robert (verified owner)

  89. Geoffrey Brooks (verified owner)

  90. George Doxey (verified owner)

    The ramps arrived in great condition, & the assembly instructions are spot on. They work as advertised! I’m extremely happy with the product! Keep it up!

  91. Steve (verified owner)

    Everything from ordering to delivery was outstanding, quick response to email was very good. Would definitely recommend. Cheers

  92. Mary (verified owner)

    Love it! It was for our daughter! Now we want one!

  93. HAMILTON (verified owner)

    Excellent service, product and fast shipping

  94. James M. (verified owner)


  95. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’ll be honest, I was really pulling for being able to give a glowing recommendation because these are all over our neighborhood before we purchased ours, but I can’t. The installation was nowhere near as easy as the install video indicates. It’s very hard to raise up the bolt to screw on the nuts and one of the bolts provided did not have any thread on it. And since installed, the ramp keeps sliding down to rest flat rather than diagonally as designed.

  96. Chet (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, super product worked perfectly with 10 degree approach driveway!

  97. Camille (verified owner)

    Prompt delivery. Sections are HEAVY, and once put together-ridiculously heavy, but sturdy. (So, make sure you put them together near their final location). Works well. Recommend.

  98. Steve (verified owner)

    This ramp is a bumper-saver for our car. Thank you!

  99. Kathleen (verified owner)

    Everything came in a very timely manner and was easy to install. Great company to deal with!

  100. Fay (verified owner)

    Very happy with our Bridjit! Going in and out of our driveway is very smooth now that we have the Bridjit. Fast shipping was a plus.

  101. Allen (verified owner)

  102. Jean (verified owner)

    Excellent, no longer have an issue going up and down the driveway. We have also received positive comments from neighbors and friends

  103. Michael Jones (verified owner)

    Makes life a lot easier getting my Shelby gt350 in driveway forward and backing in.

    Image #1 from Michael Jones
  104. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quality product, quick delivery, and easy set up.

  105. Alan (verified owner)

    I received the order very quickly. The instructions were easy to follow and the installation went without a hitch.

  106. Anonymous (verified owner)

  107. Ann.V. Bennett (verified owner)

    We are 80 and 79 years old and it was not as difficult as we thought to have a great curb for the Fiat and EV into our driveway. They are both very close to the ground.

  108. Anonymous (verified owner)

  109. KALPESH PATEL (verified owner)

  110. James Atkins (verified owner)

  111. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Shipment was never to happen as you have a local distributor in Denver.

  112. Bonnie C. (verified owner)

  113. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice piece of apparatus.

  114. Supratman Hidayat (verified owner)

  115. Gabriela Breitfeller (verified owner)

    Quick delivery, easy set up. Works great!

  116. Bruce Jacobson (verified owner)

    Great product

  117. Anonymous (verified owner)

  118. Linda K. (verified owner)

    Love it! Wish I’d bought 2 of the center sections. Very easy to put together. Seriously only took 15-20 minutes at most! They are heavy so do need 2 people at minimum.

  119. John M. (verified owner)

    Since I am handy with tools, this was easy to assemble even at 70+ yrs old.

  120. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Didn’t think they would move so much.

  121. Robert M. (verified owner)

    Makes a big difference pulling in & out of our driveway. Very popular in our neighborhood so we decided to join them!

  122. Derek Ralston (verified owner)

    Easy to install and so much easier on the front end of the car than our old steel ramps.

    Image #1 from Derek Ralston
  123. Scott (verified owner)

  124. Sharon Cardenas (verified owner)

    No problem with ordering and delivery of our ramps, I was able to set up by myself however having another set of hands would be preferable, overall experience was great

  125. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Useful, well made product. Installation is a little more involved than I thought. But ultimately, straightforward. Product works as advertised.

  126. Wes (verified owner)

  127. John D. (verified owner)

    So easy to put together and attractive too. No more spraining my ankle on the big dip at the end of our driveway.

  128. Jon (verified owner)

    Perfect solution to the large rounded curb/gutter we have in front of our house. Saw others in the neighborhood and had to get one. We bought the additional center section to span our entire driveway. Definitely easier to install with two people – little bit of a learning curve to get clearance around the bolt threads to get the nuts tightened, but after the first one, the rest were a breeze. Thank you!

  129. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quick and easy order, fast delivery and an amazing product!

  130. Anonymous (verified owner)

  131. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The curb ramps are heavy duty and we’re east to install. I’m completely satisfied!

  132. James Smith (verified owner)

    The curb-ramp product arrived quickly and in great condition, was effortless to unpack and assembly was straight-forward. The quality of the product is evident immediately and its performance is outstanding.

    Eliminating the “jarring movement” that we previously had to endure each time we entered or exited our driveway has put smiles on our faces each day.

    Thank you for offering such a quality-manufactured product at a fair price.

  133. Chris (verified owner)

  134. Jenna (verified owner)

  135. Christopher Cook (verified owner)

  136. Eric H. (verified owner)

    Received material as advertised. Happily surprised with how quickly the material arrived. Thank you.

  137. Mary M (verified owner)

  138. Lawrence J. (verified owner)

    Easy to assemble and perfect for the curb at the driveway

  139. David (verified owner)

    Virtually a 2 day turn around from when I ordered.

  140. Anonymous (verified owner)

  141. Chris Boarman (verified owner)

  142. Martha F. (verified owner)

    Works great! We added two center extenders and fits all the way across our driveway.

  143. Nizarally Lalani (verified owner)

    Very good service
    Got the product sooner than expected

  144. Anonymous (verified owner)

  145. Arlene (verified owner)

    They are heavy but we managed to get them together and down. They make a nice difference driving in and out of the driveway. Our driveway is on a curve so it’s not quite as smooth as I had hoped, but it is much better.

  146. Veronica M. (verified owner)

    Excellent quality

  147. Hunar Sakri (verified owner)

    Works ok but not 100%…

  148. Ellen Endres (verified owner)

    I was having work done on my roof and the workers installed the ramp. The ramp now lets me and the car go over the curb with ease.

  149. Greg (verified owner)

    Image #1 from Greg
  150. James (verified owner)

    Best thing for the car.

  151. Anonymous (verified owner)

    John and the team at Bridjit are great. Not only did Bridjit ship fast (even to Hawaii mind you), when I had trouble installing the bolts and nuts they answered the call quickly and stayed on the line until I was able to figure out what to do. The trick is to have a large flat had screw driver. I picked up the largest milwaukee I could find at the nearby hardware store and that gave me enough leverage to get the bolt up and slip the nut on by myself. It was easy enough to install alone and I had a 3 piece set with an additional 3 pieces. The curb ramps have already made an incredible improvement over my driveway dip and I no longer have to suffer to the sound of my car scratching against the pavement.

    Image #1 from Anonymous
    Image #2 from Anonymous
  152. Kenneth C. (verified owner)

  153. Cindy (verified owner)

    Life changing! No more strut replacements, wheel alignments, and body-jarring drives into the garage!

  154. Anita (verified owner)

    No more whiplash! Shipping was fast and units went together exactly as instructed, now if we can move them for snow, it will be perfect! Love them!

  155. Anonymous (verified owner)

  156. Paul H. (verified owner)

    Seemed a bit pricey, but free shipping helped. Delivered right to my door. Went together very quickly and easily. We are very excited to not be shaken silly every time we pull in or out of our driveway!

    Image #1 from Paul H.
  157. Jeff M. (verified owner)

    Quick delivery, easy to put together and work great

  158. Anonymous (verified owner)

    very good product would recommend to anyone, very strong

  159. Cade G. (verified owner)

  160. James M Taylor (verified owner)

    It slips a little, but I love it

  161. mark o. (verified owner)

    Very pleasantly surprised how significant an improvement there was in driving over the rolled curb, from a real pain to a non-issue. Only regret is that I didn’t instal the Bridjit system much earlier.

  162. Ronald Schafer (verified owner)

    They are what we read about. What a difference these made when we go and come into our carport.
    Thanks Ron

  163. Daniel T. (verified owner)

    We love or curb ramps and this is our second purchase for a second driveway. Made in the USA of recycled tires, this product is a good one!

  164. Mark M. (verified owner)

    Everything was just as expected. Very pleased with the product! Fast Delivery!

  165. Annie Ruth Qualls (verified owner)

    Assemble time took longer than indicated. Seems like the nut that goes on bolt is really hard to get on. Not enough room under it. Took longer to assemble than stated in instructions.

  166. Joel (verified owner)

    Game changer. Love it.

  167. Steve (verified owner)

    So far, so good. The four-piece set arrived on the specified date with all needed accessories, was relatively easy to install (had help from my son, but I could have done it myself) and fits the curb nicely. It’s been installed for over a week now and hasn’t budged an inch, so I’d have to say this is working exactly as advertised. Yes, it may be a bit more expensive, but the quality is worth it (all our neighboring condos have this brand, and have for years, with no complaints).

  168. Scott Stover (verified owner)

    Expedient service, and what a difference it makes upon driveway entry!!

  169. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy assembly & works great! We are Very happy with the purchase.

  170. Anonymous (verified owner)

  171. Kevin W. (verified owner)

  172. Kelly P. (verified owner)

    These ramps are amazing. What a difference it makes.

  173. bharat bhawnani (verified owner)

    I loved it!

  174. David F. (verified owner)

    I wish I had purchased these as soon as I moved into this house, before I cracked the front spoiler on my 1984 Porsche 928S. I am safe now, thanks.

  175. Kay Larson (verified owner)

  176. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Work great! No more scraping!

  177. Anonymous (verified owner)

  178. Donna (verified owner)

    These really make a difference when entering or exiting my driveway. No more big bump! Our friends car would bottom out every time he entered or exited our driveway but not any more!

  179. Robert C. (verified owner)

  180. James P. (verified owner)

    Excellent, love it.

    Image #1 from James P.
  181. Sharon Kirkpatrick (verified owner)

    We Love our new Bridjit curb ramps, makes getting over the street water drain curbs to our driveway nice and smooth.

  182. carol fell (verified owner)

    They are cool

  183. Jonathan (verified owner)

    The bridjit Curb ramps make it a much more comfortable departure from our driveway. Just what I had hoped for. And, American made, which is huge for me these days. I can’t stand sending more money to Xi Jing Ping so he can invade Taiwan or put more people in jail.

  184. Sheri Rogers (verified owner)

  185. Joe M. (verified owner)

    Bridget shipping almost immediate. Very pleased with product.

  186. Victor M. (verified owner)

    Heavy duty materials! Fits good,looks good

  187. Donald B. (verified owner)

  188. Roger (verified owner)


  189. Joseph Osborne (verified owner)

    simple to install

  190. Theresa (verified owner)

    We tweaked the installation process just a bit to make it easier to get the nuts on as that was proving to be a bit challenging. otherwise, assembly is straight forward and takes about 40 minutes for four pieces. I now have a smooth transition into my driveway. Haven’t had them long enough to give any issues that might come up with movement. As of today I would recommend.

  191. Anonymous (verified owner)


  192. Erick Reed (verified owner)

    Called Bridgit. John in customer service most helpful and knowledgeable

  193. Wanda L. (verified owner)

    We love the ramp!

    Image #1 from Wanda L.
    Image #2 from Wanda L.
  194. Benjamin H. (verified owner)

    the instruction of installation is easy to understand however, it is impossible to put the nuts on the screws because there’s no space between the screw and the ramp, not even to mention turning the nuts by hand.

  195. t matthews (verified owner)

  196. randall (verified owner)

  197. Wayne Ray (verified owner)

    Excellent product. I plan to purchase more.

  198. Dan Brown (verified owner)

  199. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works well. We like it so well that we bought a second one.

  200. Keith Moore (verified owner)

    Easy process and purchase

  201. Timothy Kogge (verified owner)

    Order (#138888) placed on 24 JUL, completed on 25 JUL. As of 6 AUG, it has not been delivered. UPS tracking (1ZV877X90313697530) shows it is at “Label Created” status and it has yet to depart. It is unsatisfactory there is no update on shipping and that I oddly received a customer survey desiring ranking/commentary on the actual Curb Ramp before I received my actual order.

  202. Anonymous (verified owner)

  203. John Grant (verified owner)

    Great quality and easy to assemble.

  204. Natalie G. (verified owner)

    Perfect solution to our curbed driveway!

  205. David M. (verified owner)

  206. Peter M. (verified owner)

    Very happy with product quality, delivery time and everything.

  207. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The curb ramp set offers a smoother experience entering and exiting the driveway! My father enjoys it so much he’s purchasing 2 additional pieces.

  208. james c. (verified owner)

  209. Charles S. (verified owner)

    Easy assembly and product appears to be well made. Very quick shipping!!

  210. Michael Jones (verified owner)

    We are missing the bolts to hold them together.

  211. Jim Schafer (verified owner)

  212. Faye Knight (verified owner)

  213. Mike W. (verified owner)

    Fast,efficient. I highly recommend this company and this product

  214. kenny H. (verified owner)

  215. Molly F. (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my new curb ramps! Exactly what I needed to avoid my car scraping the driveway. Easy to install also.

  216. John Foreman (verified owner)

    I knew if i didn’t get these i would regret it every time i bumped over the sloped curb. It’s so much nicer with them! Put them together and in place in less than an hour. Great product….made in the USA! Thank you!

    Image #1 from John Foreman
    Image #2 from John Foreman
  217. Paula H. (verified owner)

    works perfect for our driveway!

  218. Robert C. (verified owner)

    Came as ordered. Needed one more section and received that quickly as well. Love the Bridjit. Easy to put to getting and works well

  219. Sharon (verified owner)

    We like that these are made from recycled materials in the USA. Definitely makes driving over the curb into our driveway much smoother. Downside is that they are a little pricey.

  220. Seth E. (verified owner)

    Purchased 4 sections for my driveway. They arrived on time and in good condition. Seems very well made and exceptionally easy to put together. We had a massive monsoon rain last night and I was worried they might move down-stream, but they remained well planted. Something to be said for the design and weight. Has made my Audi much happier!

  221. Michael White (verified owner)

  222. Christie K. (verified owner)

    I bought the extra section as well. Assembly was easy and required only a hammer and a flat head screw driver, although I used a ratchet to tighten the bolts. My German automobile was sending out warnings. I finally figured out the cause was going over my deep driveway drop at the street. Now I can drive in and out without my whole car bobbling. Although this product was expensive, it solved my problem. My whole neighbor seems to have this brand.

    Image #1 from Christie K.
    Image #2 from Christie K.
  223. Robert Bert (verified owner)

    The design of the bolt connectors is not very good. Even using a screwdriver, we could not create enough space beneath the bolt to get the nut threaded onto the bolt. This is a poor design. You need to create a recess underneath where the bolts are at so that the nuts can be put on easily without an insane amount of torque required to get the nuts on.

  224. Jerry King (verified owner)

  225. Ernest Sopp (verified owner)

    Excellent product. However one problem I had was connecting the Bridjit sections with the bolts provided. The hole for the bold is so close to the top of the section, I could not get the nut onto the bolt. Needs more room to connect.

  226. John Castro (verified owner)

    Perfect and works great 👌

    Image #1 from John Castro
  227. Bill King (verified owner)

    Seems to do the job.

  228. Jenneffer (verified owner)

  229. Tom Agostinelli (verified owner)

    Worth the $$

  230. JOHNNY HILL (verified owner)


  231. Scott G. (verified owner)

    Good product, but not sure it should be so expensive

  232. Lou (verified owner)

  233. Joel Auers (verified owner)

  234. William Hedges (verified owner)

    So far so good. Easy to install. Seems to work great!

  235. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works very well, not a great fit for my particular curb.

  236. Don R. (verified owner)

    The people I communicated with online were very helpful, and the product was delivered I just a couple of days. We are very happy!

  237. Brian M. (verified owner)

    I can’t believe it took me many years before buying. Having these is a huge improvement for the cars and even the truck! I was expecting some slow freight shipping when I ordered, but no — two days after ordering I had ’em installed. great service; great product

  238. Anson Ma (verified owner)

    Fits perfect, now my car can go up to the driveway very smoothly, I should have bought it earlier.

  239. Scott Carroll (verified owner)

    bridjit has taken the big bump out of driveway. I never thought it would help this much.

    Image #1 from Scott Carroll
  240. Dan (verified owner)

  241. Zhimin (verified owner)

    Very well designed driveway ramp, with solid connection between pieces to prevent being stolen, and prevent distortion after usage comparing to other brands used by my neighbors.

  242. Gary Harrigian (verified owner)

    Delivery etc was timely and accurate. Doesn’t sit on the curb as hoped but that is not your fault.

  243. Richard K. (verified owner)

    100% increase in comfort in the car and also decreasing damage to my vehicle. I think your product is fantastic. I also like the idea that it is made from recycled tires in the USA.

    Image #1 from Richard K.
    Image #2 from Richard K.
    Image #3 from Richard K.
  244. Paula Hughes (verified owner)

  245. Jan (verified owner)

  246. John Ricci (verified owner)

    Received them on time and in good condition.

  247. Charles B. (verified owner)

    Excellent material, easy installation, looks nice, does have tendency to move.

  248. Kaytlyn K. (verified owner)

    Easy to put together, works exactly like it should. However, the three piece kit doesn’t fit across the average two car garage-sized driveway, you need 4 pieces.

  249. William Matheis (verified owner)

    great product very easy to put together

  250. Jesse Aubart (verified owner)

  251. Jenny (verified owner)

    What a difference these ramps make when turning into my driveway. Before-jarring bump, After-smooth turn. Love these ramps.

  252. Michael Becker (verified owner)

    Quick ship and easy install

  253. Paul B. (verified owner)

    I can finally pull my new car in my driveway without having to back it in!

  254. Linda (verified owner)

    Product makes driveway smooth to drive into and back out

  255. Deanna Popp (verified owner)

    John was very helpful with my choices!

  256. Dan (verified owner)

    Works great for protecting my low clearance vehicle!

  257. Karen S. (verified owner)

    Love them!!!!!

  258. John (verified owner)

    Has worked well so far. Makes riding my bike in and out much smoother.

  259. Brian Wood (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, easy to install, great product!

  260. Bart (verified owner)

    Easy website to navigate and order from, super fast, free shipping. An inexpensive alternative to having our curb removed and re-poured so my street rod doesn’t bottom out. The standard three piece kit is a little narrow for my liking, we ended up buying two more sections to expand it. My only complaint is the securement nuts are difficult to install due to lack of clearance. However, with the help of a long flat blade screwdriver and an electric impact, the job went quickly.

  261. Jim (verified owner)

    Easy to deal with.

  262. Kimberly (verified owner)

    Great solution to our dip problem! Wish there were some curved sections. Or it had some small cuts in the material to allow for more bend.

  263. Brad (verified owner)

    A neighbor recommended BRIDJIT ramp to us. Not only was it was easy to assemble, it also works great. The transition from the street to the driveway is now very smooth. Upon placing my order, I reached out to them via email about delivery and they responded in minutes. We are very pleased with BRIDJIT and this product.

  264. Ben (verified owner)

    I love the product, but I gave up on trying to get the nut onto the bolt. There is no room for the nut or a wrench to tighten it. I’m hoping the bolts will hold it together on their own.

    Image #1 from Ben
  265. Jeff S. (verified owner)

    No more spilled coffee and whiplashes going down the driveway

  266. Robert L. (verified owner)

    The product, website, instructions and communication was outstanding. I ordered a new center.

  267. Cathy (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this! It is a game changer in our lives! Wish we had bought earlier as it is worth every penny!

  268. Frank Myers (verified owner)

    Easy to setup. Fit well.

  269. Thomas (verified owner)

    Easy install and great communication from the dealer.

  270. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The Bridgit curb ramp sets works great. Car runs smoothly across the curb.

  271. Tony (verified owner)

    Excellent product and follow up installation!!!

  272. Dustin N. (verified owner)

    Awesome product! I works great for my low profile vehicles.

  273. Michael Feinstein (verified owner)

    First hard rain, the entire 4 piece unit had slid down and part way into a storm drain. At 200lbs, not easy to retrieve each time. You’d better have a straight, level driveway. Ours (culdesac) moves when being driven over…a constant hassle.

  274. Rita A. (verified owner)

    Unfortunate the price is so high.

  275. Cherrybea Smith (verified owner)

  276. Ed M. (verified owner)

    Couldn’t believe how quick and easy it went together. Now I can drive forward into my drive without hitting the air dam.

  277. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product.

  278. Lorraine (verified owner)

    My Ramps arrived Super Fast! Now I have a smooth drive!
    Thank You So Much and Thank You to my Neighbors. Six of my neighbors on my Street have the Ramps!

  279. Gina P. (verified owner)

    Easiest purchase I ever made. Delivered quickly and easy to assemble!

  280. J D Mills (verified owner)

    I LOVE my BRIDJIT system! The ease of getting in and out of my driveway is phenomenal!
    I also want to give you 5 stars for the FAST delivery! I ordered on Wednesday night and it was here on Saturday!
    I am a senior female, the pieces are heavy but with the use of my handtruck, I was able to put in place. The bolts are easy to install ( just need a hammer) but you do need a friend to turn over and put in place! Highly recommended if your curbing is damaging your vehicle!
    Thank you for a great product to rectify the problem!!!

  281. Anonymous (verified owner)

  282. Karl T. (verified owner)

    It doesn’t fit nearly as well as pictured

  283. Stephen H. (verified owner)

    Was given as a great wedding present..

  284. Susan P. (verified owner)

    We were very pleased with our new BRIDJIT Curb Ramp. Don’t be surprised if it is delivered in separate boxes on two different days. It went together easily just as described. It makes backing out off the garage with the motorhome, much easier and more stable. We’re glad we made the decision to purchase this ramp.

  285. Anne Deaderick (verified owner)

    The person at your office was very pleasant and helped me since I’m a very senior person. I’m really thrilled with
    my Ramp. My 2 Neighbors helped me with installation
    so it was a wonderful experience all around. I love my Ramp.

  286. Jeff K. (verified owner)

  287. Eugene (verified owner)

    Great product and a solution. The installation was relatively easy and once setup it works as intended. I am happy I ordered this product.

  288. Ron W. (verified owner)

  289. Anonymous (verified owner)

  290. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Prompt delivery, merchandise well-packaged and works perfectly to our purpose.

  291. Brandon F. (verified owner)

    These ramps are literally perfect and do exactly what they’re supposed to do. Hands down one of the best purchases for our house!

  292. Tony T. (verified owner)

    Works Great! Don’t have to worry about the curb any more!!!

  293. James (verified owner)

    Great overall product, however it does shift. I find myself having to adjust ramp to meet flush with curb and street

  294. Ana S. (verified owner)

  295. Patricia (verified owner)

    I love the ramps. Wish I would hav e purchased them years ago! Probably would have if I would have known about them. I hope they ware well.

    Image #1 from Patricia
  296. Larry A Ewing (verified owner)

    Easy to install / connect! Very pleased with results

  297. Anonymous (verified owner)

  298. Nicole Watts (verified owner)

  299. nancy p. (verified owner)

    Love them, wish I had purchased them 40 years ago

  300. Russ Borden (verified owner)

  301. Lloyd Stanton (verified owner)

    Please note that I am in my 80″s and was able to set the curb ramps up with little difficulty. They are a nice addition to our driveway. Captain Ed Stanton, USMC (Retired)

  302. Nels Pearson (verified owner)

  303. William Daugherty (verified owner)

  304. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Awesome, just ordered another center piece. Great product

  305. Anonymous (verified owner)

  306. Linda (verified owner)

    60 year old woman installed it myself.

  307. Thomas (verified owner)

    Overall, the product is excellent. Of specific note is that installation is DEFINITELY a two-person task. After the pieces are flipped upside-down and the bolts driven through the adjacent piece, the next step is to put the nuts on the bolts. It requires someone with two strong flat-head screwdrivers placed underneath either side of the bolt to pry up the bolt from the ramp, to get sufficient space between the bolt and ramp for another person to thread the nut. It requires some “oomph” to lift up the bolt, and some care so that the screwdrivers do not slip off. Once it’s assembled, it works great.

  308. Sabrina Thomas (verified owner)

  309. Joe T. (verified owner)

  310. Doris Haltom (verified owner)

    Very pleased. Going to order two more center sections.

  311. David (verified owner)

  312. Lawrence Link Jr (verified owner)

  313. James bergamotto (verified owner)

  314. Enrique (verified owner)

    works as advertised, corvette no longer scrapes!

  315. Anonymous (verified owner)

  316. Anonymous (verified owner)

  317. Pavel Feigin (verified owner)

  318. Jim (verified owner)

    Bought as a gift for dear friends who just moved into a beautiful new home with an annoying (spill my morning coffee) bump at the end of their driveway !!! It shipped very quickly and our dear friends could not be Happier !!! They are so-so Happy, that they invited us back anytime !!!

  319. Mike Pena (verified owner)

    Having some trouble getting them to fit the turn in my driveway. I can get the two ends to set solid but the middle one rocks. Not sure if that’s the way it should be or I’m doing something wrong. Also could use some advise on how to bolt them down to the curb as they tend to move on the curve. These curbjit ramps are everything I expected and do work great to get my hot rod out and in my driveway.

  320. Kenneth Josing (verified owner)

    Followed the instructions, put it all together. Hardest part was flipping the 4 connected pieces over into their resting position. We really enjoy the ride into and out of the driveway. Wished we would of purchased sooner. Found them on an extended walk in the neighborhood.

  321. Deborah (verified owner)

    Works well and makes entering my drive a pleasure. My son in law and grandsons made the install look easy!

  322. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The ramps were far easier than we expected to put together. The ramps do exactly as they are suppose to!

  323. Nicholas Gyure (verified owner)

    They do not stay in place no matter how slow or careful we are when driving on them. We are constantly putting them back in place and we followed the instruction connecting them.

  324. Ralph Smith (verified owner)

  325. Alan (verified owner)

  326. Richard (verified owner)

  327. John Reginaldi (verified owner)

    doesn’t fit as good as I expected but works

  328. Ashley (verified owner)

  329. Diane (verified owner)

  330. Melanie (verified owner)

    Love, love, LOVE the product. I wish I’d purchased years ago. Your installation video and walk-through instructions were perfect. AWESOME product!

  331. John (verified owner)

  332. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Just as advertised.

  333. David (verified owner)

  334. Jennifer C. (verified owner)

  335. Douglas Marin (verified owner)

  336. Cady Chai (verified owner)

    The neighborhood I living, the driveway curbs are very high. My husband car sedan have often scraped their front ends as they backed out of our driveway. One of my neighbor up the street had these curb ramps . I took a picture and go online read the reviews and go ahead order online. Very easy to install. They are excellent giving my husband cars a very smooth transition from the street and into my driveway. Love them. Is worth the money. Highly recommend.

    Image #1 from Cady Chai
    Image #2 from Cady Chai
    Image #3 from Cady Chai
  337. Daniel Stilwell (verified owner)

  338. Amber C. (verified owner)


  339. Robert Baker (verified owner)

    These give a very surprising ease of entry into and out of the driveway when entering the street

  340. henry m. (verified owner)

    Works as advertised; well worth the investment.

  341. Phyllis A. (verified owner)

    Terrific service with my 3-piece curb ramps – received 2 days after ordering. I love the ramps to ease the curb dip at bottom of my driveway, for not only my van but also for my wheelchair!

  342. James Kirk (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Superb customer service.

  343. Trevor M. (verified owner)

    Exactly what I needed, and SUPER fast shipping!

  344. Thomas Myers (verified owner)

    Fixed an unfixable issue with my driveway!

  345. Teresa R. (verified owner)

    They’re a game changer! I no longer bang the bottom of my car pulling into the driveway and thus far, they’ve stayed put. I ordered three and that’s been fine for me, but other family members tell me they wish we had a fourth to cover the entire 2-car wide driveway.

  346. Linda R. (verified owner)

  347. Sedrick Thompson (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and friendly service over the phone. Curb ramps look and work great.

  348. Kathleen (verified owner)

    Difficult installation with poor instructions given. The video on the Bridjit website has instructions to use a screwdriver to spread the rubber to get the bolts on the screws, which caused the rubber to split. My son-in-law found a video with a woman showing how to put a rolled-up towel under the area where the sections meet, which causes enough spread to allow the bolts to go on easily. THAT is the video which you should use for installation instructions!

  349. Jonathan K. (verified owner)

    Bolts and nuts need more room.

  350. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The only thing that isn’t perfect is that they move. Other than that they are great.

  351. Sol (verified owner)

    The product works as advertised, and the service was as promised.

  352. Rosanne M. (verified owner)

    We have tried for several months to repour the sidewalk to slope to our driveway. We had contacted several cement companies who either didn’t show up or were super overpriced or couldn’t do work in the ROW. So I started looking for other options. I purchased this product after seeing it at one of my neighbors house. It had need there for several years, and was still like new (a little faded, but that’s it). It was delivered right to our door in sections, so it was easy to move to our curb and assemble. It does take some strength to put together, but it is solid! We love the smoother transition when pulling into our driveway now! And I’m happy that it is made with recycled materials. What an easy solution!

    Image #1 from Rosanne M.
  353. Al (verified owner)

    Great product. Easy to construct and install. Ramps work as advertised. Would highly recommend if you’re tired of jumping the curb.

  354. Rob Knudsen (verified owner)

  355. Eugene (verified owner)

    Still waiting to install.

  356. Anonymous (verified owner)

    They made a big difference.

  357. Mark T. (verified owner)

  358. Phillip Atkinson (verified owner)

  359. Lloyd B. (verified owner)

    The bolts are a little rough to get the nuts on but other than that they were very easy to assemble and they make getting in and out of my driveway much nicer.

  360. Anonymous (verified owner)

  361. Greg Mull (verified owner)

    The curb getting into my driveway was always bad. The city just recently paved the road and made the transition from street to driveway even worse. I decided to give Bridjit a try and I am definitely happy I did. I can barely notice the curb anymore. Very happy with product. Highly recommend.

  362. Amber Paterno (verified owner)

    Excellent product and service for drop off! The distributor was super communicative and provided me options for install!

  363. Anonymous (verified owner)

  364. Sondra Rose (verified owner)

    Works beautifully!

  365. William Bridge (verified owner)

  366. David Fisher (verified owner)

    well made and straightforward assembly instructions. Tough to tighten bolts though.

  367. Martha Feldt (verified owner)

  368. Anonymous (verified owner)

  369. BRENDA MORGAN (verified owner)


  370. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very cool product! Works great, goes together easily, and is a great way to recycle used tires. Do understand that the ramp is heavy and will require two people for assembly—specifically when flipping it into place after all the pieces have been assembled.

  371. Colby (verified owner)

  372. Anonymous (verified owner)

  373. kenneth s. (verified owner)

    Like the ramps but not enough room to put nuts on bolts.

  374. Anonymous (verified owner)

    There was great communication telling me when to expect the delivery. I was even offered to have the pieces bolted together, however I declined that service. Fast delivery too.

  375. Chad C. (verified owner)

    Work as advertised!s

  376. Keith (verified owner)

  377. Paul Kaempfer (verified owner)

  378. Bonnie (verified owner)

    Works great driving in and out of the driveway.

  379. Charles B. (verified owner)

    Very well constructed. great product.

  380. Patrick Coffman (verified owner)

    As advertised, rugged and easy to install! Well worth the investment.

  381. Jess H. (verified owner)

    This is THE ramp. Improved arrival and departure. Easy on the car, easy on your body. My neck and back no longer get jolted urban off-roading into my driveway. 🙂

  382. John Armstrong (verified owner)

  383. Gary (verified owner)

    Exactly what I needed so that my Porsche doesn’t bottom out when I leave the driveway.

  384. Andrew (verified owner)

    Prompt delivery, easy setup, and great function.

  385. Patricia V. (verified owner)

    Works great

  386. Eddie (verified owner)


  387. kim (verified owner)

    Excellent . Easy ordering , quick receipt of ramps … good strong quality product .

  388. Mark S. (verified owner)

    Easy to put together

  389. EVA (verified owner)

    It was a gift for my son to be able to drive his new sports car into the garage and he said he really likes it. Some neighbors are also interested.

  390. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Awesome service, super quick delivery !

  391. Roger B. (verified owner)

    No more BUMP BUMP in my truck when I leave or return my driveway.

  392. joseph (verified owner)

    The ramp set is doing what it is designed to do even though is does not fit the culvert fully. Putting the sections together was definitely a 2 person job. It seems like it is going to last a long time. Solves a long time issue with cars bottoming out entering the driveway.

  393. Anonymous (verified owner)

    works great

  394. Joe Panelli (verified owner)

  395. clarissa everett (verified owner)

  396. Anne-Marie Brady (verified owner)

    Does exactly what we needed it to do. Easy to order on line and arrived sooner than expected. Great product.

  397. Jack Cardoza (verified owner)

    Quick delivery and great product.

  398. Marla (verified owner)

  399. Joe Salvador (verified owner)

  400. William Novak (verified owner)

    Excellent product – excellent customer service!

  401. Lynn (verified owner)

  402. Kathy DITTEMORE (verified owner)

    Wonderful product!! Smooth sailing in and out of our driveway!

  403. ronald grant (verified owner)

    I love it my car is not bouncing off the curb anymore, but I was wondering why you sent nuts for the big bolts because you can’t put the nuts on the big bolts because there’s not enough room inside the area to put the nuts in.

  404. Jack (verified owner)

    These are AWESOME!!! Make a huge difference for our vehicles and trike going over the curb channel.

  405. Ron C. (verified owner)

    Outstanding product. Easy set up and install. Makes a world of difference for our cars and e-bikes!

  406. Barry F T. (verified owner)

  407. Wayne Poffenbarger (verified owner)

    My wife wanted me to buy this a year ago, but I did not think it was worth it. Boy, was I wrong. Driving onto my driveway is so smooth now I can’t believe it.

  408. Wade (verified owner)

  409. David C. (verified owner)

    Very easy to assemble. Just what we needed to limit the drop off from our driveway to the street.

  410. Anonymous (verified owner)

  411. Ron Buzzard (verified owner)

    Not enough room to thread the nuts. Should be enough clearance to attach nuts to the bolts.

  412. James MacPherson (verified owner)

  413. Dalton Harrison (verified owner)

  414. James S. (verified owner)

    Excellent as advertised.

  415. Martin B. (verified owner)

    Disappointed really, they don’t fit like the advertisement states.

  416. Brenda Rochna (verified owner)

  417. Victor Herrmann (verified owner)

  418. Harvey McClain (verified owner)

  419. Donavan Fulcher (verified owner)

  420. Ronald Ledin (verified owner)

    Excellent product and fast shipping

  421. Tim T. (verified owner)

    John was so helpful in advising me in ordering and then getting positioned. Shipping was on time.

    Image #1 from Tim T.
  422. keith Flowers (verified owner)

  423. Davia Madariaga (verified owner)

  424. Pete M. (verified owner)

    Easy to put together.
    For me these were worth it. I have motorcycles and off-road vehicles. These have made the transition much smoother with both. I used to have to take the motorcycles at an angle on and off the curb and the off-road vehicles have stiff suspension and definitely smoothed things out. My wife’s car doesn’t scrape he front bumper exiting the driveway anymore.
    Thank you. The cones in the driveway are a deterrent for the multiple vehicles that liked to use my driveway to turn around.

    Image #1 from Pete M.
    Image #2 from Pete M.
  425. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Saw this product at neighbors house. Talked to him about the ramps he fully recommended them. Installed ramps and now no more scaping of liwer parts of bumpers. Truly a worthwhile purchase.

  426. Dustin Ellis (verified owner)

  427. Ron W. (verified owner)

    Best $50 I ever spent. The crew from Denver Smooth Curb installed it and it works perfectly!

    Image #1 from Ron W.
  428. Bryan W. (verified owner)

    Excellent product! Durable and functional as described. I would highly recommend the product.

  429. Linda (verified owner)

    Works great!! Probably will be ordering another set for our second driveway.

  430. David Knepple (verified owner)

  431. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works like a charm! No more scuffed spoiler lip and entering driveway at weird angles. The effectiveness will depend on how far the front of your car extends beyond the front axel though. Easy to assemble, even on circular driveway edge (cul-de-sac). Helps to have second person to flip and shift into place after assembly (gets heavy which also keeps it in place).

  432. Kerry (verified owner)

    I couldn’t get the bolts on the screws. Otherwise, they’re nice.

  433. Anonymous (verified owner)

    exactly what we needed…just perfect

  434. Glenn (verified owner)

    Product looks good and really helps getting into the drive way without a large bump. I bought an extension, which I needed, but this made it to difficult for me at 72 to install myself. Installation can be much simpler if the mold near the nuts and bolts were larger.

  435. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very happy with the product. Super fast shipping.

  436. Steve Unruh (verified owner)

    Easy to install and we ordered a second center piece. We had a problem with the second center piece order. It came with 4 bolts and no nuts.

  437. Richard (verified owner)

    Very happy with the product. It was delivered exactly where I wanted, & on time. Works better than expected. Both my low-to-the-ground cars glide right into the driveway. The connectors are a bit difficult to manage by one person because the segments are pretty heavy… But that’s why they work so well!

  438. Neil Tang (verified owner)

    The installation video that was linked to the 2D barcode included with the product was not complete and did not include the advice I had seen in another video instructing someone to use a piece of wood in order to get additional room to get the nut on the bolt. This was extremely helpful and necessary to assemble the product.

  439. John P. (verified owner)

    The locking design with the bolt and nut (to secure the panels) is flawed. It is very difficult to attach the nut to the bolt to lock the panels in place. There needs to be more clearance between the bolt and the pad so that the nut can be easily attached to the bolt. The panels do work well in reducing “curb impact.” The panels are very heavy once attached together, so it is best to have friend available for the install.

  440. John M. (verified owner)

    The Bridjit ramps greatly solved my rolling curb problem. Just purchased this home and the curb are just terrible. Seems that as soon as I placed them at the end of the driveway, every neighbor that walks by stops and looks. Expect more purchases from around here.

    The only issue I have is putting the bolts on. Even by using the 2×4 method shown in the videos, there is just no way to get them on so I have had to do without them.

  441. Thomas (verified owner)

    FAST DELIVERY … These ramps are GREAT… Have sold y’all 3 sets already 👍

  442. Matthew H. (verified owner)

    I wish I’d found these sooner because getting in and out of my deep, curved gutters has been a pain for 24 years. Now I can ingress and egress my driveway without having to find the angle and creeping speed that keeps my undercarriage from scrapping the skirt. The fact they’re made in the USA is fantastic!

  443. Marc P. (verified owner)

    Came quickly and fits well.

  444. Manda Smith (verified owner)

  445. Roberto Gutierrez (verified owner)

  446. David A Levy (verified owner)

    Very easy to install. The order came quickly.

  447. Robert Hollenbaugh (verified owner)

    Love them. Unfortunately 1 split a little at bolt area when I using the screw driver to lift bolt, and one of the bolts had too much galvanizing and nut wouldn’t go on more than a couple of turns. Really thought getting the bolt back out to replace.

  448. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product!

  449. Patricia (verified owner)

    The product and service has been terrific. Thank you

  450. william h. (verified owner)

    So pleased with our curb ramp. Also appreciated the professional installation by Jason Patterson.

  451. YOLANDA (verified owner)

  452. Timothy (verified owner)

    Makes a very aggressive bump like it’s not there.

  453. Scott (verified owner)

    We have a Porsche Macan and Bridjit makes is soo much nicer entering and exiting the driveway. Love them!

  454. Fred Y. (verified owner)

    my curb gutter is about 1.75″/2″ and it titer toters, wished it was moreless snug fit to the gutter, kinda annoying when driving over.

  455. JAMES BLEECKER (verified owner)

    Easy to setup and install

  456. Zhonghe (verified owner)

    The set arrived on time, exactly as described. I can easily it myself, with a little help from my son. It looks perfect. The moment I got it done, my neighbor came to ask when I bought it and she would love to get one, too.

    Image #1 from Zhonghe
    Image #2 from Zhonghe
  457. Charles Drobac (verified owner)

    delivered in great condition and easy to build and works fine

  458. Donna Ryan (verified owner)

    Fits lovely, tell customers to use a rubber mallet .. took no time 💥 installed 👍🏽💕 it was a gift for my neighbor, I bought mine back in June or July last year!!!

  459. Ken F. (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  460. Mary O. (verified owner)

    Very difficult to get the nut on
    Two chunks out of my concrete step from the delivery service with boxes being so heavy – had to use wheel cart

  461. Dave W. (verified owner)

    still a little expensive for three pieces of rubber that usually do not sufficently cover the drive way you usually have to buy addional pieces

  462. Gale R. (verified owner)

    I love my ramps! However, I ordered a second center section to cover my driveway and it arrived with nuts but no bolts. I was not able to use it as I couldn’t secure it to anything.

  463. Maura (verified owner)


  464. Henry Poole (verified owner)

  465. Steven Shook (verified owner)

  466. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Ordered on a Monday. Received it by Thursday afternoon. Great service. Easy assembly. Ordered it to prevent my Winnebago from bottoming out. It worked!

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  467. Cory (verified owner)

    Not a fan of the Installation process and I am a mechanic. A simple update to the molds and you wouldn’t be tightening the nuts with a SCREWDRIVER! You can do better.

  468. Gregory Robinson (verified owner)

    My wife drives a smaller car and we have high curbs getting into the driveway. It’s not been a good match for six year’s. She was always scraping the bottom of the car. But not anymore! With the Curb Ramp that transition is now smooth and easy! My wife loves it, and so does the car!

  469. Janice (verified owner)

  470. Hamilton (verified owner)

    Great Product, thanks

  471. RICHARD SCOTT (verified owner)

  472. Lee (verified owner)

  473. Anonymous (verified owner)

    works well, but would look better if it matched the concrete

  474. Mark W. (verified owner)

    Delivered timely. Works great!

  475. Randy J. (verified owner)

    Alot of my neighbors have this same product. Our curbs are fairly normal, but the streets were overlaid with 2″ of asphalt. It made a bad bump at the drive way. Now we can’t e enough feel it when we drive over it.

  476. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The product works great. It feels like a quality product. Although I hope the method to connect the pieces can be a bit easier but overall it’s a great product.

  477. Stephen Beck (verified owner)

    We are enjoying the curb ramp set. The instructions to install were very good. We like the way it works and we along with our neighbors like the way it looks and fits in with our driveways. Thank you very much!
    Steve Beck

  478. Thomas M. (verified owner)

    Great product. Many in our neighborhood.

  479. Jill A. (verified owner)

    These things are awesome. Can’t live without it! No more whiplash when pulling into driveway!

  480. Audrey B. (verified owner)

    Much harder to install nuts than suggested. Took 3 people and socket wrench.

  481. Douglas Lowe (verified owner)

    I am shocked at how good these things work. I assumed they would make the bump less bumpy. But driving over the curb is now smooth. Really. The dimensions are just perfect to help the transition. I live on a cul-de-sac and had to angle them a bit. With these so heavy it was not easy to do. A few bloody knuckles and I’m all good!!! To be fair I did it myself and the instructions say to do it with two people. So I am super satisfied and just mad at myself for not buying these sooner.

  482. Anonymous (verified owner)

  483. Mike (verified owner)

    Easy to connect the three pieces.

  484. Bob Amsden (verified owner)

    Excellent service and product. Easy installation.

  485. Rebecca P. (verified owner)

    Shipped super fast! Was told would receive 3 tracking numbers, but only ever got 1 but was linked to all 3? Assembly was a PAIN – the bolts were too large for the slots and difficult to get in the holes and screw the nuts on due to the lack of space in the folds of the underside. Works well though and shapes well to our curb which is quite large. My husband would rate assemble as a 0-1 star – but over all function and design is a 4-5 star. Unable to upload photo and video due to file types.

  486. Quy Lam Quach (verified owner)

    Great product! We enjoyed not feeling the bump from the curbside!

  487. James Jones (verified owner)

  488. tara kelley (verified owner)

    Helps SO much! Such a smoother transition for us!

  489. Phil G. (verified owner)

    My driveway curb is curved but I just left some extra play in the connection bolt and it works great.

  490. George Krigas (verified owner)

    Assembly was straightforward.

  491. Judith Husmer (verified owner)

    Street side should be more tapered I have to use a walker and it is hard to enter the driveway as the ramp is aBout 2” high, it would be better if it was tapered on the street side

  492. Kelly (verified owner)

    I love this product! Really smooths out the ride from my street into my driveway so that my van does not bottom out. However they gave me a choice of when it would ship and I asked please not on Fridays or Saturdays and they said OK and then sure enough it arrived on Friday of all days when I wasn’t home. What a mess. Other than that this is a great product!

  493. Ken Richardson (verified owner)

    The ramps are well made and everything they were claimed to be except they do NOT fit well in my rolled curb. Regardless of how they are positioned, they only rest against the upper or lower curb face; never both. They rock back and forth in use and have a thick edge so that they are almost as rough a transition as the rolled curb itself.
    I did the curb measurements before ordering as instructed, but that didn’t ensure a decent fit. You should offer a cross section template to prospective buyers so they can evaluate the fit before ordering. These are a waste of money for me and I wish to return them. I have the three sections still unopened in their boxes and the extra center section tested, but unmarked/I damaged and back in its original box.
    Please send me instructions for return.

  494. Edward Fleischer (verified owner)

  495. hrishikesh Joshi (verified owner)

  496. James (verified owner)

    Works great with our low profile car.

  497. Kristian (verified owner)

    Pretty darn great! Delivered on time. Online assembly instructions clear. I drove bolts through to connect panels, but there was absolutely no way to put the nuts on…the holes are not as shown in the video but right down in the crease…I tried the screw-driver trick…no dice..need a redesign. Having said that, panels are staying together with just bolts (no nuts)…and I can tighten them up if a gap appears. Panels are heavy, but manageable using two people or a dolly to move. Main thing is that BRIDJIT really works, feel like chin-scrapes are a thing of the past. A necessary thing if you have a low car and waterfall curb.

  498. Barry Kogan (verified owner)

    Your product works well and the delivery was great

  499. Leticia (verified owner)

  500. Rebecca Getzen (verified owner)

  501. jeffrey haiungs (verified owner)

    I only received 4 bolts so I’m missing for other bolts to connect all of them together.

  502. Tony (verified owner)

    Quality product, shipping is fast. I put 6 sections together and they have stayed put.

    Image #1 from Tony
  503. Michael (verified owner)

  504. Anonymous (verified owner)


  505. Monique Martinez (verified owner)

    The sales team was easy to work with and very knowledgeable. Installer arrived promptly and was a pleasure to deal with.

  506. Francis Katigbak (verified owner)

  507. karen kaplan (verified owner)

    Thank you. Arrived assembled and working great

  508. Ron S. (verified owner)

    Great product, Great company.

  509. Lee H. (verified owner)

    Easy to install, looks good, works great

  510. Michael (verified owner)

  511. JAMES DONAHUE (verified owner)

    Jason handled the installation and everything seems fine.

  512. Paul B. (verified owner)

    That’s great and makes a huge difference

  513. Anonymous (verified owner)

  514. Suzanne S. (verified owner)

    It is a very good product, made very well. It didn’t do what I thought it would. I don’t really have curb, my driveway goes right to the street. There is an angle that I thought this would fill in.

  515. Christopher H. (verified owner)

    Very happy with my new ramps – received quickly and easy to install. Plus, the bump into my driveway is now significantly smoother!

    Image #1 from Christopher H.
  516. Elizabeth Newell (verified owner)

    These curbs are great. Cannot believe the difference it made in my driveway. It is pretty hard to get nuts on end of bolts, maybe make an indention so you can more easily put them on. Takes 2 strong men.

  517. Carey M. (verified owner)

    The Bridjit curb ramp works great! No more scraping the front end of our Corvette on our rolled curb. And installation was straightforward.

  518. Anonymous (verified owner)

  519. Arne K. (verified owner)

    The product is as good as advertised once assembled and my cars are thanking me for installing them. Assembly was a little more work than just driving the bolts through the holes. It took two of us to get the nuts onto the ends of the bolts because of the tight clearances, but once they were on, we were good.

  520. Patrick C. (verified owner)

  521. Anonymous (verified owner)

  522. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product.

  523. Bridget Williams (verified owner)

    These ramps make SUCH a difference! Excellent investment, saves wear and tear on vehicles. We had to buy extra pieces as our driveway is very wide, but it was worth the extra expense.

    Image #1 from Bridget Williams
    Image #2 from Bridget Williams
  524. Anonymous (verified owner)

  525. Larry L. (verified owner)

  526. Darrell J. (verified owner)

    When I first started to assemble them I thought it impossible. By the time I got to the 7th one it was very easy!! Very heavy and well made. Should last several lifetimes!!

  527. James (verified owner)

    Quick and easy

  528. Todd Bender (verified owner)

  529. Thomas (verified owner)

    This is fantastic! Why doesn’t every builder include this at closing. I should have bought this 2 years ago. Great product and very easy to install.

  530. Lee (verified owner)

    Great product! Transition is much smoother!
    Received the product in two days!!

  531. Benjamin LeClair (verified owner)

  532. Kevin F. (verified owner)

    So far so good! These things are working amazingly! Recently bought a new car and didn’t really consider the driveway height before I bought it. That same day I bought the BRIDJIT curb ramps. Assembly was simple and they were in the driveway in minutes. The car has not scraped the underside of the front bumper since. Because I have a 2 car wide driveway I will most likely end up purchasing an additional center piece to expand it all the way across.

  533. Brian Roit (verified owner)

    The curb to our driveway is not the standard rolled curb. Our driveway has a gradual slope so the ramps do not fit properly. They rock back and forth when we go over them. It is actually worse with the ramps installed.

  534. Victor (verified owner)

    Arrived sooner than expected! A bit difficult to install the bolts.

  535. Warren (verified owner)

    I have only had them a short period of time but so far, so good.

  536. Doug P. (verified owner)

  537. Anonymous (verified owner)

  538. Dino (verified owner)

  539. Mitch Bird (verified owner)

  540. Yakir (verified owner)

    Arrived promptly, easy to assemble, had over a week, works great so far.

  541. erik smith (verified owner)

    Don’t know why I didn’t purchase this sooner.

  542. chris b. (verified owner)

    So far so good they move around a little but I find if you just leave them there ok just move back and forth only time will tell

  543. John K. (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, great, sturdy, well-made product – I recommend this without hesitation. And it works! Took the bumps and thumps out of the gutter at the end of our very steep driveway.

  544. Daniel Miller (verified owner)

    I was skeptical at first but this actually worked! Now I can get my Toyota Corolla in the driveway instead of parking on the street. Amazing product!

  545. David (verified owner)

  546. DEVERE `. (verified owner)

    Love them, Love them ❤️ No longer do we have a neck jerking experience when we approach our home! Before this wonderful product, my wife actually dreaded coming home to the point that she would get out of the vehicle and walk up the drive to avoid the jolt.

  547. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Customer service was excellent. Looks like this curb ramp will last along time.

  548. Timothy K. (verified owner)

    It needs a better system to connect pieces together. The bolts are not easy to secure.

  549. Elliot T. (verified owner)

  550. Lanova (verified owner)

    Just as pictured and described. Real nice and heavy. I can’t move it at all myself!!

  551. Jack Larramendy (verified owner)

  552. Jason (verified owner)

    So far it’s been an absolute great purchase

  553. Patsy (verified owner)

    Easy to assemble. Wonderful to drive over!!

  554. William (verified owner)

    These work perfectly for my needs. Bought a new 2022 C8 Corvette. Even with the front end lift system I was still scraping. These did the trick. They arrived fast, we’re easy to install, and no more scrapping! My only issue is that they slide a little. I find myself adjusting them on a weekly basis, but that takes about 20 seconds.

    Image #1 from William
  555. Brent (verified owner)

    Works really well only slides down acouple times. Only because my curb is curved. But such a great product. Highly recommend!

  556. Dwight Simon (verified owner)

  557. Ali Haider (verified owner)

    Its great, however it moves from its place, i am not sure if there is a way to make it fixed to the driveway

  558. Jason Y. (verified owner)

    The curb ramps themselves are fine and do the trick. But I put in two different orders. BOTH were delivered to the wrong houses; one to my next door neighbor’s home and one to a neighbor about a block away. And I never received any delivery notification from Bridgit, so the only way I found out was because I have friendly neighbors who found me. In each case, I hurt my back moving the ramps back to my house. (They’re heavy!) So in short….nice product, but for the better part of $1,000 that I spent in total, couldn’t the company at least work with a delivery service who knows how to deliver? (And FYI, my house is not hard to find. It’s in a suburban area and the house number is clearly displayed on my mailbox. The street signs are in tact and easy to see.) It’s just pure laziness that the delivery people didn’t bother to look where they were dropping my order each time.

  559. Robert M Kinsey (verified owner)

  560. Timothy Pullom (verified owner)

  561. John B. (verified owner)

    Could not use the nuts to attach to the bolts – not enough space even after following the instructions.

  562. Kenneth Kolling (verified owner)

    Wonderful product. Extremely difficult to assemble.

  563. Audrey (verified owner)

    Car no longer drags going into steep driveway

  564. Shawn S. (verified owner)

    Works great!

  565. Stela (verified owner)

    Great product, easy installation, highly recommended.

    Image #1 from Stela
  566. Bill (verified owner)

    Works perfect.

  567. steven p. (verified owner)

  568. Anonymous (verified owner)

  569. David (verified owner)

  570. Terry Wu (verified owner)

    some of the nuts were missing.

  571. Marc (verified owner)

    Awesome product, works well, fast shipping and easy to assemble.

  572. James Kahley (verified owner)

  573. Chella S. (verified owner)

    it seems to be working good and protects the shocks from hitting the curb. suggest reducing the weight while keeping the same toughness.

  574. Jeff Harrison (verified owner)

    They work as described. I bought these for my Harley so it wasn’t “jumping” the curb. I do wish however that there was a option for a curved driveway.

    Image #1 from Jeff Harrison
  575. Ralph (verified owner)

    Trough for connecting bolts makes tightening nuts a pain.
    Otherwise great product.

  576. Steven L. (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Perfect for the class B RV going over our slanted curb and we’re on a curve from the street. Should have done this years ago. Made a very smooth transition. [email protected] did the installation. Great Job.

  577. LAWRENCE DIONNE (verified owner)


  578. Phyllis R. (verified owner)

    This did the trick and was easy to install. What a smooth ride into the driveway now. My neighbor saw us install it and asked for the information so he could order one for his driveway.
    Thanks Bridjit

  579. Wilford Clark (verified owner)

    Ramp was easy to assemble, even got two extra bolts out of it.

  580. William H. (verified owner)

    It is so great not scraping the bottom of the vans whenever we arrive or leave!!!!!

  581. Alex Otten (verified owner)

    Awesome addition to our driveway! Totally smoothed out our approach to our garage.

  582. Janice Calzolari (verified owner)

  583. Joan Matt (verified owner)

  584. Kathy (verified owner)

    We have a teardrop camper and it is so much easier backing it up the driveway. Thanks!

  585. John “Mike” Wills (verified owner)

    Superior in all respects!! It performs perfectly as advertised!

  586. Merrill Henderson (verified owner)

  587. Anonymous (verified owner)

  588. Roger Sherman (verified owner)

    Great product. Well designed and easy to install. No more back pain going over that canyon. Thanks for a good
    product and good service

  589. Robert D. (verified owner)

    Much more pleasant going over the curved curve of the driveway. Our neighbors are both looking at getting one, too.

  590. Brad Lovitz (verified owner)

  591. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nuts for attaching to bolts “too difficult” to screw on. Could not easily attach so left them off. Bolts alone are still holding the sections in place. Overall the ramps work well.

  592. Tim (verified owner)

    Went together easily!! Works great. No more putting my neck out.

  593. Harden Gail (verified owner)

  594. Kace J. (verified owner)

    Only thing I don’t like is the massive logo and phone number on each piece.

  595. Anonymous (verified owner)

  596. Barney Keeton (verified owner)

    I bought about 30ft but now I need eight more feet. Lol. I never buy enough

  597. Lawrence Wangler (verified owner)

    One size doesn’t fit all

  598. James P. (verified owner)

    Works great, went together easily.

  599. David Calcagno (verified owner)

  600. Jesse Risher (verified owner)

    Good product

  601. TERRY (verified owner)

    greatly reduces curb bounce for vehicles. easy instalation

  602. Jeffrey (verified owner)

    Arrived sooner than expected and easy to assemble. Most importantly, it works very well! No more bottoming put my car fender on the sidewalk.

  603. Anonymous (verified owner)

  604. James Warner (verified owner)

    AS ADVERTISED! Easy install and they just work!!

  605. Jairo G. (verified owner)

    Excellent quality. Easy to install. Fast delivery. Ordered 2 additional center sections and fits great.

    Image #1 from Jairo G.
  606. Rachel (verified owner)

  607. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Everything went together easily and without issue.

  608. John A. (verified owner)

    Communication was amazing and it delivered on time and works beautifully! Thank you for the made in USA product!

  609. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love this product. Saves my car from damage.

  610. sheri hynes (verified owner)

  611. Oleg D. (verified owner)

    Feel so happy and smooth riding from my driveway.

    Image #1 from Oleg D.
  612. mark gillespie (verified owner)

  613. Joe D. (verified owner)

    Excellent service and shipping and delivery were top notch. Can’t weight for snow to melt so I can install. Joe

  614. Stephen P. (verified owner)

    No more scraping the bottom of my car

  615. Alan M. (verified owner)

    Process of connecting the segments is too difficult.

  616. Greg C. (verified owner)

    Great product and very fast delivery

  617. Joanne simmons (verified owner)

    It does the job. No more scrapping underneath car when pulling in or out of driveway!

  618. Ben Reynolds (verified owner)

    See same comments above.
    I’m doubtful if I could get a socket on the nut should I ever need to take the curb apart.

  619. J Johnson (verified owner)

  620. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy to assemble and does the job.

  621. Joshua Bogdon (verified owner)

    Heavy and hard to move around, but I wouldn’t expect anything less. It was a small price to pay in setup to keep them from being stolen and them being secure against heavy rain. Made going in and out of my driveway no longer a dangerous trek over a mountain pass. It’s smooth and the family stopped gasping in the car just trying to leave the house.

  622. larry smith (verified owner)

    very good product, smooth getting in and out of driveway. was not hard to install after spraying wd-40 on bolts and in holes

  623. Mark Tarte (verified owner)

    Made it easier to get over the curb in the wife’s car. Excellent purchase!

  624. Clarence H. (verified owner)

    Very easy to install, very good customer service very fast shipping . Definitely wished I would have purchased 6 months ago when we first moved in to our new house. My family is extremely happy with the smooth entry into the driveway.

    Image #1 from Clarence H.
  625. David S. (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and easy setup. Works like a charm, very satisfied!

    Image #1 from David S.
  626. Harry Simmers (verified owner)

    Great 👍 product and excellent service

  627. David V. (verified owner)

    Wish I had purchased these a long time ago. Works perfectly for my driveway.

  628. DAVID K. (verified owner)

    Great product and easy to put together!!

  629. Donald Legg (verified owner)

  630. Ken Thompson (verified owner)

    As advertised. The nut installation isn’t a problem if you just do exactly what the video shows you to do. Not sure why so many have issues with them. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  631. Jeffrey D. (verified owner)

    How do use an impact gun to get bolts to go through and tighten up. Other than that love it

  632. ruben g. (verified owner)

    Makes the entry and exit much smoother. No more dragging the front end !!!!!

  633. Martin Morales (verified owner)

  634. Chris (verified owner)

    These things are great. Absolutely love them.

  635. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product just what we needed for the GT350.

  636. David S. (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and easy set up!

  637. David (verified owner)

    I just set the ramps yesterday and they fit perfectly. My only concern is that they may move out of position too easily. Time will tell.

  638. Clifford H. (verified owner)

    I have a single car driveway. I could get by fine with two pieces instead of three. Bridjit does not offer a two piece (left and right, no center section) set. My driveway entry is not a rounded curb. It has a 1.5″ vertical edge adjacent a heavily crowned road. The Bridjit ramp has wedges on both sides of the center. I really needed a wedge on one side to diminish the deep recess of the gutter on the street. So, the Bridjit ramp rocks. However, it keep the air dam on the front of my Porsche 911 from scraping.

  639. Kaye Miller (verified owner)

    Ease of ordering, shipped promptly and received in good manner. Just placed product in driveway, working out great.

  640. Dick Massie (verified owner)

    A lot of misunderstanding by your phone staff what I was trying to order which causes confusion and eventually got the wrong order. Two phone calls dropped before a nice person was able to make my order Right I thought. Another phone l explained the situation that one section short. The gentleman said that he would send that one section out free of charge . Thank you very much. Your product is great some hiccups but all in all I’m very happy. It was my 80th birthday present.

  641. Perry (verified owner)

    Quick & Easy, arrived timely. Positive experience with sales department and delivery.

  642. Brendan Quinn (verified owner)

  643. Wayne Schillinger (verified owner)

    My wife and I put it together in a short time. The nuts were hard to put on, so for the time being we left them off. Should go on easier when it gets hot.

  644. Randy Brown (verified owner)

    Best experience ever. Great product, and even better service.

  645. Patrick W. (verified owner)

    Very difficult fastening the nuts to the bolts!!!! Why could you not place an indention where the nut has to be screwed on to allow easier installation?!

  646. Gregg (verified owner)

  647. Allison Lovecraft (verified owner)

    This made a WORLD of difference! Our neighborhood has rolled curbs that were a pain to slowly inch up and back down every time we used our driveway. Now it’s a completely smooth transition from driveway to street! Can’t comment on longevity as we just got them but they super heavy duty rubber so I don’t see them falling apart any time soon. I only regret not getting them sooner.

  648. Justin S. (verified owner)

    Great product that stays in place like it should.

  649. Sarah (verified owner)

    We love our new ramps. We have a steep driveway and the front of our car would often scratch underneath when pulling in and out. This has 100% solved the issue.

  650. Brock (verified owner)

    I admit, at $399, I was a little hesitant to pull the trigger on this, but I’m glad I did. The product works great, I haven’t had any issues, and we no longer have to take weird angles to get into our driveway to prevent our cars from scraping. It’s great that they are recycling old tires too. I live in the Denver area and my Bridjit came extremely fast and I got installation with it! Denver Smooth Curb is the company who delivered and installed. The installer was very friendly and professional. Whole thing was setup in under 10 minutes. Great product and experience, would highly recommend to anyone.

  651. Greg Smith (verified owner)

    The curb ramp set appears to be well-made, and greatly helps in getting our low-clearance car in and out of the driveway. Several neighbors have also installed them. We were pleased with how quickly we received them too.

  652. Alice (verified owner)

    This works so well, SUV no longer hitting curb over driveway. Peace and quiet.

  653. David M. (verified owner)

    Easy to install and rugged. Virtually eliminated the huge bump from the curb pulling into our driveway

  654. Edward P. (verified owner)

  655. Michael L. (verified owner)

  656. Bette (verified owner)

    We spoke with a representative before we ordered. But when the 4 pieces arrived and we tried to install they won’t work for our gutter/ driveway. Had to return. Only wish the rep. would have advised us. Cost us $135. to return.

  657. JEREMY (verified owner)

  658. Steven B. (verified owner)

    Significantly improved operations into and out of our driveway. There is not much space provided for tools to be used in bolting the three parts together. It took about an hour to fully put in place and mate the parts with a socket and screw driver.

    Other than taking more time to assemble by myself it has been great product. Ordering and shipping was easy and timely.

    Recommendation: If you feel you are unsure if you might need an extension, I would recommend buying all the extension up front due to what I imagine will be a lengthy disassembly and reassembly time.

    I would definitely order again should I move to a new property.

  659. Ronald S. (verified owner)

    This is a well made curb ramp, but unfortunately it did not work for me. It’s not the ramps fault, just that my driveway approach is too steep and broad for this ramp to work. I tried a number of times to make it work but it is just not wide enough, or high enough to keep my Prius from dragging the chin spoiler when existing the driveway. I sent an email to the company asking if I could return the ramps in person to the shipper, and was told I could do so. Very impressed with their customer support.

  660. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Product is great, customer service and shipping process were beyond awful.

  661. Jeffrey (verified owner)

  662. JUNE AND JOHN LOWE (verified owner)

    Delivery instructions to home were not carried out as requested. All four heavy cartons were left at bottom of steps vs. to be placed at side of driveway by garage.

  663. Tobin Traxler (verified owner)

  664. Glenn K. (verified owner)

    2 problems, #1 bolts to attach pieces are to big to turn or even to get wrenches on. #2 one unit I received had 2 left ends but no right end piece.

  665. eugene benevides (verified owner)

    Not quite as I imagined but definitely does the trick

  666. william tetsch (verified owner)

  667. Eustacia (verified owner)

    Awesome ramps with good weight and functionality. The installation was pretty easy, but it will require 2 people.

    Image #1 from Eustacia
    Image #2 from Eustacia
  668. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The connecting nut for the bolt doesn’t fit, so the board doesn’t stay in place.

  669. MARK (verified owner)

    Easy to install and work great

  670. Susan B. (verified owner)

    The rating would have been a 5 but I could not get the bolts on any of the screws because the screws were too close to the material. I had two friends help and none of us were able to put the bolts on. I have saved the bolts.

  671. Steven (verified owner)

    These appear well made and the bolts are snug to hold the pieces together. I couldn’t get the nuts on, but I’ll try again in summer when the rubber isn’t in freezing temperatures. Still, they have stayed tight together despite this. The ramps themselves make a huge difference. Our cars can enter the driveway without me worrying about the wear on the cars or them going out of alignment (which they have in the past due to our high curb). Though the number of pieces we required were expensive, this is a quality product, and I know they will more than pay for themselves over time.

  672. Sherman (verified owner)

  673. James L. W. (verified owner)

    They sent me 2 left end pieces rather than 1 right and 1 left. From the street looking toward the driveway, it looks odd. The cartons have notations at the end indicating what is contained therein. None of them were marked.

  674. Richard J M. (verified owner)

    Great service prompt delivery

  675. Amanda (verified owner)

  676. Phyllis (verified owner)

    Solid heavy product. Easy to install (as long as you’re strong and handy). Just what we needed to bridge the curb for getting into the driveway easier.

  677. Mark Zambarda (verified owner)

    Neighbors have already complimented my bridjit curb ramps.

  678. John Marsh (verified owner)

  679. Bruce R. (verified owner)

    Three things: 1- nowhere on the website could I find that hardware is included.
    2- during assembly and upside down, drive the bolts completely into the next ramp and then drape that joint over a small step stool. It makes it much easier to pry the threaded end of the bolt away from the rubber and spin on the nut. It also leaves the 1/4” gap between ramps when done.
    3- My wife is happy.

  680. Jim L. (verified owner)

    These ramp sets are fantastic! They make pulling in and out of our driveway smooth as glass instead of a four wheel kidney punch. The website information and instructional video are spot on. My son in law happened to be here when they were delivered and we had them installed in about 15-20 minutes (including an additional center section) and that included unboxing, grabbing a large screwdriver and hammer, and carrying them to the end of the driveway. A second set of hands, while not necessary, sure made it easier. Manufacturing is first rate and sections aligned perfectly.

  681. Edward Lai (verified owner)

  682. Anonymous (verified owner)

  683. Richard Stevenson (verified owner)

  684. Scott K. (verified owner)

    Installation takes FAR longer than the fifteen minutes advertised. The bolts require significant and prolonged hammering to join the sections, and then the bolt is so close to the ramp itself there is not enough room to put the nut on.” Good luck if you can get it on at all. It took my wife and I TWO HOURS (hammering and trying to get the nuts on the bolts) to put this together–and there is still a bump from the ramp to the driveway. It is not smooth. Had I known this much effort would result in only marginal improvement, I would not have bought the ramp. Very disappointed.

  685. Ken H. (verified owner)

    It perfectly bridged the gap on our curved sidewalk to allow us worry free entering and exiting the driveway at our home. Easy to assemble too.

  686. Jann (verified owner)

    It’s an improvement, but does not fit as well as I had thought. My curve is larger than the radius of the Bridjit.

  687. DIEGO RAMIREZ (verified owner)

    I dont know who came up with the assembly video, but to think you can move those screws and then screw in the nut never tried to do this or tried with a completely different set

  688. Brian M. (verified owner)

    So hard to get the nuts onto the bolts on the underside. It would be nice if there was more clearance to not only get the bolts on but then tighten them. I had to gap and then push a screwdriver behind the bolt and still it was a chore getting that nut on.

  689. Dawn Exarhopoulos (verified owner)

    This has smoothed out the bump we used to experience in our curved driveway. We are in a cul de sac with the new fangled type of driveway entrance and it was very jarring prior to installing the Bridjit Curb Ramp Set.

  690. Jeff Walker (verified owner)

    Shipped quick, Great product, Made in USA !

  691. Jeff T. (verified owner)

    Could not fit nuts on the bolts. So disappointed.

  692. Rose G. (verified owner)

  693. KathyLynn (verified owner)

    substantially improved the driveway curb

  694. Robert K. (verified owner)

    They fit the curb profile very well. Easy to assemble and place, the driving experience over the ramps is great.

  695. Eric Cauble (verified owner)

    Glad there is a product out there that you are providing to the public

  696. Wayne B. (verified owner)

    High quality great winter sale, just wish I had bought an extension

  697. Hilda Speck (verified owner)

  698. Anonymous (verified owner)

  699. Mike Perryman (verified owner)

  700. LINDA T. (verified owner)


  701. Jim S. (verified owner)

    The Bridgit curve ramp was a great solution for the problem we had with our driveway entrance. Also, our order was quickly delivered and the install instructions were very clear and easy to follow.

  702. Brent J. (verified owner)

  703. Anonymous (verified owner)

  704. Charlotte Lemon (verified owner)

    Love this ramp! It is the bridge from my driveway to the street so my Jaguar does not scrape. Easy to put together and a perfect slope for my purposes.

  705. Richard H. (verified owner)

    Love them.

  706. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The ramps are awesome!!

  707. Anonymous (verified owner)

    glad we got them. easy to install except we could not install the nuts on the bolts. they still work fine. fast delivery, good customer service. recommend.

  708. Pamela Smith (verified owner)

  709. Debbie (verified owner)

    I found out about this product from my neighbor and I love it! Our small car used to scrape the driveway every time we pulled out and now it is a smooth ride! Couldn’t be happier!

  710. Charles Friend (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Completely satisfied.

  711. CHIOMA ALOZIE (verified owner)

    delivery was punctual

  712. Michael (verified owner)

    Easy Install and Bridjit makes a smooth entrance into driveway !

  713. RICHARD B. (verified owner)

  714. David Haraway (verified owner)

    Really awesome product. When I needed a little advice during assembly, John cheerfully helped me over the goal line. Touchdown!

  715. Eysion (verified owner)

    Very quickly shipping, thanks

  716. John Hill (verified owner)

    I bought this because I have a corvette stingray on order and I don’t want it to scrape when I pull in and out of my driveway. It is much smoother with my suv but I don’t have my stingray to fully evaluate at this time. The install wasn’t bad at all. I did it myself in less than an hour.

  717. Larry (verified owner)

    Arrived on time , installed easy, works great

  718. Stanford Anderson (verified owner)

    Works perfectly! Much smoother in and out of my driveway with a low clearance vehicle.

  719. Vivian W. (verified owner)

    Well-constructed, easy to put together. Well worth the $$

  720. Cary M. (verified owner)

    Order was processed quickly, ramps are great.

  721. Robert (verified owner)

    Order ramps they came within a couple days and super easy to install. My neighbor across the street has had the same ones for a couple years and seem to be holding up well.

  722. Robert Holmes (verified owner)

    My only comment is that it is impossible to bolt the pieces together. You can’t get the nuts on the bolts, so I just left them off.

  723. Margaret Irwin (verified owner)

    Bought a fourth piece

  724. david (verified owner)

  725. Teresa J. (verified owner)

  726. Anonymous (verified owner)

  727. Ram (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and easy to install

  728. Bryan (verified owner)

    The material of the product is good quality but I found the assembly to be overly tedious and a bit frustrating. In addition, I’m not impressed with the “fit” to the curb. Our neighborhood curbs are your average curved curbs and the ramps don’t quit fit into the space as flush as I thought they would. There’s still a considerable jolt when passing over them. The one feature I am pleased with is that I didn’t have to bolt them to the curb itself and they stay put. Overall my satisfaction with the product is reflected in my score. 3 out of 5.

  729. Hiram R. (verified owner)

    Great Product easy installation!!

  730. Arthur C. (verified owner)

    Two problems 1–3rd piece did not arrive until a week later(ups) and thus had to ask for King Kong to install.
    2–Holes drilled for bolts were too close to frame to get
    nuts on.

  731. Daniel Stilwell (verified owner)

    I have always dealt with the owner of this company and hes so accommodating I can see why your business is so successful

  732. Jess (verified owner)

    Quick Delivery- Great Customer Service

  733. Jeff Pyle (verified owner)

    Couldn’t screw nuts on to bolts as there wasn’t room. Tried to make room using a screw driver but didn’t work. Bolts went on fine and should keep the three pieces secure.

  734. James Kauffman (verified owner)

  735. Patricia Ranney (verified owner)

    Great product…as advertised

  736. Lynne B. (verified owner)

    This is our second set. Though they are pricey, they are worth the investment. They make a huge difference when pulling in over the steep curb.

  737. Steve Diegnan (verified owner)

  738. Changqing Luo (verified owner)

  739. David H. (verified owner)

    The ramps arrived quickly. They’re very well made and should last more than my lifetime. One person can assemble the unit, but a second set of hands is a nice help. When driving the bolts that hold the sections together, holding/clamping two sections together allows a much better fit. If there’s a gap between sections before tightening the supplied nuts, it’s nearly impossible to get the sections closer together by hand; that’s how tightly the individual sections fit. WD-40 or soapy water will help the process. Despite their weight, the ramps will move slightly if you’re on a slope (as I am) and receive a significant amount of rain. Pounding a large washer or aa piece of galvanized deck strapping into an expansion joint, if you have one properly placed, will do wonders to keep the ramps in position. Carefully consider how the ramps will fit on your driveway opening; if 12 feet seems too small, order an additional section (or more, if needed). The ramps are quite hard, so don’t expect a soft transition from street to driveway. Nevertheless, it’s a great improvement for me, and I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

    Image #1 from David H.
    Image #2 from David H.
  740. Suzanne L. (verified owner)

    So far so good – these are working great for us! Fast delivery and easy set up.

  741. Anonymous (verified owner)

  742. Antoine Berberi (verified owner)

  743. Joseph S Plunkett (verified owner)

  744. Flora L. (verified owner)

    Shipped promptly. Was easy to put together and I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

  745. ed stewart (verified owner)

    Very happy! They fit perfect and don’t move!!

  746. Mike Youngblood (verified owner)

    all good with shipping and product.

  747. Anonymous (verified owner)

  748. Jim (verified owner)

    My rolled curb is about 3″ broader than the width of the Bridgit. Hence I have to pull it back toward the street to get the lift I need to gain clearance for my long nosed 911 Turbo S

  749. James R (verified owner)

    I ordered the 3 piece Bridjit along with 4 additional center sections. I assembled them today. Assembly was easy. Let’s see how they perform now.

  750. Dan D. (verified owner)

  751. Richard Hock (verified owner)

    Makes all the difference

  752. Megan Berceau (verified owner)

  753. RUSSELL (verified owner)

  754. Carla O. (verified owner)

    Works AMAZING! so sad we waited 12 years to get one!!

  755. Emily C. (verified owner)

    We’ve only had it installed for a few days and it has made a world of difference. So thankful!

  756. Charles Parsons (verified owner)

    Beautiful ! I have a 2021 C8 corvette and the curb into my driveway is very steep, I would have scraped my front spoiler if not for your product. I’m so glad I found it. I’ll let others in the local corvette club know about your product. Thank you. Charlie Parsons.

  757. April (verified owner)

  758. Kathleen O’Connor (verified owner)

    Very efficient and personable. I had send a request concerning the delivery date and received an answer and follow up immediately. Thank you

  759. Thomas Ruloff (verified owner)

    Very difficult to get through on phone. Tried multiple times in the weeks before Christmas. No call back and/or call terminated while on hold

  760. Anonymous (verified owner)

  761. Prakash Maggan (verified owner)

    Quick delivery and works just as advertised. Well worth the money. I wish I would have bought these years ago!

  762. Jeff (verified owner)

  763. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Christmas present for my hubby. He really likes them (and so do I.

  764. Randall H. (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, product works awesome. Looks durable and no real odor like the non -us made ones reviews complain about. Bought for my parents and now wife loves it. Might be a second set in our future.

  765. Michael Kelsey (verified owner)

    Installation was fairly straightforward, but very heavy to “just flip over.”

  766. Nicholas Petraglia (verified owner)

  767. Edward Bishop (verified owner)

    Totally happy. Bridget was the epitome of promising less and delivering more.

  768. Russell Bryant (verified owner)

  769. Gwenn (verified owner)

  770. Marty Smith (verified owner)

    Missing 2 bolts in the package and unable to put nuts on bolts even following instructions

  771. Linda Rosko (verified owner)

  772. Anonymous (verified owner)

  773. GERALD Grunwald (verified owner)

    Assembled just like your instructions outlined. Very happy with the product.

  774. Scott Rivard (verified owner)

    Bridjit company representatives provide outstanding service. Their curb ramps are absolutely the best.

  775. Kathleen McGreevy (verified owner)

  776. Trudyann (verified owner)

    Set up was fairly easy and definitely requires two or more people to make it easier. So far I’m a satisfied customer

  777. Billie Jo Hardy (verified owner)

  778. Anonymous (verified owner)

    They came much quicker than I expected!

  779. Diana (verified owner)

    Quick Delivery and fit perfect for the curb

  780. Keith Faller (verified owner)

    Although it is made of very durable and heavy rubber I do have to reposition it at least once per week. We enter our drive way from the same side every time and this pushes the ramp to one side.

  781. John Hayes (verified owner)

    Solved my curb problem

  782. Melissa B. (verified owner)

    We waited almost 20 years to the Bridjit for our house. And now we are wondering why we waited so long! Love it. Makes a huge difference!

  783. Angie H. (verified owner)

    This ramp is wonderful! I don’t feel like I’m getting whiplash when I drive into the driveway anymore. The golf cart and bikes drive so much better with this transition.
    I had an issue with one of the pieces and the company resolved it immediately! I would definitely recommend the purchase.

    Image #1 from Angie H.
  784. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works so well. Super easy to install. Only wish we had bought them sooner!!

  785. bruce (verified owner)

    Works great!

  786. Victor Li (verified owner)

    Great product and great quality. Would highly recommend

  787. Anne Hankins (verified owner)

    We got the package very quickly, and even though it was heavy, it was easy to put together and is saving our cars from bottoming out when we drive into our driveway. Wonderful product, thank you!!!

  788. Ron Cogdell (verified owner)

    Your folk were awesome and very much on top of it👍

  789. Bill Rice (verified owner)

  790. Patti Mullins (verified owner)

    Love product!! Smooth backing out of driveway now!!!! Coffee doesn’t slosh out!! Ordering 4th piece today!!

  791. James Duncan (verified owner)

    Ramps were not 100 percent compatible with my driveway, however I think it would be nice to get someone right away instead of waiting for help from one person (the Manager).

  792. James A. (verified owner)

    I purchased these curb ramps as Christmas gifts for my 2 daughters & their families.
    I presented them early as they are hard to disguise or hide under the respective trees 🌲 until Christmas. One set was put into use that day. I have heard nothing but good praises from the recipients since. They aren’t cheap, but good things in life rarely are. I’m happy with the quality of the pieces, their ease of being put into use, the ease of purchase & the fast delivery. I believe they will deliver good service for many years to come.
    I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking to smooth their approach into their driveway if they have those bumpy concrete curbs leading into their driveway.

  793. Pete G. (verified owner)

    They were very professional,somehow i ended up one piece short but they took care of it quickly, even answered their cell phone # now that is above and beyond in my book i purchase almost everything on line anymore so it means alot! Buy with confidence!!! oh yah and their product works so well save our vehicles a beating from going up and down our driveway!

    Image #1 from Pete G.
  794. Jeffry Kravitz (verified owner)

    Very timely processing and delivery. Your website interface is very easy to navigate. Thanks.

  795. Anthony (verified owner)

  796. Kerry Hylton (verified owner)

  797. Alicia (verified owner)

    Happy husband Gift!!!

  798. Stephen Brackbill (verified owner)

    Love it. Should have gotten one years ago then i wouldn’t have damaged. Y front end.

  799. Anonymous (verified owner)

    easy installation and looks and works like advertsied. Very Happy with it.

  800. Toni A. (verified owner)

    So far so good, works as expected. It was harder to assemble than I anticipated.

  801. Floyd F. (verified owner)

    Screw and nuts we’re hard to install, old age like the product

  802. Anonymous (verified owner)

    my daughter and son in law were thrilled with this gift. works perfectly.

  803. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Item was delivered in a timely fashion and my son was thrilled with the gift…… he loves it and says no bump coming out of his driveway.

  804. Jill H. (verified owner)

    So easy I am shocked. Fastest delivery too.

  805. Darryl Weidkamp (verified owner)

    Easy to install (read instructions first) and nice transition from street to driveway. ❤️👍

  806. Kenneth Kozlowski (verified owner)

    No more bumping and risking bottom scraping. Did the research among the field offerings and went with BRIDJIT

  807. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Giving as a gift so have not used it yet but the package came quickly and in great condition

  808. Jaegar Carlyle (verified owner)

    Great for the huge curb getting into my driveway. Easy installation.

  809. Ron Dawson (verified owner)

    Great product. Makes a smooth transition from street to driveway. Watching installation video was a great help.

  810. Collena (verified owner)

    Gave it to my neighbor for Christmas. He had a low car, he loved it. Thanks

  811. Greg R. (verified owner)

    Easy to put together and works great.

  812. jim n. (verified owner)

  813. Edward H. (verified owner)

    First and foremost, it works; my car no longer bottoms-out pulling out of the driveway. My driveway is curved; the channel for water in the ramp still performed in heavy rain.
    My only criticism: It takes longer than the represented 15 minutes to attach the panels. There is no room between the bolts and the panel material. The prying method suggested by the manufacturer still makes in extremely difficult to place the nut onto the bolt and to screw. On the bright side, the three bolted, interconnected panels will be difficult to steal.

  814. Joseph E. Lamack (verified owner)

    Looks good works good all good here

  815. Michael Lang (verified owner)

  816. Adam J. (verified owner)

  817. David Bybee (verified owner)

  818. Thomas Kramer (verified owner)

    At last that ‘thump’ is gone every time I back out of the driveway. That’s what I wanted and I am pleased.

  819. John (verified owner)

  820. Henry (verified owner)

    The best on the market and well-worth the cost!

  821. Stephen Volmer (verified owner)

    The duration of time from when the order was placed until we received the product was incredibly short! And it was during the holiday season when everything was taking extra time in shipping.

  822. Geoffrey Acolia (verified owner)

  823. timothy kirst (verified owner)

  824. Rose K. (verified owner)

  825. Irene (verified owner)

  826. john Pisano (verified owner)

  827. Linda W. (verified owner)

    The ordering process was simple and the ramp was shipped quickly. And it works great!!!

  828. John J. (verified owner)

  829. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Difficult to assemble due to lack of clearance provided to install nuts on bolts, once together and in place great!

  830. Angelica (verified owner)

    Easy to install, they work great!

  831. Dominic Custodio (verified owner)

    Very sturdy product and easy to install!

  832. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The installation is a bit hard since the nuts are very close to the rubber. I was not able to fully screw in the nuts. Otherwise it works great as expected. The quality looks good. Time will tell whether it hold up well.

  833. Jason Burrell (verified owner)

    Have not got all of the pieces to date. When I called I left my number to be called back at and got no response. Pretty disappointed to date!

  834. Larry N. (verified owner)

    No more scrapping.

  835. Donna (verified owner)

    What a wonderful difference the ramp makes. Wish I had gotten for my kids years ago . The best present you can give!!

  836. Thomas Jividen (verified owner)

    It’s an excellent product. I would say, however, that it’s a little more difficult to assemble than it originally appears – especially for a 75 year old like me. It’s definitely a “younger man’s game”.

  837. Sean Flynn (verified owner)

    Great quality, easy install

  838. Howard (verified owner)

    got them fast

  839. Ryan H. (verified owner)

    Very good quality product; works as described! Packaged very well and easy to install. Highly recommend !

  840. Clinton (verified owner)

  841. Robert Holtz (verified owner)

    Bridgit surpassed all promises and still more. Got my order in two days, in place the third and you can’t even feel the curb going over it. Best money I’ve spend in a long time and totally pleased with it. “GREAT WORK FOLKS”.

  842. Gabe K. (verified owner)

    This is a very solid product and it does help with driving up a steep incline.
    Attaching the large nuts to the attachment bolt very difficult to achieve.One has to use a lot of counter force to lift the the bolt up so the nut has be applied.The screwdriver slips when doing this step.
    I think the company needs to make the nut to bolt attachment easier.

  843. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product. Shipped very quickly. If you are ordering g this for a Christmas gift just know the packaging does say what it is lol. But great customer service and I would definitely buy from here again.

  844. Gerald Pfannenstiel (verified owner)

    I like the product.

  845. kevin robinson (verified owner)

    worked better than expected. love it

  846. Charles Fleck (verified owner)

  847. Bernice DeBoer (verified owner)

  848. Derek N. (verified owner)

  849. Thomas La Point (verified owner)

    Wonderful aids for “not bumping” our car on the curb.
    The install of bolts was more difficult than it should be. Perhaps including a “ram-rod” to bang on with a mallett would help..

  850. Dona (verified owner)

  851. Robert Miller (verified owner)

  852. Andrew (verified owner)

    Really changed our driveway entry and exit. Great product with a convenient water way drain. All hardware was included and fast shipping. Very happy with the product and it seems to hold up well so far.

  853. Robert Jones (verified owner)

    Wish all pieces were delivered together

  854. Steve K. (verified owner)

    Love it

  855. William S. (verified owner)

    I already have one that is great but ordered this for my neighbor. Im sure they will be pleased as well.

  856. Staci G. (verified owner)

    Love it!!!

  857. Howard blumstein (verified owner)

  858. John Crosby (verified owner)

  859. Charles Marvel (verified owner)

  860. Lizabeth (verified owner)

    We love it. Our only regret is waiting four years to finally buy it!!

  861. mark g. (verified owner)

    Tastes great, less filling.

    Image #1 from mark g.
  862. Darin Christian (verified owner)

  863. Marjorie W. (verified owner)

    I was most pleasantly surprised when I received the set a day less than a week after ordering it. I live in a retirement community and called maintenance that it was here and asked them to come and install it. He rang the doorbell after he had it installed so no record of it being done. I love how smoothly I can back out and how easy it is to go down the area with my walker. Whoever designed this had a wonderful idea. I am so glad a neighbor told me about the ramp set. I will encourage others to install it if I have the opportunity.

  864. Mark (verified owner)

    Night & day difference. Easy to assemble in a few minutes. The underside of our car says thank you.

  865. Anne Boutin (verified owner)

    I have been wanting these for a long time. We have a giant curb to go into our driveway and I’ve seen a few bridegits in our neighborhood. I finally got ours and what a huge difference! I am really glad I finally pulled the trigger and got ours! It took me and my son about 15 min to set them up.

    Image #1 from Anne Boutin
  866. Stephen Perfetti (verified owner)

    thank you really nice to do away with that bump in my driveway every time I go in and out

  867. Donald Sinn (verified owner)

  868. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Terrific product — what a difference! Super fast shipping. Wish I’d bought this product sooner.

  869. Anonymous (verified owner)

  870. James S. (verified owner)

    My order was processed quickly, and the components arrived within a few days. Getting the nuts to go onto the bolts was a bit challenging, requiring some serious prying on the ends of the bolts with very large screwdrivers. Once assembled and flipped over in place, the pieces fit the shape of our curb, nicely. The best part is the huge improvement in the “jolts and scrapes” I have been experiencing with my low clearance muscle car. Now, I can go on and off the driveway without slowing to a snail’s pace, and the scraping and jolts are a thing of the past. Thanks for making a great product, BRIDJIT!

  871. Victor Corona (verified owner)

    Love them well made work great

  872. Donald Ticknor (verified owner)

  873. Anonymous (verified owner)

  874. Anonymous (verified owner)

  875. Matthew L. (verified owner)

    Outstanding product! It does exactly what is supposed to do and has made entering and existing my driveway so much easier. I have already recommended BRIDJIT to my neighbors and family.

  876. Mary P. (verified owner)

    We love the ramps. A little bit of work to get them together, but once we figured out an easy way with minimal tools, we did it. It’s nice to not have to maneuver the curb. Yay !!

    Image #1 from Mary P.
  877. James McGonagle (verified owner)

    Great product! Solved the scrapping problem encountered with multiple vehicles, improved ground clearance. A quick question was handled wonderfully by their technical assistance, John, who helped me decide on proper installation. Very pleased with the product and the company.

  878. Tariq (verified owner)

    Excellent, could not live without it! When I had called to enquire tracking status, John Curry was very helpful; thanks John!

  879. Jason Wass (verified owner)

    Works good, but seriously remove your name from my drive way. I don’t advertise for free.

  880. Andrew K. (verified owner)

    We have a substantial dip between the street and our driveway. No matter how slow we drive, or angle into the driveway, everyone gets thrown around. These ramps solved it perfectly. I like the modular design so that we could get exactly the length we need for our 25’ wide driveway. You will definitely need a hammer to pound the mounting bolts through. I also suggest using a deep socket for tightening the bolts, rather than trying to do it by hand. It’s a very tight fit and the socket is much easier. Made in America is the icing on the cake. If you are researching driveway ramps, this is the way to go.

  881. Michael Singleton (verified owner)

    Fantastic product and speedy delivery!!

  882. Ken Kaelin (verified owner)

    Wish it was a little cheaper

  883. Kay W. (verified owner)

  884. Bradley J. (verified owner)

  885. Jeff (verified owner)

    This product has easily and quickly hanged how it felt like I was driving over a curb, to driving up a normal driveway. After a few weeks I am pleased with the product.

  886. Edward Gaudet (verified owner)

    Only took a few days to recieve after ordering. It is really good not to have to experience the bump when entering the driveway. Don’t have to worry about the front air dam scraping the curb anymore. If they hold up I will give them a 5 star rating.

  887. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Well made, fixed the deep gutter issue.

  888. Frances (verified owner)

    I’m sure the ramps will work fine as-is, but the way they bolt together is very poorly designed. It would have been so easy to pocket out the rubber to allow for the nut to be properly installed. Instead, you have lift the blot with a screwdriver to get the nut half way on. Why? The simple fact that there is an instructional video on how to install the nuts is proof of how poor they design is.

  889. Jerry B. (verified owner)

    The product is fantastic. Works as promised. Unfortunately, it took three attempts to get the correct parts after incorrect parts were sent, resent then sent back. It’s now done, in and we’re happy. I’d offer a top rating except for the sloppy shipping department.

  890. Richard Jones (verified owner)

    Easy to install and work very well. Only had this a week, but so far, very pleased.

  891. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great so far-easy to install and eliminates bump at driveway curb in culdesac.

  892. Terry Brown (verified owner)

    Delivery was fast and US made. Better lasting than others.

  893. Anonymous (verified owner)

  894. Anonymous (verified owner)

  895. Erinn E. (verified owner)

    So happy with our purchase!!! Our cars were taking a beating it’s been so nice to have a smooth transition from street to driveway!

  896. Joseph S. (verified owner)

    This product is outstanding! I don’t know why I waited so long to buy the product. It took only 15 minutes to assemble.

  897. Susan F. (verified owner)

    Love these ramps. Just what we needed for the giant curbs at my Mom’s new house. Arrived super fast too!! Great service, wonderful product.

  898. William J Newby (verified owner)


  899. Randall Elliott (verified owner)

  900. Marc McConnell (verified owner)

    They came so quickly and are amazing! We love the smooth transition from the driveway to the road

  901. Edwin Schnebele (verified owner)

    arrived promptly, assembly easy. driving over curb smooth. should have done this years ago.

  902. Charlotte (verified owner)

    Fits perfectly very happy with my purchase!

  903. Frank (verified owner)

    The product is perfect and the instructions very helpful. One footnote: you need a heavy-duty flathead screwdriver and the second person must be very strong to hold the bolt up and away from the rubber, while the second person threads the nut onto it. Thank you!

  904. Mark (verified owner)

    It was impossible to screw the nuts on the bolts as the bolts were flush against the item. 4 different people tried with everyone getting gashed at some point by trying to use screwdrivers to get enough space to get the nut on. Sure seems like it’s a design flaw to not give a 1/4 inch or so of leeway to allow for the nuts to go on. Additionally, I was surprised that the edges weren’t graded/angled to make it a gradual transition over the item. Fairly disappointed in the product.

  905. Adil A. (verified owner)

    Super-easy to install, very effective.

  906. Grady (verified owner)

    Extremely solid and well designed. Heavy enough to stay in place and best of all my Corvette no longer drags.

  907. Marilyn Burton (verified owner)

    We bought the bridjit ramps and like them so much that I bought a set for my son for Christmas. When I ordered my husbands ramps it took a long time to get them in. He even had to call. When I ordered my sons ramps, it took two days to come in. We couldn’t believe how fast the service was!

  908. Yosief (verified owner)

  909. William S. (verified owner)

    Easy ordering hassle free delivery. Only issue is the standard 3 pack is not enough to cover an adequate length of curb and will required an additional 1-2 center pieces.

  910. Todd J. (verified owner)

    Exactly what I’d hoped it was, easy assembly and placement, and no more scraping the front cowl of our cars. Shipping was quick, it arrived within a week, happy with the product and company.

  911. Lily (verified owner)

    Such a difference for my neck. No more jarring going in & out my driveway. Love it.

  912. Frank Bothwell (verified owner)

    Outstanding product

  913. Ronald O. (verified owner)

  914. James (verified owner)

    Didn’t get all the nuts needed to connect the pieces, but the ramps seem good!

  915. Jason (verified owner)

    Great product. Makes a huge difference coming up the driveway.

  916. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Need longer depth.

  917. Bradley M. (verified owner)

  918. Daniel Diller (verified owner)

    I love these ramps, it makes it a joy to go in-and-out of my driveway now before it was always so tedious!
    They were a bit challenging to bolt together, so hard to put wrenches on the bolt heads and nuts because they pressed deep into the rubber. I could not begin to get a socket on it. But I can see that the bolt fastening point needs to be deep and close to the solid rubber for strength so I agree with where they located the fastening points and I don’t think it would work to put them anywhere else even though it’s difficult to connect them everything worked out fine.
    The instruction manual suggests crimping the threads after you fasten the bolts to prevent someone from unbolting them and stealing them piece by piece. As tedious as it is to to bolt them together I don’t think any thief is going to spend 2 hours unbolting them to steal them.
    So again I love this product it’s great!
    I called customer service because I didn’t remember when they were going to come. And customer service was very friendly and helpful and the ramps came in about 5 days which was 1 or 2 days ahead of when they were scheduled to arrive.
    Love the ramps!!!

    Image #1 from Daniel Diller
    Image #2 from Daniel Diller
  919. Lydia (verified owner)

    While kind of difficult to put together, it was WELL worth it. Our driveway was honestly ridiculous before this. Love our bridjit!

    Image #1 from Lydia
  920. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very happy with product. Easy to install.

  921. David (verified owner)

    Great product and they ship very fast.

  922. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The instructions could be made a little more clearly. How about have a Youtube video of installing the nut and bolt? And just point everyone to it in the installation guide. I had to wrestle with it, definitely needs two people to assemble. But now they are working great and doing the job great. They seem good quality and heavy.

  923. Carol (verified owner)

    Everything they promised to be! The customer service was excellent!! Thank you so much

  924. Jaya Krishnan (verified owner)

    The same as above

  925. Richard Boone (verified owner)

    Couldn’t screw the nuts to the bolts

  926. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The product is great and works well. In my opinion it would be better if the long edges were tapered more to match up with the curb. They are about 1-1.5” so doesn’t fit in curb flush. Still a huge improvement and satisfied with the product.

  927. GANESH (verified owner)

  928. Ryan Wagner (verified owner)

    Impossible to get a socket over the bolt head or nut due to improper clearance. Also, just sending through the bolt broke a 19mm impact swivel socket. Going to leave negative reviews everywhere.

  929. Ian (verified owner)

  930. Wayne S. (verified owner)

    Extremely satisfied with product and all aspects of my experience with Bridjit.

  931. kris y. (verified owner)

    ramps showed up exactly as described by manufacturer.
    They are a little pricey for a curb ramp, but worth it as long as it saves me from tearing up my front spoilers on my cars.

  932. Mallori (verified owner)

    It’s awesome! So nice to not have to go up a curb every time we come home.

  933. scotty B. (verified owner)

    Product as promised

  934. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great quality product. It arrived much sooner than expected. Although it does help, it has not fully resolved the issue of my car scraping the driveway.

  935. James Horner (verified owner)

    Will buy more in the future They make great gifts,

  936. David S. (verified owner)

  937. Jeffrey Kondo (verified owner)

  938. Julia Moravcsik (verified owner)

    It seems to works well but I couldn’t get the bolts on.

  939. David S. (verified owner)

  940. eric (verified owner)

    car no longer scrapes on entering driveway. neighborhood is full of em.

  941. Ted Wright (verified owner)

    Flatten out the 1960’s high curb and got rid of the jerks on entering and exiting the driveway. Very happy with the product

  942. Anonymous (verified owner)

  943. Johnny Beck (verified owner)

  944. Steven (verified owner)

    Only used for a short time but it works very well. My low profile car has no problem in or out of driveway.

  945. Allen S. (verified owner)

    This product works very well and as desired.

  946. ROBERT TERRY (verified owner)

  947. Howard G. (verified owner)

    great product, quick ship! Thank-you!

  948. John F. (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  949. Jack Magness (verified owner)

    Impossible to add screws onto the bolts

  950. Rebecca (verified owner)

    For the first time in years the cars back over the Bridgit ramp without scraping the paint on the car. Brilliant. Thanks.

  951. Stephen Koehler (verified owner)

    I’m an older (74) guy, but I was able to install the 3-piece ramp by myself. However, here’s an issue: My curb curves slightly, and I was unable to get the ramp to curve as much. I didn’t put the nuts on the bolts as far as suggested in order to make sure the ramp would curve more. It still didn’t quite, but it curved enough to satisfy me. I suggest measuring curb curvature like you suggest for curb height. With a tape going straight from the top of the curb to the top 12′ away, measure the distance from the 6′ mark on the tape to the top of the curb there. Mine was 6 inches. Here’s is where a second person might have helped to stretch the rubber pieces to the extent the bolts would allow, but I didn’t have access to that person.

    Image #1 from Stephen Koehler
  952. Matt B. (verified owner)

    Great product that really smoothes out the curb and cuts out the jarring and bouncing over it.

  953. Diemthu L. (verified owner)

    Good quality and easy to assemble.

  954. Robert B. (verified owner)

  955. Charlotte (verified owner)

    This product solved the problem of our car hitting the curb in our dysfunctional driveway, and it doesn’t move when we go over it as the less expensive plastic ones did.

  956. Margurette (verified owner)

    I would really love these ramps if they weren’t so expensive. No competition. Work great though!

  957. George B. (verified owner)

    High quality product and excellent service

  958. Michael D. (verified owner)

    We shopped around and bought the Bridjit, the best curb ramp offered. Why settle for anything less? Made in the USA, top notch quality and super fast shipping. Thumbs up!

  959. Peter Peacock (verified owner)

  960. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The bolts go through but the nuts do not have space to fit on the other end and then spin on.

  961. Andrew W. (verified owner)

  962. Celia K. (verified owner)

    Love them! Can now drive in and out of driveway with problem. Easy to assemble too.

  963. Anonymous (verified owner)

  964. Gail Harrison (verified owner)

    works great, came quickly, but we need to order two additional middle parts so that the entire span of our driveway is covered by the bridgit

  965. Laura (verified owner)

    The product works exactly as we wanted! No more bumping out of the driveway. Thank you!

  966. Clair Miller (verified owner)

  967. ERIK Nordstrom (verified owner)

    A little difficult getting them together right, but worth the skinned knuckles not to get whiplash pulling into the driveway!

  968. Morgan (verified owner)

    This is a game changer! We have scraped our cars daily for years on our deep curb, and now with the Bridjit ramp the driveway is so smooth. Wish we had ordered this years ago! Great product!

  969. Ronald Tiller (verified owner)

  970. James N. (verified owner)

    once installed it is great. BUT, because the holes where not drilled completely through on one section I struggled to connect that one. I had to get out a drill and open up the hole. The other three sections were fine (Have 2 middles and 2 ends)

  971. John C. (verified owner)

    Excellent product.

  972. Mike Blum (verified owner)

    Fit together nicely.

  973. Henry Fallert (verified owner)

    where the bolts go need to be a deeper grove to fit nut on bolt and to get tool on bolt.

  974. G. Barbara (verified owner)

    Works exactly like I expected. Quality product – should last longer than me!

  975. Dennis Cullen (verified owner)

    Great product. Really makes a difference going in or out of the driveway. Order came complete in about 4 days.

  976. George B. (verified owner)

    Quick delivery & easy installation. It solves our problem & works great!

  977. Chris F. (verified owner)

  978. Kurt (verified owner)

    Price and shipping were great. The one improvement that I would have like to see is the top and bottom edges be tapered. There is still a decent edge at the bottom and top, but it is better than the curbs that the county put in.

  979. Todd Saxey (verified owner)

  980. John I. (verified owner)

    Great customer experience. Solid product and easy to install. Had to order another one since our driveway was a bit bigger than we had guessed.

  981. Anonymous (verified owner)

  982. Bevan J. (verified owner)

    Does what it should – no scrapping car anymore!

  983. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent product and service

  984. Gloria L. (verified owner)

    Wonderful product! Wish we had bought it sooner!!

  985. William Thorson (verified owner)

    Awesome product very pleased with it. I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs it. Thank you!

  986. Jason M. (verified owner)

    They were easier to assemble and install than the impressions I got from some of the reviews I read. I probably got one more than I needed but I would rather have extra than not enough. In case you are wondering, the low profile vehicles are in the garages lol

    Image #1 from Jason M.
  987. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Poor bolt fastening system. Unable to fit nut on any bolts.

  988. Karl B. (verified owner)

    excellent product

  989. John (verified owner)

    My car now glides in the driveway. Very nice. No more practically stopping to get up the curb.

  990. Daniel (verified owner)

    Great product. Second time I have purchased this product, first set lasted about 8 years out here in Las Vegas weather. Fast shipping and great value for how long they last.

  991. Sharon D. (verified owner)

  992. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy to install for two people. working on the finding the best apex for my curb

  993. Maria Bolan (verified owner)

    The Bridjit is amazing! We have been bottoming out of our driveway for almost 25 years. One of our neighbors got a Bridjit and I knew we had to try it. LOVE IT. What a difference 🙂 We received our item as promised – on time and in perfect condition.

  994. James Hatton (verified owner)

  995. Terry A Pierce (verified owner)

  996. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great fit, easy setup!

  997. Bobby M. (verified owner)

    Pleased with delivery and fit of driveway transition ramps.

  998. Donald Bratcher (verified owner)

  999. Paul Jarosz (verified owner)

    Good marketing by having your phone number on the product. This is now I discovered your driveway ramps. Compared to your competitors doesn’t look out of place or noisy like the metal plates.

  1000. Judy (verified owner)

    Works well, but difficult to attach nuts to bolts due to tightness of groove around the bolt once inserted. Very pleased with the product.

  1001. Pamela Bussbee (verified owner)

    You say easy to put together. Wrong!!!!!!! Had to use a drill and box cutter to get the bolts through.

  1002. Anonymous (verified owner)

  1003. Anonymous (verified owner)

  1004. Roberto C. (verified owner)

    Product works great. Very easy to put together. Appears durable. Only thing is I had two center pieces so I needed 6 bolts (2 for right side to right center piece, 2 to connect the two center pieces, and 2 to connect left center to left side. ) I only got 4 bolts total. Currently need two more.

  1005. Franco Volpone (verified owner)

    Heavy and very durable
    But hard to bolt together, no room for the nut to turn.

  1006. Alice (verified owner)

    So much better on my car!!

  1007. Kevin H. (verified owner)

    Everything they were said to be very satisfied with their service and product…thanks for making these so much easier to use my driveway!!!

  1008. Greg W. (verified owner)

    Seems to be Very Durable, but time will tell. Solved our problem and enjoying the smooth transition as we enter and exit our driveway. My only worry was as I was connecting the 3 and as I followed the instructions I notice the material started to tear as I wedged my screwdriver under the bolt to screw on the nut. I saw some tearing. May not matter but will inspect after a few months of use.

  1009. Michael Southard (verified owner)

    Shipping was only problem, but minor!

  1010. Anonymous (verified owner)

  1011. Wojciech (verified owner)

  1012. David (verified owner)

    Great product and great communication from Bridjit.

  1013. Rick (verified owner)

    This ramp is absolutely wonderful!! Fast shipping, easily assembled, and great quality.

  1014. Gregg K. (verified owner)

    Tremendous service and fast! Great product!

  1015. Anonymous (verified owner)

    So far so good. My adult son installed them and it’s made it more comfortable getting from our driveway to the street.

  1016. David Baras (verified owner)

    Easy. With easy instructions. And performs as advertised

  1017. Debbie S. (verified owner)

    This is our third purchase. Great product. You will be the envy of ALL your neighbors!

  1018. Leon Cupples (verified owner)

  1019. John M. (verified owner)

    Works extremely well!

  1020. Michael Hill (verified owner)

    All went well with the install except one of the bolt holes split half way when attaching the nut. I hope to get years of service from the set. My wife loves them! Her Honda was dragging at the curb but no longer. Thanks!

  1021. Jim C. (verified owner)

    Courteous phone person, quick shipment, & good installation instructions. We’ll engineered product & creative inventor.

  1022. James H. (verified owner)

    Very pleased! The ramps came in 3 separate boxes to keep the weight manageable. The middle section ramp came with bolts installed, nuts in a small ziplock bag, and detailed instructions. Following the instructions made installation of the 3 sections relatively easy, and I’m very happy with the results. They look professional, and are heavy enough to stay in place. I definitely recommend these for anyone with a similar driveway curb and low vehicle that would otherwise scrape without them.

    Image #1 from James H.
  1023. John K. (verified owner)

    Fit up to the curb very well and eliminated the jarring that was my former entry/exit life! One work on assembly: you really have to bend the rubber end pieces (flap ends) from the center section in order to thread on the nuts to the bolts. Hammering the bolts through was easy. The bolt is SO CLOSE to the rubber flap end, you really have to bend it to thread the nut on. See the instructions? A 2×4? I used the banded together shipping boxes to do this.

  1024. Terry M. (verified owner)

    I live in cul-de-sac and it formed to it really great I pretty really happy.

  1025. Tommy G. (verified owner)

  1026. Lionel Hutchins (verified owner)

  1027. Ray Cashman (verified owner)

    everything went well

  1028. Daniel Clyde (verified owner)

    We love them no more big bump just a nice tradition. To the road

    Image #1 from Daniel Clyde
  1029. Thomas M. (verified owner)

  1030. Scott M (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and smooth entry and exit

  1031. Jonathan Hensley (verified owner)

  1032. John V. (verified owner)

    Product is good, but could be great with steel inserts in curb ramp to protect rubber bolt passageway. This would allow smaller retainer bolts to be used, making assembly easier. Our rubber started to tear, using directions of 2 x 4 to raise rubber at joint. We were being careful, but ithe weather was very warm the day of installation.

  1033. George O’Neill (verified owner)

  1034. Anonymous (verified owner)

  1035. John B. (verified owner)

  1036. John R. (verified owner)

    Good personal service to correct mistake.

  1037. BRIDJIT (store manager)

    Deborah – Sorry to hear you had trouble. We do have customers report issues with receiving our email notifications from time to time.

  1038. John (verified owner)

  1039. Kris Studin (verified owner)

    Great customer service. Hasn’t completely fixed scraping problem but definitely improved it

  1040. Greg G. (verified owner)

  1041. Matt (verified owner)

    I’ve had the ramps in place now for a few weeks and they’ve definitely helped the transition from driveway to street. I added another middle section due to having a wider driveway and it was a good choice.
    I do find myself having to pull them all back into place as they want to move after a few days of being driven over.

  1042. Patrick Wright (verified owner)

    Outstanding product. The wife says entering or leaving the driveway has never been so smooth.

  1043. James Griffin (verified owner)

    It is a great product. Works great

  1044. Brian E. (verified owner)

    Image #1 from Brian E.
  1045. CHUN CHAVARRIA (verified owner)

    smooth transaction

  1046. Robert Snyder (verified owner)

    Fast careful shipping. Easy to assemble. Our new sedan is happy to see this in our driveway!

    Image #1 from Robert Snyder
  1047. Brandon (verified owner)

    Works great. Would definitely recommend!

  1048. michael (verified owner)

    difficult to get the nuts on the bolts

  1049. Gaye Brombacher (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and ease of putting together are two reasons to buy. I was concerned that I might not be able to manage on my own but I took my time, placed each section one at a time per instructions and it was a breeze. They did the trick for my Miata to prevent the hard jolt!

    Image #1 from Gaye Brombacher
  1050. Kristie (verified owner)

    Fantastic product and immediate delivery!

  1051. Zayne (verified owner)

  1052. Anonymous (verified owner)

    12 years in our house and we finally purchased a Bridjit Kit! Makes driving up and down the driveway not so stressful. Free shipping! Get them while you can!

  1053. Gillian (verified owner)

    Order arrived very quickly! Easy to open an assemble. Very happy with purchase and delivery.

  1054. Amritaputra B. (verified owner)

    I am yet to get all the 3 of a set. So my work is half done, laying on the curbside.

  1055. George U. (verified owner)

    They did complement my driveway, however the right panel bolt hole cracked when I was installing the bolt. See the attached photographs.

    Image #1 from George U.
    Image #2 from George U.
  1056. Adielle T. (verified owner)

    Did not hesitate to buy this…. It works really well….best purchased made..

  1057. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I have only received 2 of my 3 pieces. It has been almost been three weeks since placing my order. When I call to get help to find out when the third piece will arrive I am told each time that no one from the main office is available, so my information is taken down and passed along and no one calls me back when I am told they will do so. I tried asking for help 3 times now and have got no where. I am frustrated because it is a decent amount of money spent to not be able to use the product.

  1058. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Don’t stay in place and need adjusting

  1059. Chris A. (verified owner)

    Only wish they would cover entire 2 car driveway

  1060. Robert M. (verified owner)

    Most Wonderful Product & unbelievable shipping speed. I’m sure my purchase will spur others to jump on board and buy

  1061. Walter M. (verified owner)

    Service was excellent. I look forward to installing the set.

  1062. David D. (verified owner)

    Arrived promptly, as ordered. Directions were easy to follow. Box to curb in under 30min… we, and our vehicles, couldn’t be happier… thank you!

    Oh… got to give that same review to a neighbor that walked by and inquired while I was installing… you’re welcome!😀

  1063. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Makes getting in and out of my driveway so much easier and smoother. I am glad I went with this product instead of steel plates.

  1064. Landon P. (verified owner)

    Follow the included instructions and installation is simple. The product functions as intended. Pricey but it’s the best product on the market, made in the USA, and very well built.

  1065. Jeffrey (verified owner)

  1066. Corinne West (verified owner)

    Just what we needed for our driveway. No more scraping my front bumper!!!

  1067. Anonymous (verified owner)

  1068. Christopher H. (verified owner)

  1069. Timothy C. (verified owner)

  1070. Ron Tannoya (verified owner)

  1071. rick (verified owner)