BRIDJIT vs Pyle Curb Ramps

If you’re looking for a set of curb ramps and you happen to be on Amazon, you might see a set of a competitor’s curb ramps.

How do BRIDJIT Ramps Compare to Pyle Ramps?

At first glance, these ramps seem comparable to BRIDJIT curb ramps. However, as we’ll explain below, BRIDJIT curb ramps are a better choice for most consumers.

Pyle and BRIDJIT Curb Ramp Feature Comparison

A strict comparison of features and specs shows that there are a lot of important differences between Pyle ramps and BRIDJIT curb ramps:

 BRIDJIT     Pyle  
Fits most rolled curbs?                YesYes
Expandable, with additional single sections available?YesYes
Included hardware that joins all sections together?YesNo
Tapered edges on “end” pieces?YesNo
Rough/textured surface for traction?YesYes
Holes that require drilling downwards into concrete?NoYes
Warrantied for 5 years?YesNo
Made from recycled materials?YesUnknown
Made in the USA?YesUnknown

In terms of dimensions and basic design, the Pyle and BRIDJIT curb ramps are similar. Both products are sold in approximately 4′ long sections, with each section having roughly the same width and shape. However, beyond that basic similarity, there are a lot of differences:

  1. BRIDJIT ramps are designed to be joined together, with hardware included. Joining the sections together is important in terms of making sure they stay in place. While each section is fairly heavy (about 50 lbs), they can “creep” when you drive over them every day. Connecting each section together helps them stay put.
  2. BRIDJIT ramps are tapered at the ends. Tapering the sides of the ramps makes a big difference to anyone that’s driving across the ramps “long” ways…like the US postal service delivery person. Or the UPS truck. Or the FedEx truck. Or guests that visit your home and park in the street. Not to mention, tapering each end of the ramp set makes them less of a tripping hazard for pedestrians.
  3. BRIDJIT ramps don’t have holes through them. Putting holes through a ramp section might seem like a good idea, as it allows for bolting the ramp set into the concrete curb below. But there are a couple of problems with this idea: Most cities have rules against homeowners drilling into the curb; Also, holes like this can be a structural weak point. (Say “no” to holes!)
  4. BRIDJIT ramps are warrantied for 5 years. As a manufacturer, we pride ourselves on our quality. We’ve formulated our ramps to last a long time, and we back our product five times longer than this particular competitor.

BRIDJIT Ramps Are Made In The USA From Recycled Materials

BRIDJIT ramps are made in the USA because we care about the American worker. We could probably save a few dollars manufacturing our ramps in Mexico or China or some other foreign country, but we don’t want to. We are committed to being a 100% US company.

BRIDJIT Ramps are Made From Recycled Tires
BRIDJIT Ramps Are Made From Recycled Tires

We’re also committed to using recycled material in our ramps, and we’re particularly proud of the fact that our products are made primarily from recycled tires. (They’re the best.) Millions of tires are discarded annually, and far too many of them end up in landfills. At BRIDJIT, we’re doing our part to re-purpose these tires, saving them from the landfill.

When researching Pyle brand ramps, we were unable to determine where these ramps were made. We were also unable to determine whether or not they are made from recycled materials. So, we have no idea where they’re made, and we have no idea if they’re made from recycled materials. We certainly hope they are, and we’ll be happy to update this article if Pyle provides information about manufacturing and materials.

BRIDJIT Ramps Installed In Front of a 3 Car Driveway

Summing Up

BRIDJIT curb ramps are highly rated, and we’ve been around for a long time. We have carefully developed our products, and we manufacture them in the USA from recycled materials. We also stand behind our ramps for five years.

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Still, as flattered as we are, we don’t think anyone should settle for an imitation of a BRIDJIT curb ramp.