The 'No Jar To Your Car' rolled curb solution


Peace Of Mind With BRIDJIT’s Five-Year Warranty

The BRIDJIT curb ramp system is designed to help keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. BRIDJIT ramps reduce the damaging jarring motion caused by rolled curb driveway entries by up to 80% – and our warranty guarantees you satisfaction. Most importantly, the BRIDJIT warranty offers repair or replacement due to manufacturing defects within 5 years of…

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Water Pooling At The End Of The Driveway? BRIDJIT!

Rolled curbs can be a big problem. For instance, rolled curbs can cause: Alignment issues Drive shaft damage Front splitter damage Underbody damage More Here’s another problem that’s not discussed as much as the others above: water pooling at the end of the driveway. How Do Rolled Curbs Cause Water…

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How To Make Your Driveway Curb Ramps Look As Good As Possible

A driveway curb ramp is a great addition to your driveway, especially if you have a car with low ground clearance. There are actually many great reasons to own a driveway curb ramp. For starters: Curb ramps prevent driveshaft damage Curb ramps prevent front splitter damage Curb ramps prevent underbody…

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Here’s Why BRIDJIT Ramp Sections Bolt End-to-End

At BRIDJIT, we put a lot of thought and care into the design of our ramps. One of the unique aspects of our design is the fact that our ramp sections bolt together end-to-end. You may be wondering why we decided to make this a part of our ramp design.…

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Welcome To The Upgraded BRIDJIT Website!

We’ve made a series of small back-office changes to our new website, all of which will make it easier for us to fill your order quickly. If you have any problems with our new site, please contact us. Thank you, John Curry Founder & President, BRIDJIT Curb Ramps

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Don’t Buy A Driveway Ramp Install Kit Until You Read This

As someone who’s looking to improve the rolled curb at the end of your driveway, you may have heard about DIY driveway ramp install kits. These kits allow you to install a ramp made out of a cold patch asphalt between the road and your driveway. Are driveway ramp install…

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How To Prevent Your Car From Scraping The Driveway

Even though driveways are meant to make entering and exiting a property easier, they can still damage cars, especially those with low ground clearance. Sometimes there’s a steep rolled curb between the street and the driveway. If you’ve got a driveway with a steep entrance, you’re probably no stranger to…

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Rubber Driveway Ramps And The Environment

We’ve all heard that plastic is detrimental to the environment. With plastic taking the lead role of our enemy, many of us have overlooked another material that’s wreaking havoc on the planet: rubber. Even though rubber is a natural material, rubber production is still quite harmful to the environment. Let’s…

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You Don’t Want To Bolt Ramps (Or Anything Else) Into A Concrete Curb

You might have heard about ramps that you can bolt into the concrete curb at the end of your driveway. The idea of bolting a ramp into the concrete is attractive to many because it ensures that the ramp stays put at all times. Bolting a curb ramp into the…

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