What The Heck Is A Rolled Curb?

Did you know that there are several different types of curbs? Barrier curbs, integral curbs, and rolled curbs, to name a few.

Let’s talk about rolled curbs.

Most driveway curbs have a flatter design to allow a car to easily drive over them. A rolled curb isn’t one of them. Rolled curbs maintain the same height as the barrier curbs surrounding them, but they’re softer and more “rolled” than barrier curbs. They have a slanted design (rather than the vertical design you’d find in many old-fashioned curbs) that makes it easier for a car to drive over them. But they still send a jolt through your car as you enter or exit your driveway.

While rolled curbs are designed for vehicles to drive over them, they’re not an ideal solution. Constantly driving over a rolled curb can wreak havoc on your drivetrain, suspension system, and other parts under your car. They can create a whole slew of problems, including underbody scrapes and bad wheel alignment. The good news is that you can install a driveway ramp (like a BRIDJIT ramp) to alleviate the problems caused by a rolled curb.

Examples Of Rolled Curbs

If you’re more of a visual person, we’ve got you covered. Here are some pictures of rolled curbs to give you a better idea of what they are:

neighborhood rolled curb

Rolled Curbs Vs Barrier Curbs

People often confuse a rolled curb for a barrier curb. It’s understandable, since both curbs are incredibly similar.

While both rolled curbs and barrier curbs don’t have a flatter design to allow for easy access, barrier curbs are harder to drive over than rolled curbs. It’s because barrier curbs have a vertical, 90-degree design and rolled curbs have a slanted design. Barrier curbs (also called straight curbs) are typically built alongside roads and are designed to prevent vehicles from leaving the pavement.

types of curbs

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