5 Benefits To Using Portable Curb Ramps

Rolled curbs don’t make a whole lot of sense. Driveways are built to make entering and exiting a property easier. Rolled curbs don’t help with that. If you’ve ever wondered why rolled curbs exist, we have an answer for you.

Rolled curbs are a big money saver and headache-free solution for builders. It’s because they can finish the roads and sidewalks without having to worry about exactly where the driveways will be. They don’t have to depress the curbs in certain areas to prepare for building the driveways in the future. It’s easier and quicker to build all the curbs in the same shape and height and then worry about the driveways later. That’s why many homes in the same subdivision likely have rolled curbs at the end of their driveways.

Rolled curbs may be convenient for builders, but they’re not convenient for us. Rolled curbs can damage your car in many different ways. Here are a few examples.

The good news is that curb ramps exist.

What Is A Curb Ramp?

A curb ramp is a ramp that bridges the gap between the road and the driveway. They’re designed to smooth out the trip over the rolled curb as much as possible.

Using curb ramps will make your life much easier. They remove the jarring effect of driving over a rolled curb and protect your car from damage. Curb ramps also make it easier for wheelchairs, scooters, and strollers to cross a rolled curb.

BRIDJIT Curb Ramps: Full Size And Portable

BRIDJIT is a leading brand for curb ramps. The material used in BRIDJIT’s curb ramps is recycled rubber derived from old tires. BRIDJIT curb ramps have an excellent weight-bearing capacity. They also can withstand extreme weather conditions without getting damaged or cracking.

There are two types of BRIDJIT curb ramps:

According to this comparison guide, both types of BRIDJIT curb ramps are excellent options. Each type brings its own set of benefits. Let’s talk about the benefits of using portable curb ramps:

1. Portable Curb Ramps Usually Cost Less

If you’re on a budget, portable curb ramps may make more sense. They’re smaller, more compact, and lighter. That’s why they normally cost less than full-size curb ramps.

2. Portable Curb Ramps Are Easier To Transport And Store

The Portables come with handles, which makes them easier to pick up and move. The Portables are small enough to fit in a car trunk, under a car seat, or in the back of an SUV while still leaving room for other items.

3. Portable Curb Ramps Are Perfect For Occasional Use

If you don’t need to use a curb ramp all the time, a full-size curb ramp may be overkill. A full-size curb ramp is fairly heavy can’t be easily stored when not in use.

If you only need a curb ramp occasionally, then a portable one would make more sense. Let’s say you have an RV that will bottom out when crossing a rolled curb. You can set out the portable curb ramps whenever you need to drive over a rolled curb with your RV.

4. Portable Curb Ramps Are HOA-Friendly

Some HOAs frown upon curb ramps. If you’re dealing with an HOA like that, portable curb ramps are the perfect option for you. Your HOA can’t complain if you only set them out whenever you drive over your curb ramp.

5. Portable Curb Ramps Can Be Used For Other Things

Need a temporary ramp inside your house? Need to get that broken down piece of furniture down a flight of stairs, for example? Using a portable curb ramp for these purposes makes a lot of sense.

In addition to all the benefits, BRIDJIT’s portable curb ramps are also very easy to use. No installation is needed. All you need to do is set them down wherever you need them to be. Then when you’re done using them, pick them up and put them away. It can’t get any easier than that.