The Portables vs Full Size BRIDJIT Curb Ramps

Are you considering getting a set of BRIDJIT curb ramps? Are you unable to decide between the Portables and the BRIDJIT 3-Piece Expandable Curb Set? This comparison guide may help you reach the best decision for your situation.

Both Types Of BRIDJIT Curb Ramps Are Excellent Solutions

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The Portables aren’t better than the full size BRIDJIT curb ramps, or vice versa. Each type of BRIDJIT curb ramp is an excellent solution that reduces the “jarring” effect caused by rolled curbs. The specific circumstances of your situation will determine which set of curb ramps are best for you.

Let’s discuss the most important factors to consider when buying a curb ramp. We’ll also see how both types of BRIDJIT curb ramps stack up against each other. You want to prioritize these factors and understand the capabilities and limitations of each curb ramp. It’ll help you reach a good decision.

1. Cost

The price of BRIDJIT curb ramps may be one of the most important factors to consider. The Portables are by far the cheaper of the two, at a cost of only $219 vs $419 for the full set.

2. Frequency Of Use

Do you need to use a curb ramp all the time? For example, you have a rolled curb at the end of your driveway, and your daily driver has low ground clearance. If you need to use a curb ramp all the time, get the full size set. You can leave it at the end of your driveway.

If you’re only going to need a curb ramp occasionally, the Portables are a better choice. It’s because:

  • The Portables have handles built in, so they’re easy to move.
  • The Portables are more lightweight and compact, so you can store them in your car, garage, or anywhere else. You could even bring them with you when you travel.

3. Portability

With the Portables, you don’t have to leave your curb ramps out all the time. You can set them up whenever you need to use them, and then put them away when you’re done using them. This can be a big advantage in some situations:

  • Some HOA’s don’t like curb ramps. The Portables are great in this situation due to the ease of storage.
  • If you have a really low car, and participate in car shows, it’s nice to take the ramps with you. Portables make that easy.
  • If you have a long RV, the Portables are easy to stow in a storage compartment. They’re really helpful in situations where you might drag the belly of the RV.

Summing Up

portable ramps

It all boils down to cost, frequency of use, and portability. Do you need a curb ramp to stay in one place (for example, your house)? Do you need a curb ramp you’re going to use all the time? The answer is clear: a full size set of BRIDJIT curb ramps is the better solution. If you need something for everyday use that is easy to relocate or for temporary use, then the Portables are a practical alternative.