How Much Weight Can A Curb Ramp Take?

When you’re looking for a curb ramp, it’s important to take weight capacity into consideration. You want to get a curb ramp that can support your vehicle’s weight.

BRIDJIT ramp installed

The answer to the question “how much weight can a curb ramp take?” is it depends. It depends on how the curb ramp is designed. Some curb ramps can support a lot more weight than others.

Take BRIDJIT curb ramps, for instance. BRIDJIT curb ramps are made of solid recycled rubber. That’s why they can support a lot of weight.

What Kind Of Vehicles Can BRIDJIT Curb Ramps Support?

No curb ramp can carry the weight of a spaceship. Yet, BRIDJIT curb ramps can support many different types of vehicles. As a general rule of thumb, BRIDJIT curb ramps can support 20,000 pounds per axle. So if you’ve got a two-axle Class A RV that weights 30,000 pounds, for example, a BRIDJIT curb ramp will support one of the axles.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of the many different types of vehicles a BRIDJIT curb ramp can support:

  • Passenger vehicles: Passenger vehicles, ranging from sedans to heavy duty pickups, weigh well below 40,000 pounds.
  • Toy haulers: Many toy haulers have only one axle. Yet, they weigh much less than 40,000 pounds. For example, a typical boat trailer weighs under 1,000 pounds.
  • Small airplanes: The FAA classifies a “small airplane” as weighing less than 12,500 pounds. Most civilian aircraft weigh much less.
  • RVs: Class A RVs are the biggest and heaviest type of RV. They often have a heavy diesel engine, and additional generator, appliances, a long chassis, and so on. An empty Class A RV weighs between 16,000 and 30,000 pounds. That’s between 8,000 and 15,000 pounds per axle. As long as you keep the total weight of the furniture and cargo inside the RV under 10,000 pounds, you will have 20,000 pounds or less supported by each axle. So, you’ll be able to drive it over a BRIDJIT curb ramp.
  • Boats: Boats are lighter than most people think. They only weigh a few thousand pounds. Just don’t try to tow a yacht over a curb ramp!

Can A BRIDJIT Curb Ramp Support Your Vehicle?

It’s pretty easy to figure out whether a BRIDJIT curb ramp can support your vehicle. All you need to do is find out the total weight of your vehicle and then divide it by the number of axles it has. Let’s say you have a 4,000 pound SUV with 2 axles. That’s only 2,000 pounds per axle. Since BRIDJIT curb ramps can support up to 20,000 pounds per axle, they can certainly support your SUV.

If you’re trying to calculate the weight of an RV, toy hauler, or boat, don’t forget to factor in the weight of the item(s) inside it.