Why We Make BRIJDIT Curb Ramps From Recycled Tires

We’ve had many customers ask us why we make our curb ramps from recycled tires. The answer is quite simple. At BRIDJIT, we care about the environment and the quality of our curb ramps.

Read on to find out how recycled tires help save the environment and improve the quality of our curb ramps.

We Are Helping The Environment By Using Recycled Tires

Tire landfill

Did you know that rubber production is terrible for the environment? This post explains the detrimental effect rubber production has on the environment.

To sum it up, rubber comes from the sap of rubber trees. Rubber harvesting companies need rubber tree plantations that stretch across millions of acres. Even worse, that land used to be rainforests. They clear out rainforests to make room for their rubber trees.

Know what’s the worst part of all this? A single rubber tree doesn’t produce that much rubber. Over the span of 20 years, a rubber tree produces only 300-400 pounds of rubber. That’s enough rubber for only 8-12 tires, which will be discarded after a few years.

The Rubber Industry Destroys The Environment

The rubber industry contributes to deforestation in tropical areas. In other words, it destroys the environment. We humans don’t recycle rubber nearly as much as we should. Instead, we keep:

Millions of tires are sitting in landfills. In fact, in America 290,000,000 passenger vehicle tires are thrown out each year. The good news is about 86% of these tires are recycled. But still, millions of tires end up in the landfills.

At BRIDJIT, we don’t want to contribute to the growing demand of new rubber. A good way to avoid contributing to all the problems associated with rubber production is to use recycled tires. In doing so, we’re breathing new life into old tires that would’ve otherwise ended up at the landfills. You can say that we’re turning trash into treasure.

Crumb Rubber Is An Excellent Material For Curb Ramps

Tire crumb rubber

Many old tires are recycled into crumb rubber. Tire recycling operations get old tires and reduce them into small rubber chips. These chips are then ground into fine powder, also known as crumb rubber. It’s a great material that’s used to produce many different things, including:

  • As a road base to reduce noise
  • Truck bed liners
  • Rubber hoses
  • Fitness mats
  • Playground surfaces
  • Horse stall mats
  • New tires

We source crumb rubber and use it to produce our curb ramps. Each 3-section BRIDJIT curb ramp is made of crumb rubber sourced from 12 recycled tires. Crumb rubber isn’t only much better for the environment: it also improves the quality of our curb ramps. We specify the density of the crumb rubber when the ramp is made to provide a slightly soft and flexible ramp. This is beneficial in several ways:

  • A BRIDJIT curb ramp can flex a bit to bridge the gap between the road and your driveway.
  • It’s comfortable to drive over a BRIDJIT curb ramp. They’re softer than many ramps, but firm enough to support your vehicle.
  • A slightly soft and flexible ramp is very durable. It can give and rebound when a tire hits it, rather than tearing.

At BRIDJIT, it’s always Earth Day. If you want a high quality, environmentally friendly curb ramp, BRIDJIT is the brand you need. Learn more about BRIDJIT curb ramps today!