Where Do Old Tires Go?

Every year, 233 million passenger vehicle tires are disposed of in the United States. To say “that’s a lot of tires” is an understatement. The reuse and recycling of tire rubber is critical if we’re going to keep our landfills in check. That’s one of the reasons BRIDJIT curb ramps are built with recycled tire crumb rubber. In fact, each BRIDJIT curb ramp is made from the rubber from 12 passenger tires.

Check out our graphic about where tires go when you’re done with them:

Recycled tires infographic

It’s reassuring to see that five out of six used tires are recycled and that there are so many great uses for old tires, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t all do our part in making our vehicle tires last as long as possible. Like we point out in the graphic, please check your tire pressure frequently to ensure they are filled appropriately. You’ll use less fuel and keep your tires longer – something we will all benefit from.

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