6 Parts That Will Get Damaged From Scraping The Curb

Whether or not you drive a lowered car, a harsh rolled curb can still cause some scraping under your vehicle. If you’re one to ignore these sounds, please don’t. Here’s what could be damaged from dragging your vehicle over a rolled curb:

Damaged Oil Pan

Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle, and the oil pan is what holds it. When you scrape along a rolled curb, you put your oil pan in danger. A damaged oil pan means your vehicle probably isn’t getting the right amount of lubrication in its system.

Damage oil pan

This oil pan is cracked, and it looks like it’s crying. Don’t let your oil pan cry.

If you’ve noticed fluid in your parking spot or the oil light has come on, it could mean your oil pan has cracked or is leaking due to driving over a rolled curb.

Cracked Front Splitter

When you’re driving over a rolled curb day after day, your front splitter can scrape against the pavement. Damage is minimal if this happens every once in a while, but daily scrapes will almost certainly result in a cracked front splitter. Sometimes, replacing a front splitter is as easy as buying one online and wrenching a few bolts. Other times, the splitter is integrated into the bumper or fascia, which means a replacement will cost hundreds of dollars. (More on front splitter damage here.)

Damaged Muffler

Damaged muffler

If you’re prepared to drive around with a cracked muffler, be prepared to crack open your wallet, too.

“Rolled Curb” sounds like the latest horror movie to a muffler. Scraping in and out of the driveway day after day means a muffler replacement might be next on your to-do list. It’s not like you can just go without one – mufflers are required to reduce noise through the exhaust. Unfortunately, these can cost up to $500 to replace.

Underbody Engine Cover

If the underbody engine cover breaks while driving over a rolled curb, that means it’s doing its job, but a rolled curb shouldn’t be the thing that breaks it. You’ll want to save that for other road hazards you might drive over such as stray rocks or other obstacles.

Cracked Lower Fascia Or Bumper

 damaged bumper fascia

Do you want your car to look like this? Didn’t think so.

A rough ride over a lowered curb could affect your lower fascia or your entire bumper, as it’s the first line of defense against concrete and pavement. Not only are these cracks unsightly but replacements are expensive and getting the color right is an adventure in itself.

Paint Damage

Is your vehicle lowered? The angle of a rolled curb won’t be kind to your frame. More specifically, the sides of your car between the wheels are at risk. Paint damage is inevitable, as well as dings, dents, and scratches.

The Rolled Curb Solution

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