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Why You Want a Portable Curb Ramp

When it comes to installing a curb ramp, you have two types of curb ramps to choose from:

  1. Permanent: A permanent, unmovable curb ramp like concrete or asphalt
  2. Portable: A curb ramp like BRIDJIT that isn’t permanently installed and can be moved around

Out of these two options, a portable curb ramp is the better option. Here’s why:

1. You Can Take the Curb Ramp With You if You Move

Image Credit: HomeCrunch

If your new house has a rolled curb too, you can set up your portable curb ramp there. It takes the headache out of finding another solution for your new rolled curb. If you don’t need a curb ramp at your new house, you can sell your portable curb ramp for some extra cash. There are lots of folks with rolled curbs who are ready for a smoother entry to their driveway.

2. Portable Curb Ramps are Affordable Compared to Permanent Curb Ramps

Image Credit: HomeCrunch

Building a permanent curb ramp can cost you an arm and a leg. If you want to do everything by the book, you would need to obtain a permit from the city, have plans drawn up and approved, tear up the old rolled curb, and then have a new curb installed. You could always go about this illegally, which means pouring concrete or asphalt without approval from the city. But the city will eventually catch you and issue you a hefty fine. Chances are, they’ll also make you remove the ramp.

Portable curb ramps are much cheaper right off the bat. For example, it costs about $1,500 to get a permit from the city and have a new permanent curb installed at the end of your driveway. A portable curb ramp is definitely less expensive than that. For example, you can save about 65% with a BRIDJIT curb ramp.

3. You Can Move the Curb Ramp Any Time You Want

There are several reasons to remove a curb ramp:

  • If the city complains about the ramp interfering with traffic or the water flow (Of course, BRIDJIT Curb Ramps have a waterway built in.)
  • If you go out of town and are worried about someone stealing your curb ramp
  • If you need to get your curb ramp out of the way for periodic street sweeping

Not All Curb Ramps are Created Equal

Every portable curb ramp has its own design. Some designs are better than others. For instance, some ramps are too lightweight to stay put for a long period of time. You need a sturdy curb ramp that’s portable for two people to move, yet heavyweight enough to stay put even after being used thousands of times.

Image Credit: HomeCrunch

When it comes to curb ramps, BRIDJIT is a brand of choice for many. Made with recycled tire rubber, BRIDJIT Curb Ramps can handle excessive use and are heavy enough to stay put for a long time. Each piece weighs about 50 pounds and three connected sections are 150 pounds, so they aren't going to move around easily. Of course, the pieces can be moved and adjusted if you have someone assist you. Plus, all BRIDJIT curb ramps are made with a waterway to avoid obstructing the water drainage that runs along the gutter. Last, but not least, BRIDJIT Curb Ramps are easy to flip out of the way for periodic cleaning.

You can read more about BRIDJIT curb ramps  here.

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