What To Check For After Scraping A Curb

Scraping a rolled curb driveway entry usually comes with the sickening noise of plastic or metal rubbing against a concrete surface. If you’re lucky, your car will suffer some minor scratches that won’t be noticeable. However, if you’re unlucky, it could have sustained some body damage or, worse, damage to your suspension and other critical components. Hitting a curb may seem like a minor mishap, but even a seemingly insignificant bump can have hidden consequences for your vehicle.

After scraping a curb, you’ll want to check your vehicle for damage. Here’s what to look for.

Loss Of Protective Coatings

The most common type of damages resulting from a rolled driveway scrape are minor scrapes and scratches to the underside of your vehicle. But even the most seemingly minor scrape could create lasting problems for your vehicle. If the scrape damages or removes a protective coating, it could lead to premature rust and cause long-term damage to body panels, floors, cross members and suspension components, or even mechanical components like exhaust systems.

Body And Suspension Integrity

You’ll also want to check the body integrity of the damaged areas. Plastic bumper covers and fascias are attached to the car with clips and screws. It’s possible some of those pieces of hardware came loose, or the plastic cover was torn at its attachment point. On metal components, welds could be cracked, or screws and fasteners could be sheared off. Even minor damage could add up to expensive repairs, especially if those parts are damaged repeatedly until they shear off.

Your suspension system should also be considered. Impact is transferred through the suspension components and repeated impacts from a rolled curb driveway entry can eventually cause damage to your:

  • Control arms
  • Ball joints
  • Bushings

If these areas go unchecked, it can lead to a misaligned suspension, decreased handling capabilities, and uneven tire wear.

Mechanical Damage

The worst-case scenario is mechanical damage. On vehicles with low ground clearance, there’s also a risk of damaging parts like an oil pan or transmission cover. Damaging suspension components like control arms or a cross-member is also possible. This type of damage could cause drivability issues or render your car inoperable.

BRIDJIT Ramps Can Protect Your Vehicle From Damage

Hitting a rolled driveway curb may seem like a minor issue, but the damage it can cause to your car is anything but trivial. At BRIDJIT, our ramps are designed specifically to prevent damage to your car, truck, or other vehicles by eliminating the approach angle to your curb or driveway. They provide an inexpensive solution and require no installation. Just place them where you need them!

All of our ramps are made in the USA from recycled rubber and come with a five-year warranty and free shipping.

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