Here’s Why BRIDJIT Ramp Sections Bolt End-to-End

At BRIDJIT, we put a lot of thought and care into the design of our ramps. One of the unique aspects of our design is the fact that our ramp sections bolt together end-to-end. You may be wondering why we decided to make this a part of our ramp design.

Why BRIDJIT Ramp Sections Bolt End-to-End

There are actually some pretty good reasons to bolt together BRIDJIT ramp sections. Let’s talk about the top 3 reasons:

1. This Helps Your BRIDJIT Curb Ramp Move Much Less

Bolt sections

Many curb ramps have trouble staying in place. This is what happens when vehicles – especially heavy ones – constantly drive over them. It can be annoying to readjust a curb ramp that doesn’t stay put. That’s why some people decide to bolt down their ramps. It’s actually a very bad idea, according to this post. To sum it up, bolting down a ramp into a concrete curb may:

  • Damage the concrete and cause water damage
    • Water damage will break the concrete even more
  • Get you in trouble with the city
    • Almost all curbs are owned and maintained by the city

So if you can’t bolt down your ramp, you have two options:

  1. Deal with a curb ramp that shifts around a lot
  2. Get a BRIDJIT curb ramp

BRIDJIT curb ramps shift around less than most ramps. It’s because they’re heavy and all the sections can be bolted together. Bolting together your BRIDJIT curb ramp sections turns it into one long piece. The longer the ramp, the less likely it will move around.

2. This Helps Your BRIDJIT Curb Ramp Stay Aligned

Curb ramp stay

Curb ramps should add to your property’s aesthetic. Unfortunately, many curb ramps look cluttered. This is a common look:

Even a brand new curb ramp can look dirty and damaged after a little while from being moved around too much. The sections will shift around and make the entire ramp look crooked. Also, dirt and trash can gather between the gaps.

Bridjit clean

Bolting together your curb ramp sections keeps the ramp from looking like it’s falling apart. Because we allow our ramp sections to be bolted together, BRIDJIT ramps will look neat and tidy for a long time. Rather than look like a cluttered set of ramp sections,  a little reset and shift here and there, and your BRIDJIT ramp will look straight, organized, and intentional.

3. This Makes Your BRIDJIT Curb Ramp Difficult To Steal

BRIDJIT curb ramps rarely get stolen. It’s because they’re too heavy. Bolting all the sections into one piece makes the ramp quite hard to move due to:

  • Its size (a long ramp can be very difficult and awkward to haul away)
  • Its weight (the more sections bolted together, the heavier the ramp)

We designed our curb ramps with theft prevention in mind. It’s difficult for anyone to unbolt the ramp sections. With many other curb ramps, there’s no way to keep thieves from hauling them away. It’s because these curb ramps aren’t bolted together, so it’s easy to carry away the sections rather than one long and heavy piece.

Do you have any questions about bolting together your BRIDJIT curb ramp? Please contact us. We’ll be happy to answer your questions!