Do BRIDJIT Ramps Get Stolen? Not Very Often!

Are you in the market for a set of BRIDJIT Curb Ramps? You may be hesitant to buy a set because you’re worried that they’ll get stolen. You’d be leaving these ramps out in front of your driveway 24/7, after all.


Image Credit: GanKhoon/TheNounProject

Well, you don’t have to worry. We’ve been in business for many years. Yet, we can think of only a handful of times when properly installed ramps have walked away. Thousands of people across the United States own BRIDJIT curb ramps. And only a tiny, tiny fraction of these ramps have been stolen.

It’s because BRIDJIT ramps are designed with theft prevention in mind.

BRIDJIT Ramps Are Very Difficult To Steal

Ramp screws

BRIDJIT curb ramps are so heavy and secure that they’re very hard to steal. It takes a lot of time and manpower to steal a set of BRIDJIT ramps. Here are 2 big reasons why it’s really challenging to steal a BRIDJIT ramp:

1. BRIDJIT Ramps Are Heavy (And Durable, Too)

A BRIDJIT ramp owner shared an interesting story on Reddit. A group of people tried to steal his ramp, but they ditched it after one block. It’s most likely because the ramp was too heavy. The owner simply brought the ramp back and put it in place, as it still looked like new after the adventure.

We made our curb ramps heavy and rugged on purpose to:

  • Deter thieves
  • Ensure that they stay put at all times, even when heavy vehicles drive over them

A big reason why our curb ramps are heavy is because they’re designed to be bolted together. Bolting the pieces together does three things:

  1. It keeps the pieces aligned
  2. It helps the pieces stay in place
  3. It makes the set nearly impossible to steal

Let’s talk a little more about the third point. Each ramp section weighs about 50 pounds. With 3 or 4 ramp sections bolted together, you have 150-200 pounds of dead weight. Each section is 4 feet long, so it’s very difficult to carry a set of ramps. Imagine trying to carry a 12 or 16 foot long sand bag. It’s even more difficult to put the ramps in a vehicle to haul away. Even if you have a heavy duty pickup, the ramp is still going to be too long to fit into the bed.

2. BRIDJIT Ramps Are Very Difficult To Unbolt

If you follow the directions when you install your BRIDJIT ramps, it will be hard for anyone to unbolt the ramps. Why? The instructions call for people to crimp the bolt threads below the nuts after they bolt the sections together. With crimped threads, it’s very, very difficult to unbolt the ramp sections.

BRIDJIT Designed Its Ramps With Theft Prevention In Mind

Ramp theft prevention

While it’s possible that someone could steal a set of ramps, it’s such a pain in the neck. It practically never happens. It’s because BRIDJIT thought about theft when they designed the ramps.

Some curb ramps being sold on Amazon and other places are much easier to steal. It’s because they have none of the built-in theft protection BRIDJIT curb ramps have. To sum it up, BRIDJIT curb ramps are:

  • Very heavy
  • Too long for vehicles to haul away
  • Nearly impossible to unbolt
  • Very difficult to cut into parts

All that makes BRIDJIT Curb Ramps very hard to steal.