The Best Driveway Ramp For Boat Owners

Do you own a boat and also have a rolled curb at the end of your driveway? If so, the best investment you could make is a driveway ramp. It’s a surefire way to protect your investment in the boat and trailer. Why would you need a driveway ramp? Because boat trailers don’t usually come with adequate suspension to handle rolled curbs. People aren’t really aware of this, because they don’t ride in the boat when it’s being towed.

The Suspension On Boat Trailers

boat trailer hit driveway

Image Credit: TheHullTruth

It’s common for people to spend money on their boat while spending as little as possible on the trailer. So in order to cut corners and to be able to offer low prices for their trailers, boat trailer manufacturers build their trailers to have either no suspension or a bare-bones suspension. Boat trailer suspensions come in several different forms:

  • The tires only. Yes, the suspension for some boat trailers is really just the tires. Tires bounce and absorb a little bit of the impact.
  • Leaf springs only. Some trailers use leaf springs with no shocks. These trailers also bounce a lot.
  • Torsion axle with no shocks. The wheel spindle is mounted on a short arm, and the arm twists an axle as the tire moves up and down.
  • Leaf spring or torsion axle with shocks. It’s about as sophisticated as boat trailer suspension can get. However, it’s still not enough to handle rolled curbs.

You can see that trailer suspensions are not very sophisticated. Any trailer with no shocks will bounce going over a rolled curb. That sudden bounce can damage belongings in your boat, or components on your boat. A driveway ramp will solve the issues caused by a clash between a boat trailer and a rolled curb.

The Best Driveway Ramp For Your Boat Trailer

boat in driveway

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There are several different types of driveway ramps. For example:

Not all driveway ramps are created equal, though. You want a driveway ramp that’s sturdy, affordable, won’t cause permanent damage and is reliable. BRIDJIT fits the bill. Made from recycled rubber, BRIDJIT curb ramps are sturdy and reliable solutions. Get yours today!