What Makes A Genuine BRIDJIT Curb Ramp Genuine?

BRIDJIT is a leading brand for curb ramps. So naturally, there are a few knock off BRIDJIT curb ramps floating around the internet.

A genuine BRIDJIT curb ramp is better and safer than a knock off. For example, some knock off curb ramps are made with harmful chemicals. They’re also not as durable as the real thing.

We want to help you steer clear of the knock off BRIDJIT curb ramps. The best way to do this is to know how to tell a genuine BRIDJIT ramp apart from a fake one. Here are three telltale signs of a genuine BRIDJIT curb ramp:

1. The Brand Name On The Ramp

ramp name

A genuine three-piece BRIDJIT ramp set always has the following:

  • The brand name (BRIDJIT.com) on the center section
  • Our phone number (1-877-522-6611)
  • The recycling symbol
  • A “made in USA” statement
  • Connection hardware

Here’s what it looks like:

bridjit name

The part photographed is not the center piece of a BRIDJIT ramp set, but the wording and design are the same.

If you see a BRIDJIT curb ramp for sale that doesn’t have the brand name or the other information on it, it’s a fake. Also, our 4′ center sections are identical to the center piece. If you see any center sections without that information, they’re fake, too.

2. No Discernible Smell

We make our curb ramps with recycled tires and EPA-approved manufacturing materials. That’s why our ramps don’t have a chemical-like type of smell. If you order a BRIDJIT curb ramp that gives off a strange chemical-like type of smell, it’s likely a knock off.

3. No Special Disclaimers

BRIDJIT ramps do not contain materials that would require any special disclaimers. So if you receive a “BRIDJIT” curb ramp that has special disclaimers, return it right away. It’s a fake. Some special disclaimers may be about:

  • Chemicals used to manufacture the ramp
  • Cancer risks
  • Health risks

We have none of these disclaimers because they don’t apply to our ramps.

4. Unique Design Features

water under ramp

BRIDJIT curb ramps have unique design features not usually found on other curb ramps. Some of those features include:

  • A waterway underneath the ramp
  • Galvanized connection bolts pre-inserted into the center sections

It’s a good idea to visit our website and compare the design of our ramps to the design of the ramp you’re thinking about ordering. If you find any differences, chances are you’re looking at a knock off.

Your Best Bet Is To Order A BRIDJIT Curb Ramp Directly From Us Or One Of Our Authorized Resellers

Are you looking to eliminate the risk of ending up with a knock off BRIDJIT curb ramp? You can easily do that! A genuine BRIDJIT curb ramp is guaranteed when you order from us or one of our authorized resellers: