The 'No Jar To Your Car' rolled curb solution


The Portables vs Full Size BRIDJIT Curb Ramps

Are you considering getting a set of BRIDJIT curb ramps? Are you unable to decide between the Portables and the BRIDJIT 3-Piece Expandable Curb Set? This comparison guide may help you reach the best decision for your situation. Both Types Of BRIDJIT Curb Ramps Are Excellent Solutions The Portables aren’t better than the full size…

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How To Fix A Steep Driveway

Do you have a steep driveway? Is it the bane of your existence? We completely understand your frustration. A steep driveway can damage your car as you enter and exit, causing you to scrape either the street or driveway, or both. How A Steep Driveway Can Damage Your Car When…

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Cracked Lower Front Bumper? We Might Be Able to Help

Your car's front bumper has several enemies: Parking blocks Rolled curbs Large speed bumps Road debris A lot of vehicles have a lower portion of the front bumper that’s called a valance, a spoiler, or just a lower bumper. This part is susceptible to cracks when dragged across a parking…

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Do BRIDJIT Curb Ramps Make A Difference?

You know that feeling when you start using something that solves an annoyance you've been dealing with for a long time? That feeling usually elicits a huge sigh of relief followed with, "I can't believe I've been missing out all this time." Do you have a rolled curb at the…

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Great BRIDJIT Ramp Review Video From Corvette Expert

Did you guys hear that BRIDJIT curb ramps earned Clarence Garner’s seal of approval? We’re pretty honored, considering how Clarence is a Corvette expert with a large following on YouTube. If you’re a fellow Corvette fanatic, you would love Clarence’s YouTube channel. His videos are informative and quite entertaining. Recently,…

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Lip Spoiler Repair Vs BRIDJIT Curb Ramp: Which One Offers The Most Value?

When you have a rolled curb at the end of your driveway, your options are limited. You could install a homemade curb ramp (which isn’t recommended) or a BRIDJIT curb ramp (which is recommended). Some people opt to do nothing and suck it up until they have to repair their lip spoiler when…

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Do BRIDJIT Ramps Get Stolen? Not Very Often!

Are you in the market for a set of BRIDJIT Curb Ramps? You may be hesitant to buy a set because you’re worried that they’ll get stolen. You’d be leaving these ramps out in front of your driveway 24/7, after all. Image Credit: GanKhoon/TheNounProject Well, you don’t have to worry.…

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How To Bolt BRIDJIT Ramp Sections Together

The initial three piece set which provides 12 feet of driveway coverage, can be expanded to any width using additional four feet center sections for wider driveway entries. BRIDJIT curb ramps are a sturdy and reliable product. Like all automotive accessories, BRIDJIT curb ramp installation works best when the supplied…

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How To Save $1,500 On A Curb Ramp

Is that rolled curb at the end of your driveway the bane of your car’s existence? You’re not alone. Thousands of Americans are dealing with jarring rolled curbs that are, literally, a pain in the neck. It is rare, but some people tear out their old rolled curb and then…

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