How Versatile Are BRIDJIT Portables?

We’re all familiar with how BRIDJIT Portable Curb Ramps help to smooth the transition from your street to your driveway. They’re a fast and convenient way to avoid the jarring impact caused by rolled curbs. However, we’ve noticed some of our customers are using the Portables to help with other tasks around their home or business. The portable convenience of this ramp set makes it very versatile. Let’s explore some ways we’ve seen them employed below.

Portable Curb Ramps Utility

BRIDJIT Portables are our travel-size portable curb ramps. They offer the same benefits of our standard ramps in a more compact and portable form. They weigh approximately 25 pounds each, measure 23 inches long, 15.5 inches wide, and 2.5 inches tall. These ramps can be easily stored in your car trunk or your garage, making them perfect for on-the-go needs. The all-around utility is hard to beat!

1. Assisting With Heavy Loads

Moving heavy dollies or carts over curbs can be a back-breaking task. If you’re a home owner, you’re probably familiar with the laborious task of moving furniture over curbs and thresholds without a threshold ramp. Getting your yard ready for summer? Get out that wheel barrow and start moving that soil or mulch.

Some folks are keeping their BRIDJIT portables at the ready for help with these tasks. Creating a smooth path over curbs an other small rises can make the job easier and faster!

2. Enhancing Accessibility

Sometimes accessibility is an afterthought. For individuals using wheelchairs or motorized carts, navigating curbs or unexpected rises without a handicap ramp can be a significant obstacle.

Image Credit: KellogCommunity

Some people are using driveway ramps – like our smaller “Portables”- as an ad-hoc wheelchair ramp. Keeping a set of BRIDJIT Portables in the trunk is a good idea if you’re ever concerned about having driveway access for your vehicle, and perhaps they can even be used to assist a handicapped person.

3. Motorcycle And Small Vehicle Access

Motorcyclists know the importance of avoiding tank slappers. Rolled curbs and unexpected rises are notorious for causing wobble and tank slap. Vehicles like ATV/UTVs, golf carts, and electric bikes or scooters can all benefit from avoiding rolled curbs.

BRIDJIT Portables are a perfect fix for fair-weather riders. Cruising the neighborhood in your golf cart? Load up and get it in and out of the driveway without bottoming out. Use Portables when and where you need, and store them afterward.

BRIDJIT Portables Are Perfect For Your Needs

Made from recycled tires, BRIDJIT Portable Curb Ramps are manufactured in the USA. They support American jobs and reduce environmental impact. We’re impressed with how we’ve seen our customers use them to assist with everyday challenges.

They’re easy to transport, store, and set up. Don’t let curb rise cause problems – contact us if you have questions about BRIDJIT Portables – and order today!