3 Ways Rolled Curbs Cause Major Damage

You may not know it, but if you have a rolled curb, simply entering and exiting your driveway can be harmful to your vehicle. Rolled curbs can be a constant source of distress, causing significant damage in three major ways:

  • Scrapes
  • Tire Damage
  • Alignment Problems

These are issues you can easily avoid if you use a driveway ramp. Installing a BRIDJIT curb ramp is the optimal solution to protect your vehicle from all 3 of these problems.

1. Scrapes And Scuffs

Scrapes and scuffs are more than just cosmetic damage. Every time your vehicle scrapes against the curb entering your driveway, it’s not just the cringe-worthy sound you need to worry about. Each bumper scrape is a breech of the protective sealants that are applied to your undercarriage. These various barriers are applied to the metal or plastic surfaces of the undercarriage to help prevent corrosion. Weather elements, road debris, and chemical exposure constantly bombard the underside of your car. The undercarriage needs all the protection it can get. Scrapes and scuffs can allow corrosion to take hold, compromising structural integrity.

Additionally, driveway scrapes can affect more than just your vehicle. They can also damage the driveway surface itself. Just like your car, your driveway has sealant on the surface to help avoid premature wear from the elements. When you scrape it up, you remove that protective topping. You can sometimes repair driveway scrapes, but this is often a temporary fix. You’ll eventually have to replace large sections of the driveway if the damage goes unchecked.

2. Tire Damage

Modern tires are more complex than ever. They have pressure sensors, specially engineered tread patterns, and more. Low profile tires are especially susceptible to damage from rolled curbs. You’ll find that repeated rolled curb crossing can cause reduced tire pressure. It may also put undue stress on the sidewalls of your tires – an area not intended to take a heavy load.

Continuous scraping against curbs can also lead to serious damage to both tires and rims. For performance cars or vehicles with run-flat tires, the impact forces are transferred more directly to the rims and suspension, increasing the risk of more severe damage.

3. Alignment Problems

Hitting a hard bump like a pothole or speed bump at too fast a speed can knock your alignment out of whack. But, it doesn’t take a major incident to bump your vehicle’s wheels out of alignment. Simple everyday encounters with rolled curbs can alter alignment. A bad alignment can lead to poor tire wear, the vehicle pulling to one side, and an overall loose handling feel. And, of course, there’s always the expense and hassle of realignment. All avoidable issues with a BRIDJIT curb ramp.

BRIDJIT Curb Ramps Are The Solution

BRIDJIT rubber curb ramps are a perfect preventive measure. You can avoid the 3 problems we covered above and save thousands of dollars in potential repairs. BRIDJIT ramps provide a smooth transition from the street to your driveway. Installing a BRIDJIT curb ramp means you will significantly reduce the risk of undercarriage scrapes, tire damage, and misalignment.

Our ramps are made from durable recycled rubber and are perfect for those seeking curb ramps for low cars They’re an environmentally friendly option and a practical and cost-effective ‘curb corrector’ solution to a common problem, and they’re backed by a five-year warranty. By serving as a bridge ramp over the gap between the street and your driveway, BRIDJIT ramps ensure that your vehicle stays in top shape. If you have questions about ordering your ramp, contact us today – we’re glad to help.