Great BRIDJIT Ramp Review Video From Corvette Expert

Did you guys hear that BRIDJIT curb ramps earned Clarence Garner’s seal of approval? We’re pretty honored, considering how Clarence is a Corvette expert with a large following on YouTube. If you’re a fellow Corvette fanatic, you would love Clarence’s YouTube channel. His videos are informative and quite entertaining.

Recently, Clarence did a video featuring BRIDJIT Curb Ramps. Check it out:

Clarence has done a great job demonstrating how BRIDJIT Curb Ramps protect the front lip, rear diffuser, suspension system, and other parts on both of his Corvettes. At the four-minute mark, you’ll see just how low the ground clearance is on one of his Corvettes. He goes on to explain how he always had to do a complicated maneuver to get his C-8 Corvette into his driveway, which involved:

  • Only driving forward (never backwards) into the driveway
  • Always using the front-end lift feature
  • Driving in at an angle

Sounds like a drag, doesn’t it? Well, Clarence was pleased to see that a set of BRIDJIT Curb Ramps eliminated the need to do that maneuver once and for all.

“[BRIDJIT] is one of the best products I’ve been sponsored with on my YouTube channel as far as keeping my car from being damaged and giving me that longevity I need,” Clarence said. “It will literally save you so much money from damaging the undercarriage, the rear diffuser, and your front end splitter. It will also save you time and money with your shocks and tires over time. I’m telling you, it will be one of the best products you will ever purchase in your lifetime.”