Prevent Underbody Damage With A Curb Ramp

The underbody of the vehicle is of course, exposed to the road. It’s vulnerable to road debris and severe potholes, among other things. But, for the most part, automakers make their cars just high enough that they aren’t damaged when encountering less than perfect roads.

But, what if you have a rolled curb at the end of your driveway? Does driving over it every day damage the underbody? The answer is yes. Rolled curbs can cause underbody damage.

The Most Common Types Of Underbody Damage

underbody car corossion

When you drive your car over a rolled curb often, the car’s underbody will start to have issues, like these listed below and the problems  listed in this article, too.

  • Corrosion: The rolled curb scrapes against the underbody. That strips the underbody of protective coating. It leaves the surface vulnerable to moisture. The surface will rust out over time.
  • Suspension damage: When you hit a rolled curb often, the suspension takes a beating.
  • Driveshaft damage: A rolled curb can hit the driveshaft. That can dent the driveshaft enough to throw it out of balance. You’ll feel additional vibration, and the u-joints will wear out sooner.
  • Alignment damage: Repeated impact on the wheels alters the wheel alignment. This leads to excessive tire wear and poor handling.
  • Fluid leaks: Impacts from a rolled curb can damage an oil pan or other housings. This leads to leaks.
  • Weakened protection panels and plates: Repeated curb impacts can weaken protection panels and plates on the underbody.

How Serious Is Underbody Damage?

Underbody damage is such a broad term. It can mean so many things. Yet, most types of underbody damage are pretty serious. For example, an oil leak from a damaged oil pan can lead to a seized engine.

If you have a rolled curb, it’s wise to check your car’s underbody for damage once in a while.

Underbody Damage Costs Time And Money

vehicle repair

Underbody damage can be quite expensive to fix. Here are a couple of examples:

  • It costs about $250 – $500 to repair a driveshaft.
  • An alignment is only about $100, but if you wait too long you may need to replace your tires too. That costs about $600 – $1000.
  • Dealing with underbody damage robs you of time, too. When you regularly drive over rolled curbs, you have to thoroughly inspect your car’s underbody from time to time. Underbody repairs take time, too. You might even be without your car for a while.

Curb Ramps Prevent Underbody Damage

There is a simple way to prevent underbody damage by a rolled curb. Get a curb ramp.

Mustang curb ramp

A curb ramp is a small ramp that that fits in the rolled curb. It bridges the gap between the street and the driveway. It will make the transition much smoother as you enter your driveway from the street.

There are several different kinds of curb ramps:

  • Concrete curb ramp
  • Asphalt curb ramp
  • BRIDJIT Curb Ramp

A BRIDJIT Curb Ramp is the best solution. It’s made of recycled rubber, and it doesn’t come with the issues that come with concrete, asphalt ramps, and DIY ramps. You can learn about the problems with DIY ramps here.