The 'No Jar To Your Car' rolled curb solution


Hydraulic Lift Systems Vs. Curb Ramps

Hydraulic lift systems are cool and amazing to watch in action. Similar to the hydraulics used in low riders, they provide additional clearance, so the front of your car doesn’t get scraped up. They work extremely well, but in most situations, they are not worth the cost or trouble. If the only place you have…

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Stop Bottoming Out

Did you know that most housing developments built in North America after 1980 were built with roll-over curb driveways? You may have felt the bottom of your car scrape along the pavement as you drive over them.  The BRIDJIT Curb Ramps company has effectively designed a high-quality, green solution that ends…

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5 Easy Ways To Conserve Gas

Sometimes gas prices are up and sometimes they are down, but regardless, spending money on gas never feels good. Do your best reduce our gas consumption to protect the environment and your wallet. Here are five easy ways for you to conserve gas and save money. 1. Travel less. This…

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Keep The Green Going: Recycle And Reuse

According to Bruce Davis of Tire Business, North America had $48 billion in tire sales during 2019. That's a lot of tires. Haven’t you sometimes wondered what happens to all those old tires you throw out? Unfortunately, the answer often is, “not much” since millions of them wind up stockpiled at…

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5 Ways To Keep Tires Out Of Landfills

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, more than 290 million scrap tires are generated in the United States every year. While recycling tires has increased dramatically in recent years (more on recycling here), the fact remains that there are too many used tires clogging landfills. With each American contributing approximately four…

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BRIDJIT – The Best Driveway Ramp For Lowered Cars

Lowering a car isn't for everyone. Putting a car, truck, or SUV "in the weeds," as they say, is as much a statement as it is a style choice. A person who lowers their vehicle isn't interested in doing things halfway. A person who lowers their vehicle doesn't follow the…

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