How To Fix A Steep Driveway

Do you have a steep driveway? Is it the bane of your existence? We completely understand your frustration. A steep driveway can damage your car as you enter and exit, causing you to scrape either the street or driveway, or both.

How A Steep Driveway Can Damage Your Car

When you have a steep driveway with a rolled curb, you usually scrape one end of your car as you enter or exit the drive. It's more of a challenge for vehicles with low ground clearance, but it can be a problem on even trucks or SUVs if the driveway is steep enough. This can cause damage because:

  • Your front bumper lip scrapes against the driveway or the street
  • Your rear bumper cover or air diffuser can grind on the street

How To Fix A Steep Driveway

Angle drive

There's no easy way to fix a steep driveway. But if you're really determined to try, here are a few ideas:

  1. Dig out the driveway, pave a flat driveway, and then install a car lift to get your car up to the garage.
  2. Hire house movers to move your garage deeper into the property, and then repave the driveway at a more gradual angle.
  3. Tear down the driveway and then pave a longer, more gradual driveway that resembles San Francisco's Lombard Street.

All these solutions are infeasible and obscenely expensive, though. It's really difficult to actually fix a steep driveway. But you can address the problem by installing a BRIDJIT Curb Ramp.

How A BRIDJIT Curb Ramp Alleviates The Issues Caused By A Steep Driveway

Steep drive

If you've got a steep driveway with a rolled curb, a BRIDJIT curb ramp might help smooth things out. It lengthens the transition between the driveway and the street. The ramp starts lifting the front of the car just a little sooner, so it doesn't scrape as it begins moving up the driveway. This lifting effect also works when the rear tires start moving up the ramp. The rear end of the car lifts just a little sooner, so it doesn't drag.

Ease the transition between the road and your steep driveway with a BRIDJIT Curb Ramp today!