Curb Ramp Reviews – Beware Amazon Affiliate Websites

When you’re looking for a new curb ramp, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options out there. That’s why most people depend on word-of-mouth to help them decide on which curb ramp to buy. These days, people don’t only take recommendations from their family and friends. They also base their purchasing decisions on online curb ramp reviews.

Basing your purchasing decisions on online reviews sounds like a great strategy. Yet, it’s not foolproof. Some online reviews are misleading.

Online Reviews Are Not Always Reliable


A good chunk of online reviews are fake. There are even companies dedicated to churning out fake online reviews. Some platforms take measures against online reviews. For example, Yelp has an algorithm that hides suspicious reviews. Amazon has a "verified buyer" tag. You need a verified Google account to leave reviews on Google's review platform. Even so, a lot of fake reviews slip through the cracks.

Also, some blogs are riddled with Amazon affiliate links. They create bogus reviews only to get people to click on their affiliate links. The more clicks they get, the more money they make.

Why do fake reviews exist? We can think of a few reasons:

  • Some companies hire third party companies to post fake positive reviews online to boost their ratings. Alternatively, someone from within the company can do this themselves.
  • Some companies maliciously try to damage their competitors' reputations. They do this by posting fake negative reviews about their competitors.
  • Some blogs pretend to review products to make money off Amazon affiliate links.

Telltale Signs Of A Bogus Online Curb Ramp Review

Many online reviews are fake. But that doesn’t mean you should write off online reviews as a factor in your purchasing decisions. If you know how to tell a bogus review from a real one, you can weed them out and base your decision on real reviews. Here are a few telltale signs of a fake review:

1. Inactive Account

This is a clear giveaway that an online review is fake. It's common for a dishonest reviewer to:

  1. Create a fake account
  2. Leave only a few reviews
  3. Completely abandon the account

2. Generic Name And/Or Profile Without A Photo

Many deceptive reviews are left by suspicious-looking profiles. By that, we mean profiles with generic names (think John Miller) and without any photos. Granted, there are legitimate accounts with generic names and no photos. So don't be quick to write off reviews left by these types of accounts. If the review itself seems suspicious and it's left by a photo-less person with a generic name, then chances are it's fake.

3. Affiliate Links

Many websites exist only because of Amazon's affiliate program. These websites earn money by talking up products they've never bought, tested, or tried. If you find any curb ramp reviews on such websites, and if they're packed with affiliate links, proceed with caution. Chances are high these reviews are bogus.

4. Heavy Focus On Facts

A reviewer who has actually tried the product will always include their own opinion on it. For example, a YouTuber named Clarence Garner reviewed BRIDJIT curb ramps. In his video below, he went over some of the reasons why BRIDJIT curb ramps worked quite well on his own driveway.

Fake reviews are usually jam-packed with facts about the products, and little to no personal opinions. Try to steer clear of curb ramp reviews that say stuff like, "This curb ramp is great because it can withstand up to 2,000 pounds." A legitimate review will say something like, "My heavy duty truck weighs a lot and this ramp had no problem supporting it."

How To Make An Educated Purchasing Decision

Now you know how to spot a bogus review. You may be wondering how to make an educated purchasing decision while shopping for a curb ramp. Here are a few tips:

1. Read Real Curb Ramp Reviews

Real curb ramp reviews exist among fake ones. Just weed out the fake ones and then read the real reviews. Most of the time, real reviews are quite reliable. There's a reason word-of-mouth marketing works so much. If you're on Amazon, look for the "verified purchase" tag. Those reviews are always legitimate.

2. Know Which Features To Look For

Sometimes the best way to decide which brand to buy is to know how to tell a quality curb ramp apart from a bad one. This buyer's guide outlines all the must-have features for rubber curb ramps. To sum it up, a quality curb ramp offers the following features:

  • Heaviness
  • A channel for water to flow underneath
  • Sturdy, heavy yet movable
  • Enough width to fit the width of the driveway
  • Recycled materials
  • Made in the USA

3. Find A Curb Ramp With A Good Warranty

A good warranty policy shows that the company stands behind its products. If you buy a curb ramp and if it fails, you want to know that you can have it repaired or replace at no charge.

At BRIDJIT, we offer a five year limited warranty. We're able to cover our ramps for so long because we have full confidence in them.