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7 Things Every New Corvette Owner Should Have

Congratulations on your new Corvette! With your purchase, you've not only proven to have exceptional taste in automobiles, but you've also taken on the responsibility of upholding the great Corvette name. Check out these 7 things that will make the time with your Corvette more fulfilling:


We use the term “swag” here loosely, and we really mean something you can wear. Whether it's a t-shirt, a hat, or a slick pair of shoes, pairing a look with your ride is all part of the Corvette identity. You can start your search at Chevymall.

Detailing Supplies

Corvettes deserve so much more than automatic gas-station car washes. If you take pride in your Corvette, a top-of-the-line detailing kit protects your investment and keeps your car looking sharp. Check out products from Meguiar's or Griot's Garage.


Does your driveway have a rolled curb? If so, you might've scraped the bottom of your Corvette once or twice—and that's not a noise you want to hear. Instead of fretting every time you come home, invest in a BRIDJIT curb ramp system. This easy-to-install tool bridges the gap between the street and your rolled curb driveway entry, lessening the impact to your car and everyone in it by 80%.

Flat Stopper

Whether storing your Corvette for the winter or if you just need a more reliable way to park, a Flat Stopper is your key to accurate parking. These mini-ramps allow you to perfectly position your car wherever you park it as the Flat Stopper cups your tire for an easy fit. As an added bonus, it also prevents flat spots from developing during extended storage.

Tuned Exhaust

Yeah, your Corvette already has impressive horsepower. But tuning your exhaust is a cheap way to give it an even bigger boost. Liberate your exhaust with a cat-back that you can install in a single afternoon. The result? An extra 15-30 horsepower, and a little extra noise too.

Air Intake

After you've upgraded the exhaust, you'll want to upgrade the air intake system to let more air in at the front end. A high-flow filter will do the trick, and give you some more horsepower at the same time.

Car Cover

Corvette cover

Even if you park in a garage, you never know what's going to come flying through the air. A well-fitting  car cover protects your paint job from accidental scratching and harmful UV rays. Be sure to purchase a cover that's made specifically for your year and style of Corvette. Ill-fitting covers with excess fabric flap in the wind and rub against the paint, causing the same damage they're supposed to prevent.