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The 'No Jar To Your Car' rolled curb solution

Product Information

Will BRIDJIT Fit My Curb?

Measure 20” out from top edge of curb out into the street.

Measure from the lowest point of the gutter, perpendicular to the first measurement. This distance should be between: 1.75” TO 3”

Product Specs

Top View
Side View
3 piece set: 12’ driveway coverage
Add 4’ center sections for wider driveways
  • The number of 4 ft. sections needed, (beyond the initial 3 piece 12ft ramp set), depends on the width and depth of your driveway. A 2-car garage, with a driveway less than 2 cars deep, will require more sections, because you have to maneuver your cars from the center of the driveway to both sides of your garage. We recommend a minimum of 4 sections if you have a 2-car garage with less than a 2-car deep driveway.
BRIDJIT adjusts to curved driveways
  • BRIDJIT is manufactured in 4ft sections to allow for segmenting around a cul-de-sac or curve. The connection bolts allow the device to make the turn, leaving an acceptable wedge of space between sections as they fit in place.
  • BRIDJIT is made from ground up recycled rubber tires. A 3pc. 12 ft. set of ramps uses 12 pasenger tires.
  • BRIDJIT curb ramps are black, but will weather to a dark gray over time.
  • Each curb ramp section weighs approximately 50 lbs.
back view
  • BRIDJIT comes supplied with 1/2in. x 7 1/2in. galvanized bolts, pre-inserted into the center sections. These bolts need to be driven into the adjoining section (see INSTALLATION). Friction between the rubber and bolts keep the sections tight together, the supplied nuts are a failsafe step with the threaded end of the bolts lifted up with a screwdriver with the nuts tightened on with you fingers only, no wrenches are needed.

Pricing & Shipping

Initial Set of Bridjit Ramps

1 left ramp
1 center ramp
1 right ramp


The initial set of Bridjit Ramps


Shipping to the lower 48 states


Delivered to your home

Additional 4 ft. Center Ramp to increase driveway coverage


Additional 4 ft. ramps


Shipping to the lower 48 states per ramp


Delivered to your home

  • You will receive your tracking number from UPS when your product is shipped.
  • We accept returns, with the customer paying freight both ways.