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Good Results at the National Hardware Show!... and Still Going Strong

In May 2009, BRIDJIT made its first appearance at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. We displayed our curb ramps and explained them to hardware and auto retailers around the country. Our product was so successful that we signed on with five well-known, reputable vendors to sell our product. Among our latest vendors are Griot's Garage, [...]

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5 Benefits of Using BRIDJIT Curb Ramps

Based on what our customers have shared, we've come up with 5 benefits BRIDGIT Curb Ramps offer: With BRIDJIT curb ramps, you can reduce the normal impact caused by rollover style curbs by up to 80%, thus decreasing the damage to your vehicle’s tires, alignment and steering components, prolonging the life of your vehicle and [...]

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BRIDJIT Works With Homeowners Associations

"I would like to thank you for helping us work with our homeowners’association, bringing to realization that the curb and gutter area is not an area that they would normally have accountability for. As I'm sure you can see by your orders, my neighbors are now enjoying your product also.” ~ Charles in Houston, [...]

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5 Ways to Keep Tires Out of Landfills

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, more than 290 million scrap tires are generated in the United States every year. While recycling tires has increased dramatically in recent years, the fact remains that there are too many used tires clogging our landfills. With each American contributing approximately four tires per year to our landfills (270,000,000 [...]

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Welcome To The Upgraded BRIDJIT Website!

We've made a series of small back-office changes to our new website, all of which will make it easier for us to fill your order quickly. If you have any problems with our new site, please contact us.Thank you,John CurryFounder & President, BRIDJIT Curb Ramps

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