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How To Prevent Your Car From Scraping the Driveway

Even though driveways are meant to make entering and exiting a property easier, they can still damage cars, especially those with low ground clearance. Sometimes there's a steep rolled curb between the street and the driveway.

If you've got a driveway with a steep entrance, you're probably no stranger to scrapes on the front of your car. These can be quite costly to fix or cover up.

Luckily, there are several ways to help your car combat steep curbs:

1. Use a Curb Ramp

Ramp drive

For most driveways, a curb ramp (like BRIDJIT's ramp set) does the trick. A curb ramp is essentially a bridge between the driveway and the street that makes entering or exiting the driveway much smoother.

You can have a ramp custom built, but it's pretty expensive. An already-made curb ramp like BRIDJIT is usually all you need to make your driveway gradual enough to avoid scraping the front of your car.

2. Lift the Front of Your Car

There are kits that you can buy to lift the front of your car with the push of a button. Some car manufacturers (like Porsche) build this feature into their cars. There are also air suspension kits you can buy that will lift the front and/or rear of your car to help you get into or out of the driveway without scraping it up.

Porsche offers an optional front-axle lift system that can be seen in action here:

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Of course, this solution costs a pretty penny.

3. Repave Your Driveway


This is an extreme solution for extreme situations. By repaving your driveway, you can make the entrance less steep. However, you will probably need a permit. Most municipalities require a permit for driveway paving projects, especially if you're going to change the angle. Like lifting the front of your car, this solution is quite expensive. A driveway repaving project can cost thousands of dollars.

The Bottom Line

Out of the three solutions listed here, getting a curb ramp is the easiest and most affordable solution. A curb ramp will do the trick with most steep driveways. BRIDJIT is the brand of choice for many homeowners looking for curb ramps. Read some of the reviews here!

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